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Practical Paralegalism’s Top 50 Twitter Feeds for Paralegals

While there are many, many delightful and knowledgeable Tweeps who tweet especially for legal professionals, there are some who seem to make it their lifes mission to consistently, thoughtfully and succinctly, within the 140-character limit, provide information that paralegals can use, whether it be social media or career tips, the latest legal news, specialty information, practice tips, continuing education opportunities, great blog posts, or simply moments in the daily life of a working paralegal.

Here are Practical Paralegalisms Top 50 Twitter Feeds for Paralegals (in alphabetical order and no particular ranking):


    1. @ABAJournal: Keep up with the latest legal news stories via the ABA Journal’s Twitter feed.


    1. @AbbieCitron: A California legal nurse consultant, Abbie Citron is enthusiastic and supportive of other legal professionals and tweets interesting medical news.


    1. @AlisonDoyle: Alison Doyle is a job search expert, book author and career columnist for About.com. Every day she tweets excellent job search information and links.


    1. @allykc: Paralegal Allyson Clark is smart, hip and a fun one to follow for the day-to-day tweets of a working legal professional.


    1. @amds007: Lawyer and human rights instructor Alice M. de Sturler is an excellent source of legal news and advocacy information.


    1. @amylibrarian: A librarian at Rasmussen College, Amy Springer works with paralegal students and tweets an interesting variety of news and links.


    1. @AngieDHill: Litigation paralegal Angie Hill does a thorough and thoughtful job of selecting relevant tweets from a variety of Twitter feeds to share.


    1. @barrettdavid: Litigation attorney and social media guru David Barretts tweets are an excellent way to stay-up-to-date regarding marketing for lawyers.


    1. @blawgtweets: This is an essential feed for legal blog posts, provided by attorney and social media expert Grant Griffiths.


    1. @BonnieRN: Part of a great group of legal nurse consultants using Twitter, Bonnie Kavanagh tweets medical and technology news.


    1. @Christa_Coir: Freelance paralegal and financial planner Christa Coir tweets interesting legal news and practice tips.


    1. @CathyRibble: Litigation paralegal CathyRibble is a great source of paralegal news, re-tweets of interest and encouragement to fellow paralegals.


    1. @CJMEsquire: Litigation attorney Catherine MacIvor provides a lively twitter stream of interesting news. Plus, she has a wry wit that I enjoy.


    1. @consultdoc: Mark Browne, a physician consultant, tweets the latest healthcare news.


    1. @corporette.com: This list wouldnt be complete without some great career dressing advice and interesting trend tweets from the folks at Corporette.com.


    1. @DebbieLynnVA: Virtual assistant Debbie Lynn Butler is one of the nicest people on Twitter, and theres a lot of nice people on Twitter. She tweets helpful information about everything from technology to social media to time management.


    1. @EllenRichter: Legal nurse consultant Ellen Richter is a lovely and engaging Twitterer who tweets medico-legal news, and is the source of my new favorite social media terms, Twitsisters and Linkies.


    1. @glambert: A law librarian at King & Spaulding, Greg Lambert tweets a great stream of social media, legal news and technology information for legal professionals.


    1. @GrantGriffiths: Attorney and professional blogger Grant Griffiths generously shares his considerable social media expertise.


    1. @halosecretarial: Virtual assistant and blogger Laurie Mapp tweets about technology and the virtual assistant profession.


    1. @injuryboard: A news writer and official Tweeter for InjuryBoard.com, Chrissie Cole tweets consumer safety, health and injury news.


    1. @jRobinsonRN: Legal nurse consultant Jennifer Robinson is a great source of legal-medical news and links.


    1. @kevinhouchin: Author and IP attorney Kevin Houchin is a key follow for social media information that legal professionals can use.


    1. @kevinokeefe: A lawyer and CEO of LexBlog, Kevin OKeefe tweets the latest social media and technology news.


    1. @lawfirmblogger: Legal blog consultant, writer and former paralegal Amy Derby provides legal news, social media and technology tweets.


    1. @lawhumorist: “Humorist at law” and legal commenter Sean Carter tweets about the lighter side of the profession.


    1. @LeeRosen: A gifted blogger, family law attorney Lee Rosen is the best source of news and practice tips in this specialty area.


    1. @LegalNinjaKris: Kristina Duncan, law-student-to-be, shares interesting legal news and insight into the daily ups and downs of a freelance paralegal.


    1. @LegalTypist: Virtual assistant and blogger Andrea Cannavina is an invaluable source of social media, technology and practice tips.


    1. @LexisHub: Lisa McManus, Content Manager for the Lexis Hub New Attorney portal, provides great content for legal professionals via Twitter as well.


    1. @mareenafeehan: Assistant Director of Career Planning at University of San Franciscos Law School, Marina Feehan tweets a great mix of current legal, career and social media news.


    1. @MargaretAgius: An experienced paralegal, excellent writer and new blogger at The Frugal Paralegal, Margaret Agius shares news of interest to the profession and can always be counted on to provide well-researched information.


    1. @Meg_Power: Corporate paralegal Megan Power provides a mix of interesting news and day in the life of a paralegal tweets.


    1. @nikiblack: Attorney Nicole Black is the It Girl for social media and lawyers. Plus, she shares daily recipes and pictures of her familys delicious dinners.


    1. @onlineresume: http://resumebear.com/ is a great source of job search information and news. Plus, almost every Friday, Bear calls me a Dame with a Brain.


    1. @ParaCoco: Paralegal and blogger at Coconut Unleashed, Andrea Wallace may be the most amusing paralegal on Twitter. I love it when she asks her Tweeps to tweet something to make her laugh, because it usually makes me laugh, too. Her “Word of the Day” is not to be missed.


    1. @ParaGate: Jeannie Johnston, CEO of Paralegal Gateway, tweets current news and is always quick to answer questions and support fellow paralegals.


    1. @ParaSec: A marketing and sales assistant at Parasec, Erin Sierchio tweets news about the paralegal profession and engages in fun banter with other Twittering paralegals.


    1. @probateblogger: Probate attorney Andrew Mayoras tweets practice tips and news in his specialty area.


    1. @problogger: If youve got a blog in your heart and Twitter on the brain, professional blogger Darren Rowse is the one to follow. His Twitter profile says it best, Sometimes I blog about tweeting about blogging and tweet about blogging about twitter.


    1. @publiclaws: This stream tweets U.S. Public Laws as they are entered into the Federal Register.


    1. @rex7: A 2009 law school graduate, Rex Gradeless blogs and tweets about social media for the legal community.


    1. @RossRunkel: Editor at LawMemo.com and a law professor at Willamette University College of Law, Ross Runkel tweets the latest employment news.


    1. @steigerlaw: Personal injury lawyer Lowell Steiger’s Twitter feed is an excellent source of legal and social media news.


    1. @taxgirl: Tax Lawyer Kelly Phillips Erb tweets very witty comments about the day in the life of a working mom.


    1. @TMarieHilton: Virtual assistant Tina Marie Hilton is warm, friendly and a tweeter of interesting news and social media tips.


    1. @TwitterJobSearch: Use it to research paralegal jobs all over the country.


    1. @VickiVoisin: Vicki Voisin, The Paralegal Mentor, and an expert in legal ethics and time management, tweets articles of interest to the paralegal profession and online educational opportunities, and is quick to give support and encouragement. Her daily motivational quote is always an inspiration.


    1. @vpmedical: Victoria Powell shares medical news and comments about working as a legal nurse consultant.


  1. @WCOJustice: Lana Sevold Templeton, a career development counselor forWestwood College Online, has a passion for paralegals and works tirelessly to help people find jobs.


I would be remiss not to include @lilyhill, Roberta Ro Frazier, who died unexpectedly earlier this year. Her tweet history can still be viewed at http://m.twitter.com/lilyhill, and theres plenty of great tips and links to keep you busy for a long time, as well as give you a sense of what a wonderful supporter of the paralegal profession she was shes a tough Twitter act to follow.

Twittering legal professionals, if you think there’s a great Twitter feed for paralegals that has not been included, please let me know. I’d love to grow this list to the “Top 100 Twitter Feeds for Paralegals”.



  1. OMG that must have taken you forEVER to write!!
    very enjoyable!! Youre terrific!
    Yup Im gonna kill you for putting my 2 words in that tweet about me!! (Just kidding!!!)
    Thanks for thinking of me!!
    Ellen 🙂


  2. Thanks, Ellen, it was a fun project! Your inclusion was easy. 🙂


  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Lynne! I need all the “atta girls” I can get these days!


  4. Margaret, you knows you deserves it, Twitsista…:D You are scary smart!


  5. I came to this post this morning to check out more twitter resources – what a surprise to see myself listed! Im relatively new to twitter (still trying to find my legs in a way), so it was very cool and unexpected to be included with so many fine legal tweeters. Thanks again, Lynne. You put out such great content. Im glad to have connected with you. 🙂



  6. Thank you for including me, Lynne. Always an honor. 🙂


  7. Thank you so much for this great info. Ive recently started a twitter page because Im an aspiring legal pro (Im working as a legal assistant right now). Twitter has been my greatest networking resource. This information is definitely appreciated!


    P.S. If you have any legal career tips or advice, please share.


  8. Hello,

    Finally saw this post. I opened up a twitter account last Thursday and I am very much looking forward to following many of these great resources. Thank you for all of your time to share this information with the rest of us.



  9. Lynne,

    How about adding me? http://twitter.com/moyerism If in doubt, just check with Jeannie Johnston of ParalegalGateway. Shell tell you all about me! lol




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