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Top 10 Tips for Brand New Paralegals

Even though Ive only been blogging since October 2008, I hoard ideas for posts like a magpie hoards food and shiny items. Come to think of it, I also hoard food and shiny items… But in regard to blog posts which might interest other paralegals, Im starting to look like a bag lady, with several […]

Step Up Your Game – Breaking into Todays Paralegal Profession

Layoffs and the down economy seem to be affecting every occupation these days, and the legal profession is no exception. The number of paralegal jobs available has decreased, while the number of qualified applicants has increased. Todays job market is highly competitive, as are the paralegals applying for each open position. Being a paralegal is […]

Locating a Paralegal Internship (or the Search for Hidden Treasure)

Paralegal programs that provide internships for their students offer an invaluable service, although there are many positives to locating an internship on your own. Seeking a paralegal internship gives students an early start on the development of their resumes, as well as hones their job search skills and expands their professional networks. The search itself […]

LinkedIn: Network by Joining Paralegal Groups

ve noticed that some of you have dipped your toe in the pool, so to speak, and started a LinkedIn profile, but that many of you havent taken advantage of one of LinkedIns most powerful networking tools: Groups. By joining a LinkedIn Group of like-minded professionals, you can increase your networking opportunities, follow the groups […]

Linkedin Profile: Maximize Your Virtual Presence

LinkedIn is one of the most widely used Internet professional networking sites, with thousands of new users joining each day. You can join at no cost, set up your profile and start benefiting from LinkedIns many networking services, which include building a convenient virtual rolodex of your professional contacts, providing updates on your own professional […]

Hey, Paralegals, Whats in Your RSS Reader?

Or Social Media 101: Follow Blogs for Professional Development I presented Networking and Career Building with Social Media at the Los Angeles Paralegal Associations 33rd Annual October Conference. As part of my usual recommendations for using social media for professional development, I strongly urged paralegals to follow reputable professional blogs (and not just because Im […]

Listserv Answer: What else can you do with a paralegal degree?

I follow three national paralegal listservs: LAT-Forum,ParalegalGateway and Paralegals. (See “Favorite Paralegal Sites” at the sidebar for listserv links.) Being a part of thelistservs helps me feel connected to other paralegals all over the country. I also learn a lot from other paralegals answers. I view the few minutes a day it takes to skim […]

Using Social Media: Today It Takes a Village to Succeed in the Paralegal Profession

Most of us are familiar with the African proverb, It takes a whole village to raise a child. The phrase brings to mind a large and generous network of people, not just parents, but relatives, teachers, neighbors and mentors, working together to produce healthy, happy children who grow up to be productive members of our […]

Paralegal Students Using LinkedIn: Its a No Brainer

Kevin OKeefe, CEO of LexBlog, social media expert and blogger at Real Lawyers Have Blogs has posted a terrific article, Law students using LinkedIn: Its a no brainer. It is a must read for all legal professionals, including paralegals and paralegal students. Im always surprised when I unsuccessfully try to look up colleagues on LinkedIn, […]

Practical Paralegalism’s Top 50 Twitter Feeds for Paralegals

While there are many, many delightful and knowledgeable Tweeps who tweet especially for legal professionals, there are some who seem to make it their lifes mission to consistently, thoughtfully and succinctly, within the 140-character limit, provide information that paralegals can use, whether it be social media or career tips, the latest legal news, specialty information, […]

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