Paralegal Mugs & Gifts

Practical Paralegalism has its own Cafepress gift shop for humorous paralegal items you can actually keep on your desk without getting fired. Cafepress keeps the majority of the proceeds, while I get to have fun pretending I'm a real cartoonist. The percolatin' comes from several traits common to paralegals: 1) we're fueled by coffee; and 2) our brains are always percolatin' with terrific problem-solving ideas.

There's a variety of t-shirts, mugs and other accessories available with other sayings, including:

  • You know you're a paralegal when you find yourself alone in your car at lunch eatin' cheese fries.
  • It's Monday with a vengeance. I'm trying not to take it personally.
  • No lunchee, no workee.
  • No coffee, no workee.
  • I live to answer interrogatories.
  • No paralegal's desk is complete without a secret chocolate stash.
  • Litigation would be a nicer place if everyone brought their dog to work.
  • Shootin' from the hip with a smartphone can land you in a hot digital mess.
  • So far the highlight of my day has been finding a chocolate snowman from Christmas while cleaning out my desk.