Paralegal Profile Questionnaire

Practical Paralegalism does not work without you guys. One of my favorite weekly features is to post a legal staffer profile - when I have completed ones. I do this to celebrate the incredible diversity of our profession: our different job titles and duties, our wide variety of education and experience, and the terrific range of cultural backgrounds we bring to the paralegal profession. I am constantly asking paralegals I meet, or who email me, to complete profiles, but we're an especially busy group of legal professionals, and I understand a blog questionnaire isn't going to take precedence over getting that expert designation report finished - or fixing dinner for your family.

But if you have 15 minutes, and you don't mind sharing a little about yourself with Practical Paralegalism's readers, we all love seeing the faces and the personalities behind the many people who don't have J.D. behind their names, but who make those who do have J.D. behind their names look awfully good every day.

If you'd like to submit a profile, simply copy and paste the questionnaire below into an email, and then send the completed profile, with a small-sized digital headshot, to In addition to my undying gratitude, you'll be entered into a quarterly drawing to win the Percolatin' Paralegal coffee mug of your choice.

Job Title:
Years of Paralegal Experience:
Specialty Areas:
Career Highlight:
Future Professional Goal:
Paralegal Practice Tip: 
Your Favorite Way to Deal with Work-Related Stress:
What Is Your Greatest Strength As a Legal Professional?
Favorite Internet Resource (please share the link): (Please don't say Google - we all know we'd shrivel up and die without Google :D
Favorite Legal Software (please share the link):
Favorite Social Media Site (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or a blog - and why):
Fun Fact (about you):
Last Book You Read:
Cat or Dog Person (cute pet pic welcome):
Recipe Your Family Begs You to Cook:
One Gadget You Can't Live Without:
Favorite Quote (if you have one):
Paralegal/Legal Association Membership(s):
Professional Link(s):

Profiles are posted in the order they are received, and even though every single person I've ever asked for a profile immediately tells me he or she is boring, none of you are!

Profile Stipulation: You do have to be a real live legal professional with a real address if you want to win a mug :)  Practical Paralegalism reserves the right to review and approve profiles for publication.