Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mum or Not?

So I was explaining to Dear Hubby 'bout how I left a can o' Sprite in my car console, and how it exploded in the summer heat and made the ickiest most disgust-O mess ever, and what a dummy I am and how long it took to clean up...

...and then he says it was him.

Not. Me.

H&M Dress ~ Thrift shop score $6 in 2011
a.n.a. necklace ~ Snagged on clearance sale before store stopped carrying brand :(
Workhorse sling back pumps (nope, not the brand, just what they are) ~ had for years

He confessed to a shaving cream incident. Don't ask. But props to him for totes honesty.

Me? I'da pro'bly kept mum.

Got one before my necklace tried to wander off without me.

What about you? Mum or not if you'd been the doer of th' deed?

The Corginator
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