Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Check Out th' Crap Rack

Any of you that regularly haunt your local secondhand stores know what "Th' Crap Rack" is, often a small rack of rather forlorn and slightly dusty clothing items marked 75% off, usually full of very weird clothes that didn't sell and are headed for the rag basket. Heavily sequined Mother-of-the-Bride tops missing the matching bottoms. Icky polyester shorts that make you itch just looking at them. Tiny fragments of lace with satin-covered buttons and ruffled sleeves that even your cat couldn't squeeze into.

And two weeks ago, this very nice Loft blazer. $6. Soft grey. Goes with everything. Wrinkle-free. Perfect to cram into your carry-on for a business trip. Or heck, just wear it with your jeans on the plane so you have room for another pair of shoes.

Loft jacket ~ local consignment store
Loft skirt - like 10 years old
Red pumps - secondhand as well, several years ago

Yep. One woman's crap is another woman's perfect classic jacket.

Love, peace & grace,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Posterize Me

Seriously, y'all, sometimes I think I just take pictures of myself so that I can play with the photo apps.

 This is pattern-mixing, right? Bricks & fern-like fronds?

I'm a little embarrassed to share this outfit because nothing is secondhand. But this was one of the first dresses I ever wore on the blog, years ago, and it did come off a clearance rack for less than a tenner. And my boss at the time liked my pale yellow cardi with the ribbon trim so much, she ordered the exact same one.

Eh. It's just stuff. You'll see it again.

For the record, this is the first time I've worn nail polish, in like nine months. 

Love, peace & grace,

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Menswear for the Ladies

Patti at Not Dead Yet Style has been styling menswear shirts in her work wardrobe for years, regularly achieving that effortlessly classic Katherine Hepburn signature look. See her "Visible Monday #73: Crisp White (Man's) Shirt" post to see a man's shirt worn by a very beautiful woman. 

Alexander Julian Colours man's shirt (S 14-14 1/2) - Goodwill
J. Crew ankle pants - Factory outlet uber clearance a few years back
Bandolino flats - Hamricks a few years back

Like Patti, I like the slouch of a man's shirt. For a small person, I have really broad shoulders, but also like Patti, I can't borrow my 6'3" hubby's shirts. Inspired by Patti, I'm always on the lookout for a crisp (but no-iron) classic man's shirt. I haven't had much luck finding a beautiful white one, but the Goodwill Goddess has kindly delivered a lovely pale blue one, and this cool pale lavender man's shirt into my grateful hands, for less than $4 each.

I tried to add the feminine touch of a purple skinny belt, glittery rhinestone bracelet, and flats with floral accents to stay in touch with my girly side, but you tell me. Do I have the same problem I did as a kid, when peeps often mistook me for a boy?

Love, peace & grace,

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Manhattan Goodwill

Whenever I travel I have to visit the best Goodwill in the city. I know, some peeps who visit NYC go see the Statue of Liberty.

Lands End dress ~ Goodwill (Manhattan)
Belt ~ 75% off at local consignment store
Miz Mooz Tillman pumps ~ Amazon (heh, google them and my feet show up in images :o)

Me, I go visit the Manhattan Goodwill, even after accidentally taking the wrong train to Brooklyn.

Cuff ~ Gift from Megan Mae

Because it takes more than a two-hour detour to get between me and my Big City Goodwill.

Love, peace & grace,

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I know some of the most wonderful moms in the world, including many of you. But there are two very special moms out there I have never met - but who gave me the most extraordinary Mother's Day present ever: the gift of life for The Teen. When their babies were born, they donated their cord blood, which was in turn given to The Teen via a stem cell transplant, curing her of a previously incurable disease, and saving her life.

Now my next greatest Mother's Day wish is to thank them, so I'll be getting in touch with our pediatric bone marrow transplant team coordinator to find out if we can at least write them, even if we never know their identities. Their children are now a part of my child. If you donated your child's cord blood at birth, please know that you may have donated a miracle - maybe even our family's miracle.

Banana Republic top - Goodwill
Boyfriend jeans - Goodwill
Naturalizers - Gift from Megan Mae
Goorin Bros newsboy hat - eBay

Vintage brooch - an heirloom from my wonderful grandmother, Mimi

Love, peace & grace,