Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mum or Not?

So I was explaining to Dear Hubby 'bout how I left a can o' Sprite in my car console, and how it exploded in the summer heat and made the ickiest most disgust-O mess ever, and what a dummy I am and how long it took to clean up...

...and then he says it was him.

Not. Me.

H&M Dress ~ Thrift shop score $6 in 2011
a.n.a. necklace ~ Snagged on clearance sale before store stopped carrying brand :(
Workhorse sling back pumps (nope, not the brand, just what they are) ~ had for years

He confessed to a shaving cream incident. Don't ask. But props to him for totes honesty.

Me? I'da pro'bly kept mum.

Got one before my necklace tried to wander off without me.

What about you? Mum or not if you'd been the doer of th' deed?

The Corginator
You wouldn't believe how many page hits you get with the word "dog" in your post.
Dog. Dog. Dog. Dog. Dog.


  1. I would tell. And that doesn't always work in my favor in the "now", but I worry about ruining my karma. ha
    Lovely dress!
    hahaha about hits on dogs. Gonna try that. :P

  2. First, you look fabulous in that dress! Very sleek and slim and smart.

    Once I scratched our brand new car (the only brand new car we ever bought) when I was washing it with a power wand. We don't have that car anymore, but I still have not 'fessed up to that one.

  3. That's a cute dress! Love the Corginator. :-)

  4. This dress fits you perfectly and looks great, Lynne. Hope your family is well.

  5. Me too, I would tell. Like Lisa I want to keep the good karma rolling. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look wonderful. Dog, dog, cat. : >

  6. I am the world's worst liar so I'd have to tell. It is a curse.

    Love this dress on you. You're looking great!

    I had no idea about the dog bit. Interesting....(she says while stroking her chin and nodding). I really need to read up on all that stuff. One day...


  7. Beautiful dress. And you sure know how to wear it. I confess to my mistakes; it gets rid of them faster.

  8. Hee. I'm a confessor … I confess! ;)
    Such a pretty dress!

  9. I probably would've said something, but I'd also probably have cleaned the mess up too.

    Need to pull out some of these dresses in my closet! A good dress always looks put together.

  10. Love the colors in this dress. Huge fan of yellow these days! And I LOVE pics of people's pups as I have 2 shih tzus myself. :-)
    From the linkup, jess
    Please drop by

  11. Looking sleek and gorgeous in that great frock, Lynne!
    Oh I'd keep quiet. Maybe confess eventually. Years later, I mean! xxx

  12. I'm with Suzanne, and for the same reason. Lovely dress and you look gorgeous in it!

  13. Lol, noted not to leave a can of anything in the sun! You look beautiful in this dress, Lynne!

  14. Such a pretty dress - it was made for you! Didn't know about the "dog" word - how can I work that in to every post :)?

  15. I like to think I'd confess, but sometimes I freeze and clam up--and then confessing after the moment's past is almost worse because it looks like you were trying to hide it!

    I love how you and the Corginator go together with that photo treatment. What a pair!

  16. Well I think he's very brave for confessing, although with such a spectacular incident, I'd probably want to own that one too;). You are a work of art in that beautiful water colour painting-print frock! Yes to dog, dog, dog, dog, dog! xoxoxoox

  17. My husband would have never confess, lol
    You are radiant in that gorgeous dress that fits to perfection.
    Love and sunshine
    Don´t forget to join Share-in-Style:fruit next saturday 7th

  18. You look exceptionally lovely for such an honest girl! Living proof that honesty is good for your looks. Must make getting that beauty sleep easier!
    I'm a confesser. (Not to be confused with a confessor) I 'fess up. I've even done stuff and called Dan to tell him I screwed up. I'm just scared of the universe and cosmic retribution.

  19. Great Corginator portrait!! Such a famous boy....
    I think I would have taken a while to confess to the mess too. Hoping it would go unnoticed.
    My problem is breaking dishes on the tile floor. Urgh!!

    Nice to see you again. Love your shorter haircut!

  20. Who knew about exploding-in-heat Sprite?! LOL. Will wonders never cease?

  21. Yeah, I'm with the majority here...karma and confession go hand in hand. The dress is fab on you and your corgi is a cutie. Hope all's well with you and yours. Sending love. XXOO


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