Saturday, May 24, 2014

Posterize Me

Seriously, y'all, sometimes I think I just take pictures of myself so that I can play with the photo apps.

 This is pattern-mixing, right? Bricks & fern-like fronds?

I'm a little embarrassed to share this outfit because nothing is secondhand. But this was one of the first dresses I ever wore on the blog, years ago, and it did come off a clearance rack for less than a tenner. And my boss at the time liked my pale yellow cardi with the ribbon trim so much, she ordered the exact same one.

Eh. It's just stuff. You'll see it again.

For the record, this is the first time I've worn nail polish, in like nine months. 

Love, peace & grace,


  1. It's a cute look! And yeah, I've wasted many an hour playing with photo apps.

  2. We'll forgive you new clothes as they are still looking fabulous years later.

  3. Aww I think you look fab! There's nothing wrong with hitting the clearance rack once in awhile.

    My new tablet has photo filters. I'll admit, I totes played with it immediately.

  4. I have not painted my nails or done my usual falsies since I first found out I was pregnant . . . woops. I love this dress! And I personally count clearance rack finds as equal to that of thrifting.

  5. New is fine as long as you wear the hell out of it to get your money's worth! You look gorgeous, with photo effects or without! xxx

  6. SO lovely, Lynne!! (I also haz the new-guilts)

  7. Congrats on the polish. Glad you can indulge in a little frivolity. Love this ensemble with those shoes!!

  8. I really like that dress and the cardigan. I don't like dresses with large, revealing necklines. I want to find one like that!


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