Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Check Out th' Crap Rack

Any of you that regularly haunt your local secondhand stores know what "Th' Crap Rack" is, often a small rack of rather forlorn and slightly dusty clothing items marked 75% off, usually full of very weird clothes that didn't sell and are headed for the rag basket. Heavily sequined Mother-of-the-Bride tops missing the matching bottoms. Icky polyester shorts that make you itch just looking at them. Tiny fragments of lace with satin-covered buttons and ruffled sleeves that even your cat couldn't squeeze into.

And two weeks ago, this very nice Loft blazer. $6. Soft grey. Goes with everything. Wrinkle-free. Perfect to cram into your carry-on for a business trip. Or heck, just wear it with your jeans on the plane so you have room for another pair of shoes.

Loft jacket ~ local consignment store
Loft skirt - like 10 years old
Red pumps - secondhand as well, several years ago

Yep. One woman's crap is another woman's perfect classic jacket.

Love, peace & grace,


  1. Great score, Lynne. Loft jacket, $6? Yup, you never know what you'll find on the crap rack. Some of my best stuff comes from there.

  2. I have found a few good things on the crap rack at my local St. V de P, as well as on the $5.00 rack at the hospice store (including a German-made leather skirt). Great buy, Lynne!

  3. I'll go one better - we have a crap charity shop where all the stuff that hasn't sold in other branches nationally goes and gets sold for £1 (or last week, two for one) I get most of my clothes from there! xxx

  4. Score! When I have time (like now, on vaca) I too love to scour the Crap Rack. This jacket is a great find, xox.

  5. Wow! That was a great find on the Crap Rack - I never find anything there!! Nice!! You're rocking those red pumps too, love them.

  6. Ha Ha! Too true that one woman's crap...can be craptastic on someone else. Lucky score!


  7. Absolutely! I have found many a gem in the crap rack. It's a treasure trove! Great blazer and awesome that it's wrinkle free!

  8. It's true, it's always worth checking out those sale rails - you never know what you might spot amongst the crap! That's a great little jacket, Lynne. xxx

  9. I think I am the worst thrifter ever
    I have about 2 items that I have ever thrifted
    Yeah you

  10. Verrrrry nice!! You're looking great and I love the sexy shoes and hair. :-)


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