Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Hardest Thing to Do...

...was, surprisingly, not getting most of my hair cut off last Monday. I was surprised I like it so much, and feel so comfortable going way shorter. The Teen ixnayed shaving my head to show support if she loses her hair, and I wanted a zero maintenance hairstyle for the long months in a hospital in another city. This short haircut was a big deal for someone who likes to hide behind her hair, but I never cried or got upset. Instead, I feel happy every time I catch a glimpse of it in a mirror. My short do has more styling options than any other haircut I've had in many decades, and I am so loving wearing earrings that peeps can actually see.

For those of you who've asked, here's the reveal, and my new Facebook profile pic.
I'ma confess - not washed for six days and still looks the same. See, zero maintenance.

The hardest thing to do, for The Absent-Minded Professor and me, has been admitting that we need help through The Teen's bone marrow transplant journey. I'm ending a rather surreal week, acknowledging that I don't have a job or health insurance, we have the responsibility for an added residence, not counting the bone marrow unit, and all that we've sacrificed may not result in a cure. I know all of these things, but they haven't really sunk in. 

We have a social worker, too. Usually, someone in our family cries when we meet with her, but we love her. She recommended that we set up a fund-raising site for The Teen and our family. We didn't want to, because we're private, and we don't generally ask for help or talk about money. But we can't deny that the bone marrow transplant expenses we're facing far exceed our current resources. 

The Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA) is the highly recommended non-profit group we are working with. COTA has a long history of helping transplant families and does not take fees from funds raised. Donations are tax-deductible, and the only expenses reimbursed to families must be allowed under federal guidelines and must be related to the bone marrow transplant. COTA also raises awareness of the desperate need for organ and tissue donors. 

The link to The Teen's COTA fund-raising site is, or you can reach it by clicking her photo at the upper right hand corner of this blog. We know times are tough, and any amount, no matter what the size, will help us get through the toughest and hopefully, most amazing journey of our life. Please feel free to share the link. We are also eager to talk about the shortage of organ and tissue donors, especially minority donors. You can also follow our journey at her CaringBridge site, keeceesunnysite.

P.S. I'm taking my short, fiery, unwashed hair over to the beautiful Patti's blog, Not Dead Yet Style, for Visible Monday. The amazing and diverse fashionistas who participate inspire me and remind me to just be who I am, which is solely a maxi dress/skirt wearer these days. Hospitals are freezing, and the bone marrow unit is no exception.