Saturday, July 20, 2013


Or, A Recipe for Getting Dressed for Work under $15


This post is going to be light on content and heavy on captions.

The Recipe
Lands End dress ~ $8.99 (Goodwill Manhattan)
Aerosole pumps ~ $5.90 (thrifted locally)
Obi Belt ~ gift from Megan Mae!
Jade brooch ~ family heirloom

I promise a better close up of the brooch the next time I wear it.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Karina Dress Meets My Fluevogs

Some of you are going to be kinda shocked, but I forgot about my one and only pair of Fluevogs, which almost everyone refers to as my "robin's egg blue pumps." I put them away for the winter in their special Fluevog bag. I guess I put them away a li'l too well.

The Deets: Rita wrap dress (courtesy of Karina Dresses); Fluevog pumps ($99 clearance a couple of years ago); Bracelet (Goodwill); Scarab necklace (at least a decade old or more)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Why Don't You Ever Brush Your Hair?

A former significant other asked me that rather a lot. You know, a lot for a question that sounds a bit hypercritical, or perhaps just helpful. I'm sure he meant to be helpful and improve my personal hygiene.

What's the answer to that question? I dunno. For sure, I don't even carry a brush or comb with me. Wait, that sounds like I'm lacking in personal hygiene. We'll talk about my OCD shower habits in another post.

I am a paralegal. Don't mess with me.
The Deets: Vivienne Tam sheath (@$11 Steinmart clearance several years ago); Miz Mooz Tillman pumps (Amazon); Cuff & plastic beads (Goodwill $1 each!)

My hair has the consistency and thickness of straw that has been sucked dry by peroxide and then seared by those antique curling irons that had to be heated in the fireplace. Um, that really happened to it in the 80s, although the curling irons were electric. I got them stuck in my hair quite often, and usually looked like I'd just been struck by lightning. Brushing my straw hair still makes me look like someone electrocuted a cat.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's A Wrap

As I typed the title of this post, I realized that not only did it describe this Maggy London wrap dress from the Manhattan Goodwill, but it also describes the ending of a very long chapter in my life. After decades of working in private law firms, I will first be a full-time caregiver, and then...a different kind of professional, one I haven't quite defined yet.

The Deets: Maggy London wrap dress (Goodwill); Liz Claiburne Mary Janes ($20 jcp last year); 
Necklace (old, initial investment likely $4)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

30 Days

Or, I'm Truly Blessed with Great Friends

It's a little less than 30 days, really, but at the end of this month, The Teen will undergo an unrelated donor bone marrow transplant in an attempt to cure her severe Sickle Cell Disease, and I will join the ranks of Those Who Do Not Work in Offices Anymore.


 The Deets: Karina Marisa Dress (gift from Patti via Karina Dresses); Naturalizer flats (gift from Megan Mae via eBay); Stoopid necklace flipped backwards so who bloody cares?

Please ignore me for a bit while I have an identity crisis. I might not even be joking right now.

Why more pics than usual? The Porch Mouse made me (see after the jump). Seriously, it's because I wanted y'all to see the gorgeous and comfy shoes Megan Mae sent me.