Monday, April 29, 2013

Goodwill Career Wear Challenge: Tamera

I love that Tamera of The Menopausal Supermodel is the first beautiful contributor to my Goodwill Career Wear Challenge, which is simply a call for a photo and clothing deets (details for those that don't live with teen girls) from fellow bloggers and non-bloggers to show off a thrifted outfit for the office that costs under $10 (not including the shoes, tank tops, accessories - just the main pieces). Yeah, we are so personally invasive that we are sharing what stuff costs, and I could probably be easily persuaded to look the other way if you spent $11.

The Deets: Jaclyn Smith skirt (Goodwill $2); Cardigan (Goodwill $3); 
 Maggie McNaughton Sleeveless Top (Goodwill $2); Belt (Goodwill 50 cents!);
 Bangles (part of a lot of 10 for $1); Vintage pin (from aunt); Shoes and undies (retail)

Those deets remind me to tell y'all that even though secondhand undies are a rather shivery taboo (though vintage delicate underpinnings are pretty damned gorgeous), alas, we cannot display them on the Goodwill Career Wear Challenge (nod to th' office dress codes, dontcha know). Although now I recollect that some of our local Goodwills carry brand new underwear. Still, no pics, please.

Tamera works in a very conservative military and engineering environment. While in her head she's sporting such awesomeness as Vix or Helga, her reality has to be a bit more toned down (me, too, Tamera, me, too). She pushes her boundaries by sticking to classic silhouettes in eye-searing prints and colors. Hence the commentary from co-workers that she looks like a bag of skittles exploded on her (bravo, Tamera, bravo!).

Friday, April 26, 2013

That's a Pretty (Big) Hat

The beautiful and classy mistress of all things hat, Kathleen of That's a Pretty Hat, kindly invited me to guest post about my determination to own a pretty hat for my pretty big head:

Vintage-style handmade cloche by Your Dash of Panache (eBay)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

You Can Get Dressed for Court for $10

I think I've found a weekly theme for budget career dressing, and that's showing photographs of professional career wear for the conservative office - for under $10 (not including shoes. My advice is buy the best shoes you can afford.)

The Deets: Ann Taylor jacket (Goodwill $3.75); Loft fully lined front pleat skirt ($3.75 Goodwill);
Vintage brooch thrifted in college; Vintage Silver hinged bangle (eBay); 
Nine West pumps (Ross); obligatory rebel ankle bracelet

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Digital Catwalk: Sis and Me!

I was so surprised and delighted to receive an email today from the lovely and talented Anne at Spy Girl. She sent me the fashion sketch below and wrote:

You and your sister are my muses today!
How could you NOT be?
And here we are:

~ Art by Anne Bray

I told Anne this is my ticket outta the Witness Protection Program. Seriously, I am both humbled and honored to be included with the other cool bloggers Anne has sketched for her Digital Catwalk Series. Check it out!

Monday, April 22, 2013

That 70s Show

So, I wouldn't be me if I didn't share publicly on the Internetz what happened to me and my sis (hereinafter "Sis" 'cause I've only got just the one) when we recently got in our "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun [and behave like a total Spaz]" mode.

First, Sis calls to say she has front row tickets to see K.C. and The Sunshine Band!!!! Far out! Actually, I was a little young to go to discos in the 70s, but figured here was my chance to actually boogie down. Plus, she paid for us to go to the pre-concert cocktail party, where I imagined tons of righteous peeps would be letting it all hang out in groovy psychedelic patterns, platform shoes, and peace jewelry.

What, Whippersnappers? I heard you. You said, "Who th' hell is K.C. and The Sunshine Band?" just like half the whippersnappers at the concert whose folks drug them there so they could relate. Or something.

Ah, now it's coming to you. Bet ya you've shook your booty in an elevator at least once in your life, and didn't even know why.

Second, I tell Sis one cannot go to a 70s concert without giving the 70s a nod in one's attire. She immediately said, "NO."

Okay, fine. I'm still going to be waving at K.C. in the front row in appropriate dress - for a disco. A paralegal friend offers up a $5 eBay score from the 70s, and then Sis comes around to the plan, and starts borrowing stuff from friends. We are stoked!

This is kind of a long embarrassing tale, but there are pics after the jump, I promise.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You Can Get Dressed for Work for $7

I've been posting less lately, partly 'cause I don't want y'all to get tired of me. However, I recalled I did make the shift from tongue-in-cheek paralegal news reporting to budget style blogger, partly because many new paralegals and college graduates told me they didn't have money for a work wardrobe.

And partly because I could only find Photoshopped 20-somethings, looking giddy like anyone would who gets their pictures taken (and Photoshopped) for a living, wearing my favorite clothing designers, mostly for what appeared to be yacht outings and more than three cocktails at lunch. I was more interested in seeing real women, preferably of a certain age, wearing real clothes to work. I would really respect any clothing retailer who photographed its career clothes on women of a variety of shapes and ages who were actually going to the office - and not as the boss, either.

So now I'm back to my roots, showing you guys what I did wear to the office today, top and bottom purchased from GoodWill last year, with some final sale Loft flats (can ya believe no one wanted sparkly shoes?) and an old clearance Burlington Outlet multi-chain necklace added.

I love this pic because my Corgi's ears are in it.
The Deets: Ann Taylor Loft fully lined skirt (GoodWill); Express wrap shirt (GoodWill); 
Pewter flats (Loft final sale); Necklace (Burlington Coat Outlet clearance)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hat Tease

I'm working on a guest post for Kathleen at That's a Pretty Hat. I'm overjoyed to have found two beautiful hats for my honkin' big head (not as in ego, but size). I get some comfort by telling myself that my big brain needs a slightly larger than average cranium, but hell, the truth is, most of my immediate family members have large heads, high IQs, and can be slightly scary. Which explains a lot about me.

The Deets: Cloche hat by Your Dash of Panache; Beanie from Eastern Market in Washington D.C.; 
Lauren and Rita dresses from Karina Dresses
Blue obi tie belt by Megan Mae Daily;  Gold belt (GoodWill); 
Scarlet T-strap pumps (Ross, old); Miz Mooz Tillman pumps (Amazon).

I've also been wearing my Karina Dresses a lot, including the navy blue one to a Social Security disability hearing last week (we won!). I wanted a pic on the federal courthouse steps, but it was very windy, plus you can't take cell phones into federal courthouses.

At least I have good hair and little feet :P

Monday, April 8, 2013

Visible Monday: I Did This to My Hair on Purpose

Actually, I didn't. Everyone has been looking at me all day like they feel sorry for me and my Ronald McDonald hair. They don't know I am completely delighted, gleeful, and I want it to stay this color forever.

Thank you Loreal Paris Feria Power Reds ~ Ruby Rush

I would be lying if I said I expected my hair to be this red. A loyal Feria user for many years, I knew the drill: mix three liquids together, wait, wash until water runs clear, and then use the best conditioner on the planet.

The Deets: London Times dress (Amazon w/ gift card); 
Nine West pumps (Ross a couple of years ago); Hue nude fishnet tights; 
Loft necklace (final clearance sale last year); Vintage silver hinged bangle (eBay last year)

I did what I always do, look for the reddest Feria that I can get away with at the law office. Sure it said "Power Reds, High Intensity Shimmering Colour, Colour Booster Technology", but I haven't read the box in ages (if ever), and they always add random stuff to make you want to buy it even more, even tho' I mostly wonder if I'll look like the model on the box.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Sofa Dress

A while back, a fave style blogger (Curtise, I think?) asked if anyone named their clothes. I drew a blank at the time, but recently remembered I own a "Kermit" skirt, and this "Sofa" dress.

The Sofa dress was purchased four or five years ago for a semi-formal banquet that I didn't get to attend. It hung in the closet for a long time, waiting for another swanky party, excluded from the day-to-day dresses, stuck with the labels "fancy" and "sofa" (because the fabric looks and feels like upholstery fabric).

When the AMP helps me with pics, I figure I shouldn't complain that 
he moved me over to the messy side of the porch.
I do like that my fave number three seems to be growing out of my head.
The Deets: Taylor dress (Ross, old); Merona Artiste cardigan (Target, old); 
Liz & Co mary janes (jcp, $20); miscellaneous bangles & honkin' earrings hidden by hair

Then one day I outed it, figuring I'd only get to maybe two more galas in my lifetime, and it was time to wear the sofa dress to the office - because if I wasn't too good to work for a living, neither was it.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Plain Jane

I can't recall which popular style blogger recently asked if her readers' style was getting bolder or simpler, but these days I fall into the latter category.

It's not that I don't have plenty of accessories or prints to mix, it's just that I feel like keeping things simple is working better for me. I actually loved what I had on yesterday, a secondhand black Loft dress with a secondhand striped blazer, but of course the camera battery died before a single pic could be obtained. Last year I would have freaked, this year it was, "Oh, well, another day, another outfit, a recharged battery."

 The Deets: Banana Republic cardi (clearance); Issac Mizrahi for Target wool dress ($5 GoodWill); 
Frye boots (eBay); Vintage pin (in our family forever); 
Stretch bangles from the tangles of bracelets I've had for 20-30 years)