Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Am Truly Blessed

to Have Such Awesome Friends

We've just returned from a quick trip to Washington DC because The Teen expressed a wish to visit The Smithsonian. Having never been to DC before, I assumed The Smithsonian was two or three large buildings. Nope. Try 19 large buildings and a zoo.

We wanted to make this happen for The Teen because she has decided to undergo an unrelated donor bone marrow transplant. We're not sure when, but she's hoping to have her wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation first.

Francis Raymond Polk, Esq. (a knight, not a lawyer) was purchased at the Eastern Market to be a friend on the upcoming medical journey, along with a killer cloche hat from a lovely Nigerian lady's stall.

It was a great trip, and it was awesome not to think about the challenges we're facing this year for a few days. We've had some unexpected bad news on the employment front, and I've been struggling with low back pain that just won't quit. That's one of the reasons I've been doing more lurking than commenting recently - I use up my sitting tolerance at work. To be honest, I am feeling barely able to get through most days.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why Am I Carrying a Water-Stained Purse?

Actually, the convo with the Absent-Minded Professor, while he was kindly snapping these pics, went rather like this:

AMP: "Why are you carrying a purse with water stains on it?

Mixin' a little pattern with my water-stained purse. And seasons, too.

Me: "WUT!?!"

AMP:  "Your purse. It has water stains on it."

Me: "These aren't water stains. This is a map of the world! You're supposed to intuit 'BIG DUMMY' here..."

Sunday, March 24, 2013

More Nuggets from the Goodwill Goldmine

Or I Popped Some [More] Tags

Many of you post pictures from your thrifting, and I really enjoy them. The thrill of shopping vicariously through you guys is almost as great as the thrill of scoring a come-up (see Macklemore) at our local Goodwills and Salvation Armani Army store. I've been thinking about spring, what would update my working wardrobe a bit without wrecking our wee budget, and this is what I've found so far (over a series of Goodwill and Salvation Army visits). (I'm also following the one out for everything in rule - harder than it sounds!)

 Ann Taylor jacket, size 4 for a close fit

 Wearing said jacket to dinner and school musical last night; earrings a gift from Sheila

 Jones New York jacket, size 2 for a close fit

 I switched out the leather skirt for a Loft skinny black pencil skirt for work.
I'm not sure I'm keeping the leather skirt - it has more curves than I do :P

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Swear

Before you go any further, seriously I do swear often once in a while too much when it's the perfect word choice, um, yeah, that last one. So you might want to stop now if swearing offends you. I'm not offended that you're offended, I'm just raising a possible language alert.

Dressed for going to the GoodWill and the grocery store
The Deets: Gap shirt (gift from Megan Mae! I commented on a post where she was wearing it that I wanted it, and so it was. I'ma see if this works on other bloggers, too...); Polka dot maxi skirt (Karina Dresses but discontinued); Swear necklace (Wendy Brandes Jewelry); Saks 5th Avenue flats (needing some rehab); Vintage silver hinged bracelet (eBay)

I think I've told you guys I have an Age 50 Style Bucket List. You might be surprised by one of the items I really, really wanted: a Wendy Brandes swear necklace. But my bucket list should also include the word budget, and I don't normally invest in pieces that I can't wear to work (law office, to new readers).

So I marked a piece of WendyB swear jewelry off my Age 50 Style Bucket [Budget] List, and just longed from afar. Some of y'all pro'bly take the position it is not nice to swear, but in real time, I'm a Potty Mouth Gurl, with an unseemly interest in pop culture. (Heya, Perez! And hey, WendyB!) Before you judge me, I also have an associate membership to The Met.

Best pic I could get of WendyB necklace (at least I'm not swearing for posterity on th' Internetz)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Paralegals...and Engineers. Yay!

This is my annual re-print of The Post In Which I Find Out that My Patron Saint Didn't Even Get Me the Day Off. (If he thinks imbibing copious amounts of alcohol will make me forget my outrage, well, he's bloody right.)

I feel like such a fool. Here I am, descended from a long line of red-headed Irish Catholics (lapsed), running around in my green dress all day (which really complements my Red-Straight-from-a-Bottle-Because-I-Got-Cheated-in-the-Genetic-Lottery hair) - and not afraid to use my big old black metal stapler as a lethal weapon in case someone tries to pinch me.

But I didn't know it was our day. Sure, earlier this week, I saw a tantalizing tidbit in "The Tech of the Irish" about IPhone apps that said, "There is also a live Twitter feed integrated as well as a news feed so you can see how everyone else is celebrating the patron saint of paralegals and engineers." I laughed it off until I kept seeing tweets referencing "our" patron saint.

So I looked it up on Wikipedia and boy, did my mouth hang open when I read:

American paralegals are also traditionally honored on St. Patrick's Day, and many employers give paralegals and legal assistants an exemption from work on March 17 so that they can celebrate the day of their patron saint.
Really? Did you get an "exemption from work" today? I didn't. [Okay, I concede I did get the day off in 2013, but it's SUNDAY.] [Also, word-up to the smart ass that got that crap published and then quoted here. Brilliant, buddy, just brilliant.]

I didn't even get a bouquet of four-leaf clovers or a coupon for a free green beer.

Ah, well, then. Let's raise a figurative glass, and toast to our day:

May your glass be ever full,
May the roof over your head be always strong,
And may you be in heaven
Half an hour before the devil knows you're dead.

Best Reader/Paralegal Comment: "I wish I had known - I would have taken yesterday off as a religious holiday!" ~ HDK

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Case of the Missing Mini Eggs

Just enough animal print for the office. And hose (ugh).

I don't keep a ton of chocolate around the house, but when Easter arrives (in America it starts the day after Christmas), and Cadbury Mini Eggs hit the shelves, I'm a woman of easy virtue, or maybe no virtue at all. Pretty much, I stockpile them in places no one in the family will look (like behind cleaning products) and I don't share them.

That is totes pathetic, I know.

See the turtle? I made it when I was, like, six.
The Deets: Loft sheath dress (flash sale last year); It's Our Time cardigan (thrifted); Ollio wedges (Amazon); Gold belt (GoodWill); Vintage brooch (The Citizen Rosebud - Etsy)

But last week, in a fit of virtuosity (I know that's not the word for being incredibly virtuous, but it should be), I bought a bag of Mini Eggs, put them in a zip-lock freezer bag marked "to share", and left them out on the kitchen table in the open.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Working Dress

It occurred to me recently that when I buy clothes, either secondhand or new, I'm not only looking for pieces to wear to work, but for pieces that have to work hard.

What I'm really looking for is A Working Dress (or skirt or top or jacket or shoes).

The concept of a working dress hit me when I wanted to take some outdoor pictures of my crazy comfortable, wrap and go Karina Dress a couple of weekends ago. The Teen was going to take them on the way to the mall, where we planned to look for a prom dress (more about that in a separate post, complete with The Hallelujah Chorus).

The Deets:  rita ~ short sleeve, aqua paisley (Karina Dresses); Mary Janes (jcp $20 last year); F21 cuff Smurf tights keep jumping in my outfits lately. Live large! Did someone say breakfast?

But the wind was blowing so hard, I nixed the idea of outdoor pics. I stopped to get gas, and while I was pumping it, it occurred to me that I had on a great dress for pumping gas (photo op!), and truth be told, any dress that I buy is gonna have to

Yay, Frye boots!
pump gas (see pic)
haul kitchen trash (peee-yeeww)
shop Trader Joe's (yaaaay!)
buy fast food to go (yuck)
scoop the cat box (double-yuck)
go to Walmart for socks (yawn)
chauffeur The Teen (James! Spader! not)
try not to be mean (in the post office line)
walk a wild dog (or two)
probably jog (wrong shoes, crap)
go to the bank (no money, crap)
pick up something rank (back to dogs)
wipe off coffee stains ("travel" mug)
survive spring rains (and wind see pic)

The End for Now

Gotta love a dress that works as hard as I do. Thanks, Karina Dresses, for understanding that I need a working dress.

Here's a great way to add a hard working and beautiful Karina Dress to your wardrobe. With the All You Need Is Love membership, $99 gets you one free dress, plus $30 off any full-priced dress - on as many dresses as you like - throughout your membership period. And lots more. Or you can enter to win $1,000 in Karina Dresses in the Spring 2013 Dresstacular (Pin to Win)!

With my vintage MIA boots and my hair in my face (again)

What does your hard working dress (or pants or skirt or suit) have to do? Dear Creative Readers, if you want to add two lines to the above "poem", I can keep this thang going!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Great Thoughts by Guest Spammers

As readership of your blog grows, so do comments from spammers. They are a pain in th' butt, but I'm not going to turn on Blogger's even more painful captcha to stop them. Blogger's horrid captcha, with its run-on letters and furry numbers, has prevented me from leaving many a comment on others' blogs. I'ma be honest here. I can't read those furry little numbers, even with my bifocals.

But recently I've had an epiphany. Some of these spam comments are literary and philosphical gems. GEMS, I tell you. Almost poetry. So I thought I'd let the spammers guest post today (and maybe once a week. This is too much fun!)

This is a pre-post tease (see fate happening in advance below) and a chance to show off my used Frye riding boots scored from eBay, that in real-time I wore every day last week.  
And may wear every day next week.
There's a party in the back of these babies, so stay tuned to next week's posts.

Guest Thoughts by Great Spammers: 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Get Your Thrift Shop On

I saw this video on Melanie's blog Bag and a Beret this morning and instantly embraced it as a cool thrifter's anthem. Later, The Teen, out of the blue, asked, "Have you heard that thrift shop song on the radio?" The RADIO? This groove has clearly blown up!

Language alert, ah, yes, there is some. But it's so dang funny, it's worth it.

Yeah, I'ma take your grandma's style...for real, ask your grandma - can I have her hand-me-downs?