Sunday, February 24, 2013

When Wishes Make You Weep

When a genie fairy godperson Lucky Charm dude real person tells you that your child is getting a super-duper wish, you're supposed to whoop with joy. At least that's how I always imagined these things would go.

A pretty dress always makes me feel better:
The Deets: Mossimo dress (Target); Shrug (Marshalls, old); Miz Mooz Tillman pumps (Amazon)

The first and only time it ever happened to me was last Thursday, and I started bawling.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'ma Dress Gal

I've been thinking about the development of my style, such that it is, since my blog slowly moved from irreverent paralegal news reporting (nobody cared or maybe I was the only one who thought I was funny) to affordable career dressing. I don't know if it's the aging process, the changes in the shape of my body, or just pure laziness, but I really prefer to wear a dress.

The Deets: Dress (Loft Flash Sale); Cropped cardi (Target); Riding boots (Target clearance); Sweater clasp (gift from Bella); Floral cuff bracelet (under $2 Steinmart clearance)

The perfect dress makes a woman look elegant, but feel like she is wearing her most beloved nightgown. Coco Chanel said this.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'd Like to Thank the Following for My Bloggy Award:

1. My beloved hairdresser, Betsy Jeannie Jo, who is responsible for maintaining my extensions and fake-o hair color;
2. My entourage and body guards, Darryl, Darryl, and Larry, who follow me around and break things that I don't have to pay for because I am an F-list celebrity;

 The Deets: Banana Republic cable sweater (Goodwill); Square floral scarf (Goodwill $1); Loft skirt (Loft Outlet clearance); Bjorndal booties (Rack Room sale $20); blue rhinestone bracelets (very old); navy blue tights (one can never own too many navy blue tights); Corgi print from CalligramORama

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Karina Dresses

Or Best Dress Evah

I will admit it. I am heavily influenced by other style bloggers, especially the ones who always seem to get it right every time, like Bella and Patti. Both of them own Karina Dresses, which I have admired from afar for a long time. This is not a brand I'm likely to stumble upon secondhand. I know, I tried.

The structure and line of this dress speak for themselves, so I decided not to accessorize much today.
The Deets: Lauren dress (Karina Dresses); Miz Mooz Tillman pumps (Amazon); 
Vintage silver bracelets (eBay); Grey net tights (no idea)

Owning a Karina dress was one of the items on my 50+ Style Blogger Bucket List. I'm a frequent visitor to the Karina Dresses online catalog, and what I really longed for was a polka dot print. But sometimes there aren't any available, and there weren't any when I shopped the recent sale.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Straight from the Bottle

That's what I should be drinking from after the last few very intense months. But no, that's where the color of my hair comes from.

I may be 50, but my hair is at least 20 years younger.

Which makes me feel bad when other women stop me and exclaim, "OMG, your hair color is so pretty!"

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rediscovered LBD

Things have been a little a lot rough around here the last week or so. I prepared for the big 5-0 by having my back give out the week before my birthday. Lying on your back like an upside down turtle is not the best way to get your groove thing on. And The Teen's health is deteriorating, which is very worrisome, but she's getting the best of medical care.

The Deets: Jones New York dress (old); Benetton cropped cardi (GoodWill); Belt (Steinmart a while back); Candies Mary Janes (Old Kohls clearance); MMD Button Flowers; Vintage cuff ($1.50 yardsale, gift from a friend)

This morning I didn't care what I put on for work. I actually fished this dress out of the consignment pile, put it on, and then wondered why the hell it got put in the donate pile. It's just a plain sleeveless dress with a less than exciting neckline, but it has a great skirt - and pockets. The Benetton cardi has the care label cut out, but feels like mohair or cashmere, and is cropped at just the right length for sheath dresses.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

50+ Style Blogger

As of today, I am officially in the very elite group of 50+ Style Bloggers. All I had to do was pay the $10k membership fee, publish a coffee table book of me wearing my vintage Chanel suits, and lie about my extremely poor eyesight and inability to walk to get a front row seat during New York Fashion Week.

Greetings and salutations, 50+ Style Bloggers! 

Or turn 50 years of age today.

The Deets: Roulette dress (GoodWill $5); Miz Mooz Tillman pumps (Amazon); Vintage clutch (aunt); Stone necklace (Steinmart); Cuff bracelet (Forever 21)

Okay, you got me. It's that last one.