Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Sofa Dress

A while back, a fave style blogger (Curtise, I think?) asked if anyone named their clothes. I drew a blank at the time, but recently remembered I own a "Kermit" skirt, and this "Sofa" dress.

The Sofa dress was purchased four or five years ago for a semi-formal banquet that I didn't get to attend. It hung in the closet for a long time, waiting for another swanky party, excluded from the day-to-day dresses, stuck with the labels "fancy" and "sofa" (because the fabric looks and feels like upholstery fabric).

When the AMP helps me with pics, I figure I shouldn't complain that 
he moved me over to the messy side of the porch.
I do like that my fave number three seems to be growing out of my head.
The Deets: Taylor dress (Ross, old); Merona Artiste cardigan (Target, old); 
Liz & Co mary janes (jcp, $20); miscellaneous bangles & honkin' earrings hidden by hair

Then one day I outed it, figuring I'd only get to maybe two more galas in my lifetime, and it was time to wear the sofa dress to the office - because if I wasn't too good to work for a living, neither was it.

I don't think my eyes are even close to the same size until after my second cup of coffee.

Oh, the scraggly hair. Is driving me nuts. I figured when we start what I may call The Year of Hopeful Thinking, regular haircuts will not be on the schedule, so I'm trying to get it long enough for messy buns. And hats. Boy, have I got some surprises for you guys, just as soon as we can find time to take pics that aren't on the way to work.

I'm longing to ditch sheer panty hose, and leap into bare legs and spring dresses, but Spring has only teased us, not actually arrived.  A cold-natured working gal has to stay warm. Why can't someone make business casual jammies for the office?


  1. I have Kermit shoes! I love naming my clothes, ever since I was a kid and I had my "Susie jacket" (named after a classmate who had the same one).

    I love that upholstery fabric look - brocade-ish, but heavier. It's so lush.

  2. The colour combo is perfect for your hair. ooh...hats! my fav : ) can't wait to see what you have in store.


  3. Hi Lynne!

    I say everthing is wearable no matter, it just a mattter of attitude and how you style the item - You have the attitude and marvelous styling - Here you go - Bravo for wearing the Sofa dress!

    Ariane xxxx

  4. Yes! let's wear the "fancy" dresses to work - love this idea, and you look fabulous. You've inspired me.

  5. I think the dress looks great! By keeping the rest of the outfit simple and office-y, the dress looks like it belongs, and is a nice accent.

  6. Hooray Lynne! I'm glad you brought this pretty dress out of hibernation. I love the print and the cardigan totally makes it office appropriate. Spring is here right now, but we are supposed to have rain/snow early next week. Again. Ugh.

  7. "because if I wasn't too good to work for a living, neither was it". Love it! get that fancy frcok on your bod and make it work for you. I love that dress, it's gorgeous on you.
    I don't have names for specific clothes, just the outfits I create with them - most aren't publishable. xxx

  8. I love your "sofa" dress - it is super pretty! I have "couch" pants, so I can relate! Although I didn't really name my pants, my dad said they looked like they were cut out of a couch, so they became my "couch" pants.

  9. Yea, work that dress. Or, it's take your best dress to work day. Whatever, you look great in it and the way you styled it is terrific. The colors are superb together. hmmm, my clothes get named if/when I have to refer to them, but nothing particularly special. hmmm...

  10. ha ha, my husband calls my tweed skirt the "Drapes skirt" and my floral crops the "bedspread pants" The dress is beautiful and I love your shoes.

    For some reason your blog fell off my reader, I was wondering about you yesterday and then you leave a comment. Going to fix that now! Heather

  11. Brocade is having a moment is fashion right now, so wear the heck out of that dress!

  12. You are inspiring me to get my posh 'event' dresses out for work - like you, they are just hanging there waiting for something.

    The detail on the dress fabric is lovely - baroque!

  13. Lovely dress! I think it's perfect with that cardigan. Fancy dresses should be worn and loved. I name my clothes, sometimes I call things outloud, others I'll say "Get my Banana shoes!" and even though the DH named them that, he still looks at me like I am crazy.

  14. I have pledged to myself that I won't leave clothes - whatever their names! - for "best" anymore, it's such a waste. Wear them, enjoy them. I love your sofa dress, it does look like brocade, a gorgeous fabric.
    It probably was me who talked about names for clothes/outfits, I do tend to do that... I was wearing Doreen Shuttleworth today, my black faux fur coat with the previous owner's name written on the label.
    I am looking forward to your style adventures, Lynne, all hats and messy up-dos and casual glamour and posh frocks for every day. Go for it! xxxx

  15. I like that you took the sofa dress to work. I hate have semi fancy dresses that never leave the closet.
    Chic on the Cheap

  16. Sofa so good!! (Stole that phrase from a furniture shop) I'm really happy that you wore that sofa dress to the office. It is divine and you look divine in it, and who couldn't use a little more divinity in one's life? What, are they going to send you home for OVERdressing for the office? NEVER! Gorgeous, Lynne!!

  17. We nurses do have "business casual jammies for the office". We call them scrubs, although I've long called them my work jammies. to fit scrubs into a law office...

  18. You know what's interesting? Reading the comments on someone's blog. It shows who their readers are and what relation the blogger has to them.

    Here, very obviously, your readers are your friends. And they love you. They visit to see what you're up to and say hi. Their comments are supportive and evince familiarity. You're a lucky gal!

  19. Your dress is great. I are good at picking colors that look beautiful on you! The green sweater is a lovely accent.

    blue hue wonderland

  20. Great looking urban art. I am so glad to get a peek at it!


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