Sunday, January 13, 2013

And the Winner of the Kirna Zabete for Target Dress Is...

Kirna Zabete for Target Long-sleeve High-Low Hem Shirt Dress

...the lovely Bella of Citizen Rosebud! (There were eight entries, and the winner was generated by

Bella, please email me ( your mailing address, and I will send it your way. To those of you who entered to win the Corginator and Sasha Jane, my cat with my Sister-in-Cat Megan, I'm totes against giving away any of our children, including the four-leggeds :) Although sometimes the less than stellar attitude of teen girl children does make me briefly think of giving them to the first taker...


  1. yay for Bella - she will look gorgeous in it.

  2. Congratulations Bella!
    I often wonder what money I could get for the kids... Less than for the felines, probably. Oh well, guess they are all staying then! xxxx

  3. Congrats Bella! If anyone has dibs on Miss Sasha Jane, it's me. ;) I saw her rotten brothers and birth-Mom today. Miss Annabelle loved all over me (and got treats!)

  4. Congrats Bella!!

    I'd take the Corginator anyday!!

    I've done my time with a Teen girl and lived to tell about it!

  5. Yea Bella, let's see you wearing it Bella-style!


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