Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Sequins with a Strawberry on Top

Plus, More Law Firm Dog Pics!

Ever since I saw Tamera Beardsley's sequined pants and sequined top, I've been jonesing for sequins that I could wear to work. Because I'm almost never anywhere else, and every paralegal wants to wear sequins to the law office, right?

Okay, I'm going to admit I might be wrong on that one.

I looked high and low for sequins appropriate for conservative offices, and while I may not have found that, I did score two very different light gold tops with sequins for about $7 each within the space of a week. It took me quite a bit longer to figure out how to wear one of them to work.

Merona Guavaberry stretch pencil skirt (Target); Ninety polyester blouse (languishing in closet for years, no idea where purchased); willow & clay sequined tank (Steinmart, 50% off Red Dot Clearance score!); Nine West wedges (Ross); Strawberry Pendant (thrifted Plato's Closet); Loft bracelets (immediately removed because they were picking the sequined top).

A giant strawberry is apparently what I needed to make it work. While The Teen tried on, like 23 dresses in Plato's Closet for a friend's Sweet Sixteen party, I was left with no recourse but to madly paw through all the thrifted jewelry. When I spied this strawberry pendent, I knew it was meant to be mine, mine, mine.

Apparently the cashier who checked me out thought it was meant to be hers, hers, hers, because she said, "Oh! I wanted that!" when she rang it up. I felt bad for her, but not bad enough to not purchase it.

It's mine, now. (I know it's rude to gloat, can't help it.)

My other supervising attorney brought in his growing pup, Rosie, to hang out for a few hours. Naturally, all the girls went gaga over her. I asked when I could bring The Corginator to work, and he said when The Big Boss Who Hates Jeans at Work goes to his annual summer attorney conference. Don't think I haven't noted that date on my calendar.

Fellow legal assistant Shannon gives puppy kisses.
I asked Rosie to vogue for the camera.
Taking a page from Lisa and Sal's outtakes, I'll do anything to get a good shot.

Have you worn sequins to work? How about a giant strawberry?

Career Dressing: Today's Deal Is Wrinkle-Free

So after writing about my non-iron superhero Foxcroft blouse last night, I realized I'd really like another Foxcroft non-iron shirt, and I'd be willing to trade six of my current blouses for one of them.

But when I started looking for the brand online, I discovered: 1) a superhero shirt is not cheap; and 2) when Foxcroft non-iron shirts go on sale (for example, check out Nordstrom) they are snapped up like raw steak by hungry 'gators.

So yes, this daily deal is a little pricier than my usual recommendations, but for a classic, real non-iron workhorse that is perfect for any conservative office, and comes in eight different colors, including this season's hot mint green and bright pink, as well as misses, petites, and women's sizes, I have to say from firsthand experience that I would pay it, and will pay it for the perfect blue long-sleeved shirt.

Foxcroft Wrinkle-Free Long-Sleeve Shirt ~ $46.95-49.95 ~ Appleseed's
Practical Paralegalism is not sponsored by Foxcroft or Appleseed's, and has received no compensation or goods in exchange for this post.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: A Non-Iron Superhero Shirt

If ever a shirt came close to being a Spidey suit, it has to be this Foxcroft non-iron fitted gingham (light beige) shirt I thrifted for about $4 after a 50% off discount.

I've had "non-iron" shirts before, and have some now, most from Banana Republic or Gap, and while I like them a lot, they can more accurately be described as "need a li'l ironin'" shirts.

Not this Foxcroft shirt. This wonder fabric comes out of the dryer looking dry-cleaned, nary a wrinkle in sight.

I couldn't bring myself to wear pantyhose but did leave off the ankle bracelet for an administrative hearing. Foxcroft non-iron fitted gingham shirt (thrifted); Worthington pencil skirt (jcp last year I think); Ann Taylor faux peal necklace (two decades old, I swear); Coral skinny belt (Target $12.99); Easy Street sling back heels (Hamricks @$16 last spring)

I dunno why its previous owner parted with such a wondrous article of clothing, but I'll never give it up.


I felt a little like a superhero today, going to that Social Security disability hearing I was preparing for on Monday, seeing my superhero supervising attorney Helen Parsonage in action, and experiencing the successful outcome of all that teamwork right there and then.

I had to hike a few city blocks in these shoes, but they are comfortable.

I'm not going to tell you there aren't some seriously stress-inducing days in a fast-paced civil rights practice, but today, we got hugs. We made a huge difference in someone's life.

That's the kind of day that a real non-iron superhero shirt is made for.

Do you have an article of clothing in your closet that makes you feel like a superhero?

Career Dressing: Today's Deal Is Commuter Flip Flops

Yes, that's my own term: "Commuter Flip Flops". (Should I copyright this?)

Seriously, it's hot outside. I love my kicky heels, but I'm can only wear them so long before my feet swell hurt. Sometimes I have to run into the grocery store before work to get food for school parties The Teen tells me about right after I start the car.

Sometimes after work, I find myself walking for what seems like acres through The Big Gaudy Mall, usually because The Teen announces she needs a particular item of clothing for an event she's known about for months - but only entered my consciousness fifteen minutes before she needs it. Sometimes, oh, the horror, I have to grocery shop for that night's dinner right after work.

I also like to save wear and tear on my good shoes (read, the Vogs), so I carry them in a bag to work and put them on when I get to my office. The walkways around the historic house where I work are lovely, but those cobblestones and bricks are hell on heels.

I stumbled across these flip flops in Target after The Costume Technician's graduation with her master's degree. We had hiked all over a large college campus, and still had more events to attend. My po' dogs hurt. Almost in tears, I begged The Absent Minded Professor to let me run limp into Target for a pair of flip flops.

Only I am too much of a style snob to wear rubber flip flops with my wedding dress. But not too much of a style snob to wear these flip flops with my wedding dress:

Merona Luz Thong Sandal in Silver ~ $12.99 (Target)

Since then, I've worn them every day for the commute to and from work, and trotted countless miles through grocery stores, drug stores, hospitals, hotels, and [actual] dog walks, still dressed for the office, but showing off my pedicure and giving my feet a rest in these silver flip flops that seem to go with everything.

Yep, I have commuter flip flops. And I contend they go with everything. Do any of you have shoes just for your commute?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Can I Wear an Ankle Bracelet to Work?

Normally, if you worked in a law firm, I'd say, "No."

Then that would be just like lying (if in fact not actual lying). I've clasped on the same ankle bracelet, albeit a very delicate one, every spring for ten years, just as soon as the weather is warm enough for bare legs.

Loft tee ($10 on sale); Loft skirt (on sale at Loft Outlet earlier this year); Nine West faux snakeskin pumps (Shoe Carnival); MMD tie obi belt (Megan Mae Daily); MMD button flower (Megan Mae Daily)

During the tenth summer, my boss of nearly 20 years commented, "Hey, nice ankle bracelet. Is that new?"

So clearly there are exceptions to the rule.

This skirt was made for twirling. Everyone should twirl while they can.

Today was extremely busy at work. I did immigration and workers' compensation intakes, prepared for a Social Security disability hearing, and recorded this month's Paralegal Voice podcast at Legal Talk Network with The Paralegal Mentor, Vicki Voisin, and Jared Correia, Esq., the Senior Law Practice Management Advisor at Mass LOMAP. The man knows his law practice technology and is a BIG fan of legal assistants. (Find out how big a fan by listening to the podcast which should be available shortly).

I also tweeted a pic of our ticked-off cat. Hey, I'm a busy girl (and @ExpertParalegal on Twitter). Well, actually, I'm not a girl or anywhere close, so I wondered if maybe I need to dress more like a grown up paralegal after someone called me "cute" today.

Now neurotic Cairn Terriers are cute. This is GizMo workin' the cute.
Is a woman ever too old to be called cute? (I hope not).

Monday, May 28, 2012

Visible Monday & A Day to Remember

Why isn't this post entitled "Paralegal Career Dressing"? Well, the pictures are from last Friday, when the office closed at noon. My outfit might be a little too casual for most conservative offices even on a Blue Jeans Friday, but I want to share the last refashion of  a very bleh blouse, using Megan's beautiful button flowers. Also, Patti at Not Yet Dead Style, here's my visible outfit more for play than work!

Gap clearance purchase mistake last year. Those pleats do not drape well.
OMG! Look what those magic button flowers did for this blouse! Saks Fifth Avenue flats (on sale at Saks Outlet); Nine West American Vintage jeans (Steinmart last year); Silver skinny belt (Ross, I think)
Even though our office was closed today, I did go in to get ready for a Social Security hearing later this week, working mostly on the one-page hearing summary to submit to the Administrative Law Judge. (Which one? Dunno. SSA doesn't disclose the identity of the judge in advance of the hearing anymore.) While I do feel that many of you are my virtual besties, I'm not ready to share photos of me wearing no make-up and flip-flops (the attorney who hates jeans in the office the most was the only other person there, and he had on shorts!)

But the most important aspect of this day is not whether we got the day off and a long weekend. It's to remember those that have died serving our country. PBS is honoring the fallen by providing a Virtual Wall of Remembrance at Audience members can submit a remembrance, eulogy, prayer, or poem during the "National Memorial Day Concert."

I got so many compliments on the flowers, and one person asked for Megan's blog site!
 How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Meeting Other Paralegals En Masse Is the Best!

Last week, I attended the North Carolina Bar Association, Paralegal Division Annual Meeting, which was so much fun I wish we did it more than once a year. It was awesome re-connecting with friends I've known for decades at least a coupla years, presenting a combo ethics and social media session, and attending a rollicking "60 Websites in 60 Minutes for the Corporate Paralegal" session by Erik Mazzone, NCBA's Director of the Center for Practice Management, and Lee Rosen, a family lawyer and blogger at Divorce Discourse. (The sites were great for paralegals in all specialty areas, and now I never have to worry about finding a bathroom anywhere in the world.)

I would have been taking pictures like crazy except Dear Hubby gave me a teeny tiny temporary SD card, and the camera battery died just when I needed it the most. But I grabbed a few, because to paraphrase several style bloggers' recent comments, it's not really an outfit unless you've photographed it.

ER, awful lighting, my face is picking up the green in my shirt :o Draped tee (Loft); Merona pencil skirt (Target); Obi belt (The Limited); Breva pumps (John Fluevog); Cuff bracelet (Jada's Jewels)
I will never sell these Vogs on eBay.
Carole Oliver, a terrific NCBA CLE staffer, and me. She also loves to thrift!
Camille Stell of Lawyers Mutual and me. Either we are short, or the photographer is really tall :P
The day before the Annual Meeting, I attended a Paralegal Division Council meeting and luncheon, and showed off pictures of The Corginator, via my iPad. This is not as bad as it sounds; two of  us discovered we both have 10-year old runt Corgis.

Meeting ready: Stripped tee-shirt (Loft); Nine West Vintage America jeans (Steinmart last year); Mossimo ballet pumps (Target); Scarf (Charleston City Market)
Then I had a blast at the evening networking reception. There was a chocolate fountain. Need I say more.

I gave that cuff bracelet and Vogs a workout. Dress (bought at Ross Dress for Less for a friend's wedding several years ago)
Okay, I can always say a little more. Such as it turns out the world of social media is very small! I met @Parasec's (in real life, Erin) brother, Ian (who also works for Parasec), while enjoying post networking party cocktails, and it turns out the anonymous paralegal behind Mom-Alegal's Blog was in my CLE session. Despite my brief discussion of how to dig up the identity of anonymous bloggers, I would not have outed her if she'd come up and shook hands.

Wait, maybe we did shake hands :P

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Flower Power

I scored this dress for around $10 in the Ross Dress for Less clearance dresses - in November. Apparently, no one wanted this much spring even in the spring.

A couple of years ago, I would have looked at it, and shuddered. I did not wear flower prints. Ever.

Maybe because I wore the heck out of 'em in the 80s, all giant shoulder pads, even bigger lace doily collars, and in your face flower power. And let's not forget the hair permed within an inch of its life and the bright blue eye shadow.

Wait, let's do forget.

Soho Apparel Ltd dress (Ross Dress for Less clearance); Agenda shrug (Ross a couple of years ago I think); Button flowers (Megan Mae Daily)

This dress has some great details, pleats at the bottom of the skirt, a built-in full slip or lining, and the best part, pockets.

Candies Mary Janes (Kohls clearance a long time ago); Reading glasses (part of a three-pack from Walmart. Yup.)
I'll buy almost anything that has pockets. Maybe it's because my sister and I were told to get our hands out of pockets so many times as kids, that they seem like a luxurious sin now.

Megan's Buttonflowers, my decades old scarab earrings
Not allowed to bring a dog to work? Bring one anyway :)
Are you Team Large Floral Prints, or no?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: And That's How My Day Went

Tonight I got home late. Everybody else had eaten, so I made (what else?) a tuna fish sandwich. I used the last two slices of Italian bread, but one slipped out of my hand. As it headed to the floor, The Corginator caught it mid-air, and swallowed it whole.

And that's how my day went, more or less :P

Boatneck top (Rue 21); Merona stretch pencil skirt (Target); Nine West wedges (Ross); Mad Men Collection faux pearls (Banana Republic); Skinny belt (Rue 21); Buttonflower (Megan Mae Daily)

The Teen likes Rue 21, and sometimes I do, too. She got this same shirt, except with green neon stripes. And the skinny belts were just in, two for $7. Sometimes those fast track fashion stores can be fun for Mommy, too.

I am madly in love with Megan's buttonflowers.
They don't sell reading glasses at Rue 21. Or I'd have neon yellow ones.
Bonus pic: Get that camera outta my face. I'm busy. ~ The Corginator

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Buttonflowers & Tears

I spend a good portion of my time interviewing potential clients via telephone. I like it. I'm good at it. I'm a fool for a compelling story, and while not every story I hear is true, most of them are pretty darn compelling.

Sometimes I squelch the desire to laugh during the interview (see "Top 10 Things Not to Do If You Wish to Remain Gainfully Employed"), but I'm very aware that most people would not be calling our law firm if they weren't experiencing some of the worst events of their lives.

But I rarely cry. Sometimes I think I cried so much in my 20s and 30s that I'm all cried out now. Sometimes I wish I could cry, especially when it might simply be a good release.

Today I almost cried during a client intake. The intake caller warned me there would be tears. I just didn't think they would be mine. I'm a good interviewer, and usually am able to keep people on track and get the initial information my supervising attorneys need to decide if they can offer a consultation. I can usually calm upset or angry people down. I've also heard a lot of sad tales in 25 years of interviewing people.

So I was surprised when I started to tear up during an intake today. And then I was proud to work for a law firm that cares about its clients, practices in highly specialized areas like civil rights, employment, and immigration, and is in a position to at least give this person, whose family unit has been shattered, some answers.

On a lighter note, I loved the bright touches of color Megan's (Megan Mae Daily) obi belt and buttonflower brought to an otherwise conservative outfit, pretty typical of law office appropriate wear, i.e. modest blouse, pencil skirt, and heels. My Fluevogs are the best investment shoe I ever made, too. I use the light blue as a bright neutral; if someone forced me to throw out all of my work shoes except one pair, this would be the pair I'd keep.

JKLA California tee (@ $9 at Ross last year); Mossimo pencil skirt (Target); Fluevog Coffee Shoes - Breva; Obi tie belt (Megan Mae Daily); Buttonflower (Megan Mae Daily); Gold leaf earrings (my mom's from way back when); Plastic bracelets (one goes as far back as my college days which is pretty far...)

My fave belt evah.

Yes, those are really old power beads. No, I don't want to give them up :P
What's the hardest part of your job?

P.S. Bonus pic 'cause Megan said she needed a Corgi fix:

The Corginator (with a li'l Hubs in the background)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Yes, Virginia, Megan Mae Is Real

When I told The Absent-Minded Professor, a/k/a AMP or Dear Hubby, about my upcoming blogger meet-up with Megan Mae of Megan Mae Daily, he asked me if I knew how old the actor we'll be gadding about town with is. I was like, "Uh, yeah."

AMP said (perhaps slightly jealously), "He's young enough to be your son."

I smartly retorted, "Only if I got pregnant at age 15."

Heh. Good one. Also true. About the age, I mean. I was never pregnant at age 15.

Then AMP wanted to know if I was sure Megan Mae is real. That cracked me up. I was all, "Yep, pretty sure, she posts a photo of herself and blogs about her life almost every day. We email each other almost every day." I showed him one of her awesome outfit posts. (Since he didn't remember what I was wearing when he took my pics that morning, that probably didn't help.)

I reminded him this was not like that date I went on (before I met him on where the guy showed up and was 20 years older than his picture. 20 years is A LOT.

Then I tried to explain blogger culture to him, the friendships that are formed, how you get to know people through their frequent posts and exchange of blog comments, via email, social media, and sometimes even finally and gloriously meeting up. He admitted making friends with people you've never met in person is a foreign concept. I admitted creating virtual baseball teams and playing in virtual baseball tournaments is still a foreign concept to me, but I like that he likes it.

So when I received a package from Megan at work today, I was extremely excited, because I seriously admire her style and creativity, especially her eye for color. I'd ordered a package of her buttonflowers, and an obi belt like the one she made out of men's ties for Sheila at Ephemera as well. Megan knows my color preferences by now, and we worked together to pick out the buttonflowers and the belt colors.

Like Christmas for grown-ups!
Megan doesn't know this (well, she does now), but I like to frame pretty cards!
I cannot get enough of all these lovely colors! Can I wear them all together?
The truth is, I'm almost 30 years older than Megan (but at least my photos are all recent), and that she's a wonderful friend I would have never met without blogging. She's inspired me to incorporate more color into my daily wear, and I can't wait to share an adventure with her next month, when we join forces to celebrate our mutual loves: thrifting and fangirling a certain British actor of a certain age (not mine).

Gotta go now. This belt is so getting worn to work tomorrow.

Paralegal Career Dressing: Today's Deal Is Customized Crimson

I probably shouldn't share this with you guys, and therefore decrease my chances of winning, but Pam at over50feeling40 is hosting a giveaway drawing. The winner of her contest will get to choose one item from eShakti's current line.

(Actually, I might not have a shot at the drawing at all, because I'm not on Pinterest yet. I know, that seems odd for someone who loves social media as much as I do, but I'm afraid if I join, I'll become addicted and get nothing done in the real world. Which is why I also don't play any games on Facebook, having experienced online gardening obsession with the now defunct (Lil) Green Patch. I was a virtual garden fiend, while my real plants panted for water and love.)

I've seen other style bloggers favorably review clothing from eShakti, so I thought I'd take a quick peek at the online catalog.

Only it wasn't quick. I got stopped in my tracks by the dresses. I love so many of them, it was difficult to pick just one for Pam's contest. But I did. Only it wasn't this one. Now I have no idea which is my favorite. eShakti has so many silhouettes in the full-skirted retro styles I favor, so reasonably priced that it's easy for me to envision myself wearing any of them to the office.

Pleat waist cotton dress ~ $54.95 (eShakti)
So go, go, go to Pam's blog, and decrease my chances of winning this dress, or another fave, the Indigo chambray dress.
eShakti is not a sponsor of Practical Paralegalism Career Dressing, and this blogger received no goods or compensation in exchange for this post.

Paralegal Career Dressing: It's a Wrap (Again)

Someone asked me today if I was a stylist. I replied, "Nope, just a broke paralegal in a six-year old dress."

I still remember the first time I saw Kara Janx's famous kimono wrap dress on Project Runway (Season 2). I longed for that dress enough to price it online. It was more expensive then than it is now, but either way, far out of a working mom's wardrobe budget.

Still, it was hard to forget.

So when I stumbled upon this Jones New York kinda-kimono wrap dress on a Marshalls clearance rack for THIRTEEN DOLLARS, I yelled, "Bless Patsy!"

No, I didn't, but according to A Glossary of Quaint Southernisms, "Patsy is the patron saint of Southern euphemisms." Well, I never. As in never heard of Patsy before, and I've lived in the South all my life.

I'm participating in Patti's wonderful weekly Visible Monday feature at Not Yet Dead Style. She's rockin' boots and great thrift finds.

Jones New York wrap dress (Marshalls clearance, old); Nine West Flex Pumps (Shoe Carnival); Metal beads (I haven't a clue).

The law office where I work is located in a beautiful historic, haunted house. But we have to lock down the rockers on the front porch. Apparently, ghosts don't deter rocker thieves.

It feels good to rest my dogs sit a spell Dang it, Patsy!

If my grandpa had seen this faux snake skin up close, he'd of beat it to death with an axe.
Who is your fave Project Runway designer to date?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Today's Deal Is Far From Innocent

If you're a regular reader, you know I believe that a long faux pearl necklace can take a simple outfit from merely appropriate for the law office or court to classic chic. Jada's Jewels, has several sets available right now in multiple colors.

A Far from Innocent Timeless Traditional Necklace & Clip Earring Set ~ $16.75 (Jada's Jewels)

I love the versatility of super long faux pearl sets, ranging from re-creating a 1920s flapper look when you wear them long, to an updated Mad Men look with you wear them short.

I also love my daily email from Jada's Jewels. On this paralegal and working mom's budget, I certainly don't buy jewelry every day, but it's fun to window shop via email. Once in a while the daily deal is so perfect for conservative offices and so reasonably priced, that I do buy a piece. Every single item I've purchased has been a lovely and invaluable addition to my accessories for the office.

If you're not already on Jada's email list, you can sign up at this link: Tell Jada that Practical Paralegalism sent you!

And yes, I did buy this set. I don't wear clip on earrings, but I'm going to refashion them for a classic collar/sweater clip DIY like Mongs at My Thrifty Closet did with a fabulous pair of puppy earrings that I am insanely jealous of ;P  If you're not already following her, I highly recommend subscribing to her blog in your RSS feed reader (try free Google reader if you don't already use a subscription service for your fave blogs). She frequently gives thrifted items new life by refashioning them, and has a sense of style that is both original, yet classic. Inspired by Mongs, I'm on the lookout for the perfect $1 thrifted item to make over. (I actually sew fairly well and miss it.)
Jada's Jewels is not a sponsor of Practical Paralegalism, and this blogger received no compensation or goods (other than the ones she's paid for) in exchange for this post.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Awesome Blogger Award, Who Me?

I also painted my hedgehog's portrait :P
I got a blogger award!!!! Jumping up and down like a two-year old high on ice cream and cupcakes. (And likely just as irritating.)

This is my first blogger award ever, and I have the lovely Robin at Frannie Pantz to thank for it. I call her my "Paralegal Soul Sister" and am dying to go thrifting with her. (Although I suspect we're about the same size, and I'd end up wrestling her to the floor if she was holding something I really wanted, very likely, with her excellent eye for style and color.)

This being my first blogger award, it possibly took me longer than your average bear to figure out what I'm supposed to do with it, but I'm pretty sure it's share seven random facts about me, and then tag seven of my fave bloggers to receive the award and do the same. So here are the random facts:

  1. I did not discover I can draw and paint until I was 39 years old. For grins and giggles, I took one of those "So You Think You Can't Draw But You Really Can" classes at a local private college. The instructor put an apple on the table. I drew it. She said, "What are you doing here? You can really draw." I dunno, maybe I just never wanted to draw an apple before?  I haven't picked up pen or pastel in two years, but you can see a little of my art in my Facebook photo album, "My fav is the BLUE CRAYON." I miss creating art desperately, and it's high on my priorities to get back to it soon.
  2. I was Captain of the High I.Q. team in high school. I loved slamming that buzzer. I think this makes me a contender for Queen of the Nerds.
  3. In college, my Victorian Novel professor pulled me aside before the final term paper was due, and said, "I think you are capable of doing much more than the paper topic I assigned." (Who knew my essay on foot fetishes in Victorian literature had impressed him so much? :P) I thought he maybe meant dig a little deeper into Charles Dickens' The Pickwick Papers. At approximately 1400 pages, I was the only one in the class that actually read it in its entirety. Nope. He said, "I want you to write a paper about a common theme in The Pickwick Papers and Milton's Paradise Lost." Right. Er. Um. No thanks? Seriously, do you know how long Paradise Lost is? He was famous for giving only one A in all of his classes for each semester, and hell yeah, I earned it that semester :P
  4. I could eat a tuna fish sandwich for dinner every night. If I didn't want to be cremated, my tombstone would read, "I was happy with a tuna fish sandwich."
  5. Last year I planted mint in front of my town home. Over the exceptionally rainy, warm winter, it escaped its pot, and as mint is known to do, is creeping everywhere, including over into my neighbor's front yard. It smells so good and is so lovely, I don't have the heart to pull the trespassing mint up yet. I'll wait 'til she notices. I sort of have a history of plant fraud. My prior neighbor, known for being a bit tipply on a regular basis, called me once to ask if a beautiful tea rose bush in front of our homes was mine, because she wanted to pull it up. I said it was. I lied.
  6. I love reading glasses, especially unusual, artsy ones. I have reading glasses everywhere, in all the rooms of my house, at my office, and in my car. I resisted bifocals for so long, to the point I'd  sometimes wear a pair of reading glasses over my regular glasses, you know, double-glass it. Very lovely. Not. I'm pretty sure I'm now First Runner Up for Queen of the Nerds.
  7. From approximately seven years of age to....well, I don't want to admit how long...I genuinely believed I was going to marry Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy as the hottest Vulcan off the planet, of course). I think I've definitely got Queen of the Nerds in the bag now.
Now, for the easier part, giving this Awesome Blogger Award to some of my fave bloggers. Robin already mentioned a few of them, and I know some of my other idols have already done it, so I'm going to see if I can highlight some that might not have done this already, in hopes that they will share seven random facts about themselves with their loyal followers, and then pass on the award to seven of their favorite bloggers:
  1. Lisa at Dreamz n Wishz
  2. Anne at The Frump Factor
  3. Ms. A at Ms. Austen's Cubicle
  4. Karlin at Sass and Coffee
  5. Terri at Trophy Daughter
  6. LeeAnne at Style N Season
  7. Karen at Musings of the Lady Jessop
Thanks, Robin, this was fun!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hot Date

Megan Mae Daily & Practical Paralegalism Have a Hot Date!

You want to know how to get a date with one of the hottest British actors on the planet? Dye your hair seriously red, preferably a hue not seen in nature. Works every time. We are barfing with excitement about our pending dinner and theater date with....oh, it's a surprise. There will be shocking pictures. A tell-all interview with one of those rags you pretend you don't read in the grocery store aisle. Mad, mad style, and seriously fabo shoes (Megan Mae's). Lynne is even going to shave her legs for this event.

Stay tuned for the deets on one of the most insane and hotly anticipated (by us) blogger meet-ups of the year, as we agree to share the company of one mysterious, crazy-sexy star for a bloody glamorous night on the town!

The Lucky and Married gasp! Faux Gingers

Megan Mae, Megan Mae Daily 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Orchid Sike

I was an IKEA virgin until last weekend, when the Absent Minded Professor suggested "running in for an hour or so" before we picked up the Costume Technician at the Charlotte airport.

Hehe. "Run in" IKEA.

You know why you should plan outfits the night before? Because you might sleep through your alarm. Not that it ever happens to me, or that I end up grabbing whatever my hand touches first. Just sayin'. MODA no iron shirt (BR clearance @$11); Wildlife skirt (thrifted); Easy Street ruffled sling backs (@$16 last year from Hamricks); Green beads (I dunno - been hanging on my decorative key hooks turned necklace rack for years without a single wear.)

Actually, I kinda almost had a nervous meltdown right smack in the middle of the shopping hordes, who appeared to be grouped in large but slow-moving hunting parties. Plus, I'd left my Garmin in the car, and kept getting lost.

Reading glasses as hair accessories.

Who knew IKEA was just like Disney World? (I hate Disney World.)  Don't get me wrong. I liked the IKEA stuff, just not the IKEA shopping experience.

Look what was on the door of one of my common photo haunts! I didn't do it! But wish I'd thought of it.

I had to wait, like, 25 minutes in line to buy two items, one of which was a giant stuffed dog, so I wasn't freakin' givin' up and abandoning my purchases, as I am wont to do if made to wait too long. I also thought I was going to get to ride the world's biggest roller coaster. Rats.

My paternal grandmother would have adored these beads.

One of the items was a faux orchid to put in a handmade pot I'd been given as a speaker gift at the North Carolina Advocates for Justice summer paralegal conference (the same one where I met Erin Brockovich, for realsies). I did have a real orchid in my office, but after two years of thriving, it suddenly died. I felt I couldn't sustain another devastating loss.

My beloved immortal orchid.

I've been enjoying the looks on co-workers' faces when they admire the orchid, and then I get to tell them it's not real. That experience was most enjoyable, tho', when I had to tell the professional office plant maintenance lady it isn't real, too. Hee. Pretty much right up there with getting to ride the world's biggest roller coaster.

So where do you stand on plants in your office? Real vs. faux? Capable of killing both? :)