Monday, April 30, 2012

A Paralegal's Desk: You Missed My Inbox by a Mile

One of the biggest complaints I hear from legal support staffers is about activity that occurs while they are not at their desks, i.e. the dread piles of paper keft in their chairs or surreptitiously slipped among ongoing projects.

By "surreptitiously" I mean in the dead of night, and usually not in that box clearly marked "IN" on an organized paralegal's desk.

Plus, our team is supposed to be mostly paperless, so I complain even more when people leave actual paper on my desk, especially "mystery paper" which amounts to "What the hell do I do with this?"

So I was really prepared to complain, via Twitter and this blog, when I found this on my desk this morning. (BTW, that stapler does not have staples in it, and the only time I use the hole punch is for an archaic federal government office that still insists on colored paper.)

Yeah, it's an empty paper towel roll. I understand it could have been worse, i.e. an empty toilet paper roll...
This is what an OCD paralegal looks like - all day - when left with an empty paper towel roll.
Soooooo, that's my mystery paper left on my desk in the dead of the night story. I do understand why legal support staffers - and anyone else with a clearly marked inbox - complain about these situations.

Mess with my mind much, attorneys peeps?

Paralegal Career Dressing: Mad Men-ish Secretary

I think of this look as my "Secretary Look" but I got an, "Oh, you look so Mad Men-ish" today, too.

It's really more of a no-planning-in-advance-let's-just-grab-something-I-haven't-worn-in-a-long-time look. Usually, I'm more of a planner for Patti's Visible Monday over at Not Yet Dead Yet Style.

Yet I can't even remember where the blouse came from, and I'm pretty sure The Graduate Student in Costume Construction left the heels at my house. I swiped the belt from a dress The Teen threw in the GoodWill.

The next thing you know I'll be swiping clothes out of the trash. Maybe yours.

This is my only crappy "uh-oh it is getting ready to rain NOW" outside pic. But the walkway lights look like fireflies. Skirt (Talbots Outlet clearance last year); Bow-tie blouse (I dunno); Belt (Teen's GoodWill); Anne Klein heels (I dunno); Bracelets (pretty, shiny, in my own mess of jewelry); Earrings (jewelry store in Chapel Hill)
I've decided to stop straightening up doors.
That's actually a pretty good bow, for me.
Do you have items in your closet that you have no idea how they got there? (You don't have to say "yes" just to make me feel better about myself ;P)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Business Nightgown Friday

Oh, they don't celebrate that day in your office?

Maybe they do, and they just don't know it...

Friday was scheduled to be cool and breezy again. I couldn't handle jeans. Too complicated, with the two separate legs an' all. I wanted to stay in my jammies.

Since I couldn't, I decided to participate in Business Nightgown Friday, and pull on my black maxi skirt again (it's really a convertible dress/skirt, and for an item that hasn't seen much use in several years, it's really getting a workout these days.) A sheer bat wing shirt with built-in cami from a Charlotte Russe clearance rack earlier this year filled the dress-for-exhaustion bill. I know I keep wearing these beige wedges, but I am a shorty, peeps, and these are the only 3 1/2 inch heels I can walk in.

Shirt (Charlotte Russe clearance); Convertible skirt/dress (Marshalls years ago); Nine West wedges (Ross); Necklace (Burlington Coat Factory clearance several years ago); Charm bracelet (had since 2nd grade)
I love my charm bracelet that my maternal grandmother gave me in the second grade. Yeah, it still fits my skinny second grade sized wrists. No links added, but lots of charms and memories over the years. I'll give you guys a closer look sometime soon. I love to wear it, but those charms get caught in clothes easily.

Even my hair looks exhausted :P
As I get older, I look more and more like my paternal grandmother, Mimi. Dressed in a long skirt, add a little B&W effect, and I'm channeling her like crazy, except the parts that can cook and knit anything.

I love looking like my fave grandparent.
Do any of you think you look like a favorite grandparent or other older relative, especially when you wear certain kinds of clothing?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Lively after Lunch Ethics Speaker

Today, I drove to the North Carolina Bar Association Center in Cary to present the one hour of ethics credit after lunch. This is the third year in a row that the Paralegal Division's Intellectual Property Institute has invited me to present, and as always, they had a great turnout and fun attendees (meaning they laughed at the right places :)

The title of my presentation? "Navigating the Ethical Waters of Social Media." We did have some fun, since there's never a shortage of Social Media Gone Bad stories about parties in civil and criminal cases, jurors, and of course, lawyers.

Since I was a speaker, I wanted to wear a suit, but I didn't want to go the traditional blue pin-stripe route. (Thanks to style-blogging, I'm no longer worried if the top and bottom parts of a suit match.) I was also thankful for my lacy Loft tights, as the promised 70 degree day didn't materialize.

What did materialize was one hell of a thunderstorm. Dear Hubby says there was also one in the wee hours of this morning, sparking another performance of The Cairn's Thunder Dog act in our actual bed, and he (the dog) barked like crazy and even jumped on me repeatedly, but I never woke up. I am that tired after the long week in the hospital.

If you wear sequins to a daytime legal professional gathering, you will liven up your presentation considerably. Loft jacket (Outlet); Loft skirt (Outlet); Andrea Jovine Studio blouse (Ross last year); Yoki pumps (Hamricks); Accessories (see below)

Uh, too late, wet bench. Tights are pretty floral in person.

Leather snap bracelet (Charleston Market vendor); Earrings (from a Jada's Jewel's necklace set); Bangle watch (Jewel Box); Glass ring (Family heirloom)
I think I need a sequined top for work. Do you have a sequined top for the office?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Gypsy Woman

I might have loaded up a bit on the necklaces this morning, adding a Mother's Day key pendant from years ago to two super-long double-looped chains from Jada's Jewels. I think all I might be missing is a crystal ball. But that would just be over-accessorizing; my boss already thinks I read minds and foretell the future.

My pants are super-wrinkled from power-sitting. Paralegal newbies, I don't want you to go into this field with your eyes closed. You will eat a lot of Pop Tarts and Nabs at your desk, and you will eventually imprint your rear parts upon your office chair.

Evie cardigan (thrifted); Antonio Melani tank (thrifted); BR slacks (thrifted); Franco Sarto shooties (Ross); Two super long chains (Jada's Jewels); Key Pendant (gift)

When in doubt, pile all your jewelry on. You can always remove pieces later when you catch sight of yourself in a reflective surface and wonder if you're a wee tad too gawdy for words ;P

What's your fave desk snack?

It's Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Or, I Was So Crushed When I Found Out

When? 4:42 p.m.

Here's my corroborating tweet:

Seriously, what did your employer do today or this week to celebrate your administrative professional awesomeness?

P.S. One of my co-workers pointed out we celebrate a lot at our firm, which is very true. And my boss buys me a lot of Jimmy John's subs. Which is a cool fringe benefit, since no one at my house even likes Jimmy John's, and I do. I even know my number.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Proof I Got Dressed this Morning

After The Teen's eight day hospitalization (she went home today, yay!), I was so tired this morning I stood in front of my closet, and genuinely couldn't figure out how to get dressed for work. This made the idea of cataloging one's own clothes and creating ensemble ideas in advance suddenly seem very appealing.

So I went with what the less-prepared among us would-be budget career fashionistas are stuck with: beige. Even beige tights. To hide the chill bumps on my pale legs. What is with this freaky weather?

Adrienne Vittadini sheath dress (@$11 from Steinmart Red Dot clearance last year); Chico's shirt (thrifted); Etienne Aigner Mary Janes (Ross last year); We Love Colors tights; Owl pendant (thrifted)
I look startled to be awake, which I am. Also, we haven't used those binders in years.
Love the darts on this sheath dress. Also, you'd be surprised how many people grab your jewelry when you're wearing an owl.
Thanks to all of you for your kind words and well wishes during The Teen's hospital stay, and a special shout-out to my paralegal friend, Lori, who graciously shared her Nook library with her 16-year old's books with my 15-year old daughter.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ruh-Roh, Where Is Practical Paralegalism?

Or, Who Messed Up Blogger While I Was Out of the Loop?

Actually, I'm still out of the loop. But I'm determined to post something just to prove my technological-savvy, even if just to myself, and anyone else who's been taking Blogger's name in vain recently.

This won't be a paralegal-y post, or even a budget career dressing post, more of just a thank you for your many kind words here on Practical Paralegalism, and/or Facebook. I've loved friending some of my fave new virtual style buddies on Facebook, and getting to know them even better.

We're still in the hospital. We've had a wild ride. We've seen a lot of bad television, although I really quite liked Stepbrothers, and now can't stop finding a way to repeat, "You have a voice like, a style like, or a complete blend of awesomeness like a combination of Fergie and Jesus."

The Teen had an especially evil sickle cell disease event, an infarction in her knee, basically clogging of blood vessels and necrosis, that was the most unbelievable painful event she can recall in her short history. Me, either. She almost never cries, and then cried all day Wednesday, with no pain relief. I kind of wanted to cry, too, but someone has to not cry, ya know?
The Teen kept asking me to bring the one thing I can't, The Corginator.
Then she tried to get pneumonia, except her Mom, personal paralegal, and patient advocate, kept following the doctors around, repeating, "She's going to get pneumonia, she always gets pneumonia, it starts in the blink of an eye, start antibiotics NOW," and the chest x-ray came back cloudy and they finally did.

On the plus side, she had plenty of doctors to interview for her stem cell therapy paper.

On the down side, I missed Terri's pj party at Rags against the Machine, which I know isn't a priority in the bigger scheme of life, but my dogs were all ready for their close up with my Vera Wang jammies that my family has made fun of for years.

I usually use CaringBridge to keep friends and family updated regarding The Teen's sickle cell disease, but used Facebook this time, and decided to talk about it more here to continue to raise awareness of it. There's no cure right now, and there's no effective treatment for severe pain events. But one of my daughter's sickle cell doctors believes there will be gene therapy available in her lifetime, so I continue to hope that this mean disease gets kicked in the ass by medical research someday soon.

If we're blogger/virtual buddy commenters, and you're a Facebook user, please feel free to send me a friend request. I'm Lynne DeVenny Craig, and I'll be the one wearing the Hogwarts scarf The Teen let me hold long enough to have my picture taken in :P

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Half of this Outfit Went to the ER

The Teen and I were heading out the door this morning, into a cool, dreary day, with routine school and work plans, and no more worries than a lack of preferred teen breakfast food in the house, when Sickle Cell Disease reared its very nasty head.

One minute The Teen is taking some ibuprofen for a mild back ache, and the next minute, she's bawling and shaking in severe pain, unrelieved even by the prescription medications we have for it at home. The crying was an alarm sign in itself, because she's pretty stoic about pain levels that would knock most people to their knees, and she is not a cryer.

I'd already taken a few meh outfit pics inside due to the bad weather, but quickly replaced tights and heels with the necessary old jeans and sneakers needed for a long day at the hospital, and then went straight to the ER with The Teen. Who's had an awful, awful day, and was admitted.

From left to right: The Graduate Student in Costume Construction, me (heh in the same sweater), and The Teen

After 10 hours there, Dear Hubby told me "to go home and do something fun." I think he meant take a nap, but no way, since I'm staying the night with The Teen, and no way I sleep in a hospital. Not unless I'm the one getting the good IV drugs ;P

Why do I talk about The Teen's Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) on my professional blog? Because I want to raise awareness of it. Many of my virtual friends and colleagues have told me they don't know anyone with SCD, a genetic blood disorder that causes red blood cells to become hard and banana-shaped.

The excruciating pain associated with the disease is caused by those sticky blood cells becoming stuck in small blood vessels. When this happens repeatedly, it often causes other severe life-threatening health issues. The Teen is especially prone to Acute Lung Syndrome, which makes pneumonia look like a house kitten beside a mother tiger.

One of my fave pics of The Teen and me.

The most uninformed questions about SCD we get asked the most: is it contagious? is it blood borne? can I catch it from drinking after someone that has it? Just no, no, and no. That's where the genetic disorder part comes in. (Getting off my soapbox now.)

What's the worst part about loving someone with SCD? Watching them suffer horribly, and not being able to do much of anything about it except get the medical staff, hold back hair, and change head cloths. All the time hoping it's not something else insidious starting as a pain event, like Acute Lung Syndrome or a stroke.

At least the sweater, which I had dug out of my winter clothes, was a great choice for freezing emergency rooms. Maybe not so much the big ol' pile o' pearls with ratty looking sneakers. Late in the day I finally went to the rest room, saw myself in the mirror, and thought, "A bit over the top on top for the hospital, aren't you, lady?"

George floral cardigan worn backwards (Walmart); Loft skirt (thrifted new w/ tags); Impo booties; Tights (Target I think, gift); Super long strand freshwater pearls (gift from bestie); Brooch clipped to pearls (antique from relative); Silver skinny belt (Ross or Steinmart, can't recall)
Okay, so I just had a little fun playing with Picasa, trying to get the brooch to show up better, and came up with this pic, which is my fave of me ever. And the color red, which can represent a vitalizing life force, is for everyone fighting chronic illness and their families.

Serious non-style question here. What's the best way you keep your head together when you're in the hospital, caring for someone you love?

P.S. For those of you wondering the heck why anybody would put up a blog post when their child is in the hospital, it's because it's the only thing I have any control over today. And I'm going back after a hot shower, a meal not from a vending machine, and packing my pillow. I wish I could sneak The Corginator into the ward. She'd be great therapy for everyone.

P.P.S. Yes, I'm super grateful to have a Dear Hubby with a medical background to spell me during long hospital stays, too. I'm blessed.

P.P.P.S. I'm adding this on Friday afternoon, and thanking of you for your kind thoughts. It looks like The Teen is going to be hospitalized for at least a few more days. This is by a long shot the worst pain crises she can recall. Her wonderful treating physician, a specialist in sickle cell, as described the excruciating knee pain she's experiencing as an infarction of a joint. She's also keeping an eye out for the development of pneumonia or Acute Chest Syndrome, which can happen pretty quickly when you can't walk much and your body is being pumped full of necessary fluids.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: I Make a Bow Tie Dress in 30 Seconds

Okay, I may be exaggerating my mad sewing skillz a bit. What really happened is that I wanted to wear the dress the Style Crone was wearing yesterday, only I don't own any cool vintage 50s dresses, so I took the $13 Evan-Picone dress with the full skirt I scored from Steinmart last year and have already worn on this blog (can you believe all the hair I had, and OMG, there's the formerly blah sweater I recently wore backwards), and said, "You'll have to do, Pig."

And then the sash fell off, and a miracle happened. I thought, "I can make a bow-tie for the dress out of that sash!"

Only I had five or less minutes to get ready for work and no idea where I last hid needle and thread.

Then I remembered Mina's onyx magnetic Fashener (which I bought, so this is not like a paid endorsement or anything that qualifies as profit from blogging :), which is way better than sewing or safety pins, because no holes are made in delicate fabric. I folded the sash in half, used the Fashener to secure it to the back of my dress, and tied a fairly good bow - for me.

Can you tell I took ballet as a kid? No? I'm not surprised :P Evan-Picone Dress (Steinmart clearance); agenda shrug (old); Nine West wedges (Ross Dress for Less); Organza flower brooch (JKW Jewelry); Sweater clip (antique from a relative); 1928 earrings (Rugged Wearhouse)
I can hear my grandma now, "A lady always wears nice underwear!" So glad you can't see mine :P
I think perhaps a poltergeist messed up my bow while I was distracted by the self-timer.
Why doesn't anyone sell a nice sweater clip any more?
Do you have a great article of 50s vintage or inspired clothing that you can wear to work?

Practical Paralegalism's Top 10 Paralegal Voice Podcasts

Even though Vicki Voisin, The Paralegal Mentor, and I have been working with Legal Talk Network to produce The Paralegal Voice podcast for over three years now, and Vicki and I both post monthly show notes for each podcast on our blogs, I still have loyal blog readers who confess they don't know what a podcast is. (See talented blogger and paralegal Jamie Collins' delightfully honest post, "A Paralegal Podcast...A Paralegal What?")

That's okay, peeps, I didn't have a clue until I started blogging in 2008 that there were all kinds of social media outlets I'd never heard of. A curious paralegal has to start somewhere.

What is a podcast? According to, it's "a digital audio or video file or recording, usually part of a themed series, that can be downloaded from a Web site to a media player or a computer." In simple terms, you can listen to that recording from any computer, or download it to your fave MP3 player. It's free, and you can listen whenever it suits your schedule. Many of our listeners tell me they listen on their work commutes.

If you haven't listened to any of Legal Talk Network's podcasts, you're missing tons of free legal technology, news, and practice information. But if you're just getting started on The Paralegal Voice monthly podcast, I'm going to share my 10 favorites so far (not in any particular order). I learn as much from each podcast as our listeners do..

Top 10 Paralegal Voice Podcasts

Monday, April 16, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: It's Visible Monday But I Can't Talk About It

Well, not out loud anyway. I have a whopping case of laryngitis. Possibly strep. (I'm hoping my co-workers don't read my blog much, because I did go into work this morning. I thought I felt better. Sorry, guys!) Please, please pray it's not strep. I hate, hate taking antibiotics so much. The side effects are worse than the underlying condition :(

So when I looked at the pics I took this morning, I thought, "Sheesh, you look kinda sickly." Which I am. But I can't miss Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday, because Patti celebrates real women every week, especially those of a certain age, who aren't becoming less visible with age, but simply better with time.

I'm going to be frank. Sometimes I look at style blogs and think, "What am I doing here? I'm not young or photogenic, and I don't have much of a clothes budget. Heck, I usually don't have a photographer." Then I think, "But I'm me, and we're all unique, and we should celebrate the style that works for us, whatever our age, budget, body types, and style needs." My style needs are to find reasonably priced clothes that meet my desire to be a little different, suit a middle-aged short person, and are appropriate for a work environment that alternates between uber buttoned-up court activities to a biz casual law firm.

Ann Taylor wrap blouse (thrifted); Worthington pencil skirt (jcp); Nine West wedges (Ross Dress for Less); Wrap watch (gift from mom); Flower necklace (a little boutique in Chapel Hill, NC)
This is the goofy result you get when you try to get the watch and necklace in the same pic.
This wrap watch is perfect for skinny wrists.
Does shopping for the perfect watch make anyone else a little crazy, or have you already found it? (If so, do spill the deets!)

Paralegal Career Dressing: Three Paralegal Style Bloggers You'll Love

One of the most fun aspects of blogging is meeting other bloggers with similar interests, and making new friends. I was very pleasantly surprised to find three other legal support staffers who share stories about their days, their clothing deals, and their unique style. I hope you'll check out their blogs, and add them to your RSS feed readers so you don't miss a post.

Also, leaving a comment on a post every now and then is a great way to let your fave bloggers know that you are enjoying their blogs. (Loving them but never posting a comment is called "lurking" but we love our lurkers, too. Unless they're stalkers, and then that's bad.)

Three Paralegal Style Bloggers You'll Love

One Woman's Style Evolution, ~ IP paralegal Natasha works in a business casual office, but enjoys brightening up her co-workers' day with her chic and colorful style!

A beautiful way to wear animal print to the law office.
Frannie Pantz, ~ Paralegal Robin is a thrifter with mad skills and lots of creative style ideas.

My inner fashionista would have died happy if I'd thrifted this sky blue Ann Taylor dress.
Breakfast with Tiffany, ~ This adorable paralegal is getting a degree in education, but rocks her office style with great budget and thrifted finds.

I'll be copying this season's hot look, a chambray shirt with a bright pencil skirt.
I hope you'll give these hard-working and stylish legal support staffers some blogger love by following their posts and giving them a reader shoutout every now and then in their comments sections.

Have I missed any other legal support staff style bloggers? Please let me know if I have!  (It's a big ol' style blogosphere out there :)

ADDENDUM:  Robin of Frannie Pantz says the gorgeous Katie of Running on Happiness, is a paralegal, too. I think she might be a supermodel in her spare time. I've added her to my RSS feed reader, and not just for the totes adorbs pics of her puppies.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Today's Deal Is Guava Berry at Target

I have no idea what a Guava berry is, but I confess when I saw a lone tangerine-y orange-y pencil skirt hanging with the other more sedate colors during a quick Target run for something boring like laundry detergent, I squee'd with delight. I've wanted to find this season's hot orange/tangerine colored pencil skirt, but I wasn't willing (or able) to pay a fortune for it. I approached the skirt with cautious optimism, because usually the lone style of anything extremely desirable (like items from the designer collections) left in a Target store is not anywhere near my petite size.

But this one was. I love the bright (but not obnoxious) color, the tailored fit, and the full lining, all for a whopping $23. There's still plenty of sizes and colors left online. I have had good luck with Merona skirts with careful washing, and have several that I've owned for years and still frequently wear.

Merona Womens Doubleweave Skirt (Guava Berry) ~ $22.99 (Target)

Paralegal Career Dressing: Mega Thrift Finds

My clothing budget is limited due to having a mortgage, and teenage wallet vampires girls. One of the reasons I started blogging about career dressing as far back as 2008 when I started Practical Paralegalism, was to show legal support professionals and paralegal students that they could have a fantastic working wardrobe, without spending much money.

Inspired by other style bloggers extremely skilled at thrifting, I decided to visit the local MegaThrift store in Winston-Salem, NC. It's sort of like a giant GoodWill type warehouse, with a no frills interior and harsh lighting. To be honest, it also kinda smells off in there. On the plus side, there are racks and racks of clothes to explore, sorted by size and then color, plus separate sections for vintage and better quality clothes. There are nice benches in the large dressing rooms, too.

I went in with a goal, to spend less than $20 on some red, tangerine, coral, and/or orange for my wardrobe. I'm also committed to removing one item from my closet for donation or consignment, for each new (or new to me) item I purchase.

I haven't washed my MegaThrift finds yet, so here's the pre-wash and iron photo. I can't wait to mix these guys in with my current rather neutral and boring separates :)

DKNY skirt ($2!); Chico's striped shirt ($8); Ann Taylor paisley wrap blouse ($8)
I'd love to hear tips from my thrifting readers about how to deal with that sometimes awful thrift store smell, especially if it comes home on the clothes! (It didn't on these, but they are still getting a long wash and a big douse of fabric softener :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Backwards Sweater...Again

Once I discover I like something, it's hard for me to move on. For example, I could eat a tuna fish sandwich every night for dinner, but Dear Hubby won't let me (he's the cook in the family).

I think my boring old cardigans for the conservative office look way better backwards, and it's an extremely comfortable way to wear a sweater. Plus (let's say it all together), I'm still freezing.

Merona cardigan (Target, gift); Nine West Vintage America Jeans (Steinmart last summer); Mad Men pearls (BR sale); Softspots bow-tie flats (Ross Dress for Less last year); Ring (gift)
Fixed the too sex-ay back for work :)
I liked the way the ring picked up the colors in the bark.
Speaking of bark, tried to get neighbor's Pom to vogue for the camera, but he kept mentioning something about a modeling fee.
He's thinking why would he waste his good looks on such a goofball.
Hoping my hair really will be this color in the near future.
How many of you keep a good pair of faux (or real) pearls for the office among your essential work accessories?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: This Outfit Was Good for a Whole Two Hours

Ever have one of those days that starts out fine, and suddenly goes south when you get sick? That was today for me. I was so miserably freezing cold all day yesterday in the office, and woke up this morning still freezing. I was so cold my stomach hurt. (Perhaps I should have paid more attention to that sign.)

I remembered wandering around a Loft Outlet store a while back, and seeing layered cardis on the mannequins. That seems like a super warm idea. I didn't have time to work out the cardi-layering, but I did manage to pile on a camisole, a cardigan, and a blazer. I even added winter slacks.

Still freezing. Still got sick. Ugh. The Teen is sick, too, and I'm worried her sickle cell disease will flare up. We're a merry crew :P

But I came out swingin' for a few hours...

Phoebe jacket (thrifted); Evie cardi (thrifted); NY&Co cami (old); Loft trousers (clearance last year); Impo shooties (Ross Dress for Less last year); Skinny belt (can't recall); Pendant (old)
Those big coral buttons make me happy.
Cancer took another wonderful person from our lives today. She was a truly graceful, inspiring woman who embraced the spirit of love and life to the very end. My husband, a cancer survivor, likes to say, "Ain't none of us got no lifetime guarantees." It's a reminder to live in the present, and let those you love know every day how much they mean to you.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Yeah, My Sweater's On Backwards

And, I Told Everybody

Normally, when I get to work and discover my clothes are inside out, my shoes don't match, or heck yeah, my skirt's on backwards, I sheepishly slink into the loo and make things right.

Today, when peeps said, "I love your new sweater!" I promptly announced, "This is an old sweater on backwards!" And then everybody had to have a closer look. I also added that my necklace is 20-year old Ann Taylor, and my oldest, The Graduate Student in Costume Construction, left the black pumps at my house about five years ago.

This girl cannot take a compliment.

Where did I get the idea to give a rather boring sweater new life? From The Karina Chronicles' recent post "Clickity Click!". (I tried to cool down the "party in the back" for work by pairing the sweater with a matching camisole.)

Loft sweater (clearance last year); Loft skirt (clearance last year); Ann Taylor faux pearls (circa early 90s); AK pumps (left at my house)
Button up first, and then slip over your head.
Swingin' in the wind. Man, was it a cold day here in NC.
Have any of you tried wearing sweaters or blouses backwards?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Back to the Classics & Dread Nylons

Okay, let's make that warm nylons. Each day this week is supposed to be a bit chillier than the last. Which is good, because at the rate we were going last week, the temperature would have been 120 degrees by June 1.

I'd love some styling suggestions for this "special occasion" dress I used to be saving for a special occasion that never occurred. The last time I wore it, I was upstaged by The Corginator. (I definitely prefer the darker red hair. Miss Clairol, here I come!)

I bet if I wasn't taking my own pic, someone might have mentioned the hair thang. Too late. Calvin Klein dress (Macy's w/ gift card); Banana Republic cardigan (thrifted @$6); Liz Claiborne Flex snake skin pumps (Shoe Carnival); Wide belt (Loft sale); Earrings oh why oh why can't you see 'em? (Wilmington street vendor)
A peek of the earrings. They match the cardi.
My dearly departed maternal grandmother would have a fit if she saw this most unladylike pose :P
Has the cooler weather sent any of you running for your panty hose and/or tights?

Pastels | Everybody, Everywear