Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: I Found Another Maxi Skirt

What silken mysteries lie squished between mightier thicker clothes in the back of the closet.

I forgot about this wrap skirt my husband gifted me with during a 2004 trip to Charleston. I rarely wore it, because I'm so short and it's so long. I couldn't figure out how to style it. I might have worn it to the theater a couple of times in the last six years. But with inspiration from my fave style bloggers, I'm finding my own style, and wearing outfits I wouldn't have dreamed of wearing before - to work.

The comfortable Nine West wedges with the 3 1/2 inch heels also helped make this long skirt happen.

Wrap skirt (unknown boutique in Charleston); Draped tee shirt (Loft outlet); Nine West wedges (Ross Dress for Less); Chain (thrift store); Ring (Forever 21)
There was a stiff breeze outside, but it wouldn't cooperate to show you how gauzy and soft the fabric of the skirt is, like a chiffon scarf.  The fabric flows like water.

A timely vehicle :P

I wish Dear Hubby could take all my outfit pics. He's good. Pro'bly 'cause he loves me.
The inner lining of the skirt is worthy of wearing inside-out.
Is there anything lurking in your closet that you bought - but haven't figured out how to wear yet?

ADDENDUM: Heh. I had this skirt on backwards all day. There's a gold border that's supposed to run around the front. Pro'bly explains why it's longer in the front, too...I clearly need help getting dressed. Even if you don't have a blog, you should try taking outfit pics. They can be VERY enlightening.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: More Fun with Closet Orphans

The adorable Lili at Relatable Style posted a week of "closet orphan" styling recently, where she took items she didn't wear very often, and styled them in a "should they stay or should they go" kind of way. Most of them found new life with fresh styling.

Along with the forgotten maxi skirt, I discovered a few dresses I've owned for years, haven't been wearing, but for some reason can't part with. I kept telling myself I'd wear them somewhere. But I think I might have been keeping them because they remind me of my paternal grandmother's colorful house dresses.

I decided that maybe with new spring shoes and some thrifted blazers, some of the heretofore (we talk like that in the legal field) closet orphans might go to work with Mommy. This one's a very inexpensive dress from the juniors department at Burlington Coat Factory (why I can remember this crap, and not people's names is beyond me) I bought five or six years ago. Maybe I thought it was too goofy for work or too young for me now - but not today.

Ruby Rox dress (old Burlington Coat Factory); Divided blazer ($3.50 thrifted); Breva pumps (John Fluevog clearance); Necklace (thrift store); Bracelet (Mother's Day gift a while ago)
Dear Hubby was my photographer again today. He's a very patient man :)

Oh, I almost forgot! One of Mina's onyx magnetic Fasheners is keeping the faux wrap dress wrapped.
This dress took so many years off my age, that 49 is definitely the new 19.
The best jewels aren't really jewels, but mostly love.
How 'bout you guys? Got any closet orphans that need a breath of fresh air - or a new home?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: I Found a Maxi Skirt in My Own Closet

I have been loving the maxi skirts on my favorite style bloggers, and longing to own one. Then I realized I did own one, only it was in the back of the closet with my non-work clothes. It's the convertible skirt/dress I've had for about five years and wad up my suitcase for the beach.

It just got upgraded to the work clothes section. It was chillier today than it has been, and I would have loved to wear jeans, but I couldn't do that on the first outing of the Fluevogs. An extra long skirt was ideal, and much to my surprise, I got a lot of compliments during the day. Which is way better than a request to go home and change.

Cat (long term hanger on); Gingham shirt (thrifted @$6); Convertible skirt/dress (old Marshalls); Wide belt (old Steinmart clearance); Breva pumps (John Fluevog); Freshwater pearls (gift from bestie); Stretch cuff (Forever 21)
Here's a little better peek at the new Vogs. They are wonderfully comfortable.

I need to show you the cool soles. They say, "Coffee. Take the time and do it right." Yessir!
Have you worn a maxi dress or skirt to work?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Visible Monday & Put on Your Red Shoes

I saw David Bowie in concert once, er, about three decades ago. Still, who doesn't feel like shaking a tail feather when they hear "Let's Dance"?

Also, nothing I am wearing in this picture cost more than a tenner, including the $6 leather red heels I thrifted when I was at the coast this weekend, speaking at back-to-back paralegal seminars.

I still love my $9 thrifted no-name skirt, because it looks a little like a $128 Anthropologie skirt I wasn't willing to risk my marriage to own. It's the perfect skirt to mix with $6 shoes.

Red heels (thrifted); Skirt (thrifted); Ruffled camisole (Kohl's uber-clearance); Cardi (old); Pendant (Charlotte Russe); Bracelet (Forever 21)
Let's have a less klutzy-looking view of the shoes.

I am really jealous of the cat's super-cool model pose below. I tried it but Dear Hubby said I looked like a bad imitation of Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Hmmm, let's reference something less disturbing, like the lovely dogwood trees in bloom.

It was the dogwood blooms, or my feet.

If Patti over at Not Yet Dead Style was having a Most Visible Shoe Monday, I know I'd be a contender.

What are the most visible shoes you've ever worn to the office?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: The Vog Addiction, or The Devil Made Me Do It

Actually, it's more like Sheila at Ephemera, Megan at Megan Mae Daily, Megan at The Fashionable Bureaucrat, and The Dashing Eccentric made me do it, or inspired me to do it, or kept showing John Fluevog shoes on their style blogs until I couldn't stand it anymore.

I bought my first pair of Fluevogs. Remember, I'm a person who thought spending $50 on a pair of Bandolino flats was crazy-talk, and has never been interested in most designer clothing or labels. Yes, there are brands that suit my body-type and career work style, but if I can find a knock-off, especially thrifted, I'm equally happy.

I drooled over my favorite style bloggers' Fluevogs until I vowed to own a pair, just a single pair. First, I checked eBay. Yikes, these are shoes that get more expensive with age, and the availability and/or popularity of a particular model. Some of the used Vogs cost more than brand new Vogs. So then I discovered the clearance offerings at the Fluevog site. You have to be decisive and act fast, or the clearance styles are snapped right up.

So I snapped. And then I only told Sheila and Megan Mae. Sheila said my ice blue Breva pumps are from the Coffee family (this brand has actual families) and will be a great heel for work, with just the right amount of funky style.

I was so excited when the box came last week that I didn't open it until today. (That's how I handle excitement, people, don't ask). I decided to document the unveiling of my first pair of Fluevogs.

A hand-written thank you note! And stickers that indicate these people seem to know me well.
A bag for the precious babies. With some good advice on it.
Lollipops in the box! These people are better than Christmas!
Teapot heel and naughty body parts. An investment shoe that will have a key place in my work wardrobe.
Am I turning into a shoe-buying fool? No. Will I stop buying less expensive heels for work, and save for my next pair of Fluevogs, whether they're from the clearance section, or eBay? Yes.

I'll also be putting the cool little "No, YOU'RE weird!" pin on my purse.

What's the most expensive pair of shoes you ever bought - and was it worth it?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Stripes & Speaking Engagements

This will be a quickie. But I want to complete Super Stripes Week. Dear Hubby took these pictures as I headed out for a four-hour drive to the coast. I'm speaking at one paralegal seminar this afternoon, and a different one tomorrow. I'm so excited to get to see so many of my friends and colleagues - at the beach!

Just a note on today's outfit. It did cost more than $25, but all of it was less than $100. The dress and blazer are from the Loft Outlet. I decided to go with an easy dress instead of a suit, due to the long drive on a 83 degree day, and the bare legs, even though I'm a speaker, because it's the BEACH!

Oh, and I mixed dots and stripes, something I would have never done a year ago.

Dress (Loft Outlet); Blazer (Loft Outlet); Nine West wedges (Ross Dress for Less); Bangle (Jada's Jewels); Ring (Tuesday Morning); Hoop earrings (forever)
Everything is in full color - except me. Me and Casper the Friendly Ghost :P
The cat was posing perfectly until hubby started snapping pics.
Because he wanted his own picture. As you can tell, he's into formal wear.
Close-up of the bling. Fave cuff bracelet is from the fantastic Jada's Jewels.
I'm off to talk about cyber-sleuthing, social media, ethics, newfangled technology, and more ethics.

What's your fave outfit for professional conferences?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Stripes & Ribbons

Long crazy day, full of appointments, our firm's monthly tech tips luncheon (see my Twitter feed or Facebook page to see how that went :P), and both Teens appearing in the musical The King and I at their high school tonight. This will be short and painless. I promise.

I got a lot of compliments on this outfit today, but one Teen just told me I look like "Barbie's Grandma." Wut? Wut? Wut does that even mean?

This is outfit #4 for Super Stripes Week. Very tall Dear Hubby took the pics today. Every outfit I've worn this week has cost less than $25 if you don't count the shoes.

Old Navy skirt (thrifted); Victoria Secret's no-iron shirt (clearance); Bandolino flats (Hamricks last year); Earrings (little boutique in Chapel Hill, NC - forgot name)
Ribbons & jewels. I'm such a girly-girl sometimes.

What's the worst thing your child has ever said about your style? :)

Paralegal Profile: Rick Fountain

Rick & family
Job Title:   Legal Assistant/Office Manager

Employer:   Classic Legal Help,

Years of Paralegal Experience:   3

Education/Degrees:  Associate Degree

Specialty Areas:   Bankruptcy/Divorce

Career Highlight:   Helping open an office in Florida and Oregon (as well as AZ)

Future Professional Goal:   Becoming certified ALS, Accredited Legal Secretary through NALS

Paralegal Practice Tip:   Just take your time and have pride in your work. 
Favorite Way to Deal with Work-Related Stress:    Take a 5 minute break and step away from your desk.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Stripes & The Whoopsies

Today I was mostly stoned. I know, this is exactly the stuff that professionals aren't supposed to post on the Internet. But I have been having stomach issues (yes, under a doctor's care), and today was one of my bad days. Well, bad days with good drugs. Too bad about the inability to stay awake. I got these pictures and a few hours of work in during a three-hour window of alertness.

Okay, this outfit picture (still participating in Super Stripes Week) is slanted, but to straighten it involved cutting off my feet, so I convinced myself it is kinda cool. This outfit is my equivalent of wearing pjs and slippers to work.

Eliza J jersey dress (Ross Dress for Less); Belt (Steinmart clearance); Saks Fifth Avenue flats (Saks Outlet); Freshwater pearls (gift from bestie); Brooch (inherited costume jewelry)
I am studying my camera thoroughly, and am planning to take a digital photography class this year. But I finally figured out that when using the self-timer, the camera doesn't auto-focus again before the timer goes off (i.e. when you hit the button and run around in front of it), so I played with the settings, and I think, got a little better pictures, even inside.

Yes, I really am this pale, but I saturated this photo, hoping you could see the brooch I pinned on the pearls a little better.

Big fan o' the brooch pinned to a necklace :)
This is a super, super long strand of freshwater pearls. I love them.
I have a not-so-secret-secret to share. For most of my life, I've hated being photographed. I'm extremely shy, and happy to blend into the background. For decades, I wasn't that confident about myself, inside or outside. Expanding Practical Paralegalism to a budget career-dressing style blog has actually helped me feel a lot more comfortable with myself, and it has certainly improved my ability to have fun with fashion, even though I work in the legal field.

I'm almost 50 years old, and for the first time, I think I'm pretty, and I'm good with what I've got, scars, lumps, bumps, wrinkles, pimples, spider veins, fuzzy hair, and all. When I saw today's terrific post "Dressing Like You LIKE Your Body" at the karina chronicles, it clarified what I've been learning. What's most important is that you do like yourself, and your body, so dress it like you like it.

Do you dress like you like your body?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Stripes & Prints

I think I almost pattern mixed today, maybe? Snake skin pumps, roses on a background of dotted print (which is too small to see) on the skirt, stripes on the blouse? A radical departure for me, anyway. This is outfit number two for Super Stripes Week.

I also added a fabric flower pin to my doubled strand of freshwater pearls. I think one of my antique rhinestone pins might have been a better choice. This one kept flipping around backwards, rendering most of my pics un-usable. Ah, the joys of self-photography, inside, in 10 minutes or less.

UK French Connection boat neck blouse (Sears @$11); Madison Studio skirt (thrifted $11); Liz Claiborne Flex pumps (Shoe Carnival); Freshwater Pearls (Steinmart); Brooch (JKW Jewelry)

I'm excited that my total outfit cost less than $25 again, minus the shoes, which as you can see, I'm wearing the heck out of, so will likely be down to a $1 a wear by July.

Also, I am truly a fool for a full skirt.

The fabric in this skirt is delightfully heavy, like drapes.
You can see a little of the dotted print on the skirt. Can you see the tiny seed beads in the brooch?
Where do you stand on wearing prints and stripes together?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Can Wearing an Orange Shirt to Work Get You Fired?

Cute J. Crew tee. I want it. But could it get me fired?
You betcha.

According to the Sun Sentinel, 14 staffers formerly employed by Elizabeth R. Wellborn, P.A., a law firm in Deerfield Beach, Florida, were let go last Friday for wearing orange shirts.

To add insult to injury, that Friday also happened to be pay day.

Several of the terminated employees told the Sun Sentinel they were called into a conference room and asked by an upper management employee if they were wearing orange in protest.

One employee spoke up and said they were wearing the shirts for Happy Hour after work, to show their togetherness as a group.

They all still lost their jobs anyway, including a single mom, a mail room clerk, and a woman who loves the color so much she painted her patio orange.

According to a legal expert interviewed for the article, Florida is an at-will state for employment, and you can get fired for any reason, as long as it doesn't violate state and federal laws.

North Carolina, where I work, is also an at-will state, and when I explain what it means to people, I usually say something along the lines of, "Yes, you can be fired for your hair style, your attitude, or the color shirt you're wearing."

But I've never actually read about it happening.

This story will keep me up all night. Is there more to it? That's a lot of orange shirt wearers getting fired on the same day. They'd been wearing orange shirts on pay days for months. Maybe someone could have just said, "Don't..."

Should we host an "Orange Shirt Protest Friday"? (I don't even own any orange clothes, although I have to admit my Visible Monday post now looks kinda orange in retrospect.)

What about any laid off workers who just happened to make the mistake of wearing orange that day for no reason at all - no Happy Hour, no protest? Now, no job?

What do you guys think?

Source:  Sun Sentinel

Paralegal Career Dressing: Visible Monday, Stripes & Rules

Y'all, I wore a strapless dress to the law office today. Yup.

No one noticed, BTW.

I bought this Gap dress for $11 at a thrift shop in Wilmington (the same weekend I accidentally met Erin Brockovich), and wore it to a beach cocktail party for CLE conference attendees. By the time I left, I'd given the thrift shop's location to at least 17 women.

It would never have occurred to me to wear this dress to work, if I hadn't started reading style blogs. I don't have many clothes in colors, especially this deep coral, and want to wear it more often. As far as I can tell, the only downside is I could not take my jacket off in the office. But the air was cranked, and I didn't want to.

So, here I am, participating in Super Stripes Week and Not Yet Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday, wearing about $25 in thrifted clothing if you don't include the shoes. Heck, a co-worker even gave me the earrings this morning, from cleaning out her jewelry box this weekend.

Gap dress (thrifted); Phoebe jacket (thrifted); Nine West wedges (Ross Dress for Less); Multi-chain you can't see (Burlington Coat Outlet); Earrings (gift)
Someone needs to get her hair did.
Have I mentioned that I love, love, love reading glasses? Because I'm too vain to wear my bifocals? No? Well, check out these reading glasses I got at the thrift store:

See, middle age is WAY cool. You get to go crazy with th' reading glasses :P
These earrings, gifted by a co-worker, were ten times better than the ones I had on.
Have you successfully styled anything for the office that would ordinarily be outside the "rules" for career wear?

So You Want to Be a Virtual Paralegal

Then you definitely need to read the recent feature article, "Virtual Paralegals Move Legal Work Online," recently published by Law Technology News.

Here are some highlights from the article:

  • Some paralegals prefer the adjective "freelance" to "virtual," because they are real paralegals, and some of their work is in-person.
  • The salary range for virtual paralegals can range from $30,000 to $75,000 per year.
  • The paralegals quoted in the article use the following file transfer services for files that are too large to email: SugarSync, DropBox, and Google Docs.
  • All of the virtual paralegals in the article are very social media-savvy.
I encourage those of you interested in a virtual paralegal career to check out both the article, as well as the websites of the virtual paralegals interviewed, including Cathy Ribble of Digital Paralegal Services, Dorothy Secol, CLA, David Moyer of Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd., Cordina Chavis of VP Training, Pamela Starr of StarrParalegals, LLC, Daphne Drescher of ProParalegal,  and Misty Sheffield of Atlanta Paralegal Services.


Paralegal Career Dressing: The Daily Deal Is Kasper Suit Separates at Belk

Many paralegals need more than one suit, especially if they participate in a lot of court-related activities. While I'm a big fan of the thrifted suit, the Career Work Wear Goddess isn't always smiling on us in the thrift store, and sometimes you have buy new suits. You can definitely get more bang for your buck with suiting separates that mix and match. Belk is currently offering Kasper suit separates for 30% off (even more with a Belk card).

Judging from the online catalog, it looks like the Kasper sale suits are going fast, so you might want to check out your local Belk.

Here's a great look for court or interviews, featuring a navy pants suit, with a simple white tank, pearls, and beige heels.

Kasper Melange Pant Suit - $89.99 (Belk)

Practical Paralegalism's Top 20 Style Blogs

I started blogging about affordable career style for legal support staffers, not too long after I discovered the wildly popular blog Corporette, "a fashion and lifestyle blog for women lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants, and otherwise overachieving chicks who need to look professional but want to look fashionable."

Dipping My Toe in the Style Blogger Pool

My first couple of posts about Corporette way back in 2009 included recommending that readers add it to their  favorite blogs, and then playing the knockoff game, i.e. the looks for much less. I loved the chic, classic recommendations for conservative offices, but quickly realized that most of them weren't within my budget, even if I skipped my mortgage payment - or within the budgets of most legal support staffers and even many female attorneys I know.

I ventured into my first of many posts recommending affordable career wear for my typical readers, i.e. legal support staffers, around 2010, starting with dresses under $50, and then morphing into more frequent daily deals, like budget suits.

But I realized that Corporette wasn't enough of a daily career fashion fix. I needed more, especially ideas for affordable office wear.

Finding Other Style Bloggers

I started following style bloggers who posted pictures of themselves modeling their own terrific style, but became a little frustrated trying to find bloggers that were older than 40, but still showing great finds for the office. I slowly dipped my big toe into the style blogger pool myself, thinking I really needed to put my budget recommendations where my mouth wardrobe is, and hoping to demonstrate that you can enjoy style at work without breaking the bank (or skipping your mortgage payment).

I've always loved my Google RSS feed reader, but the addition of a variety of style blogs has made it a daily pleasure to relax with at the end of a long day at the office. Not every style blog I read is career wardrobe oriented, or authored by middle-aged women. Some are just for the eye candy and/or the fun writing style, but all of them have influenced me to be a little more creative with my existing wardrobe and to thrift more, especially over the last year or so. Readers, and even some of my co-workers, have asked me which blogs I enjoy the most, so without further ado, here are:

Practical Paralegalism's Top 20 Style Blogs (in alphabetical order):

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Weekend Thrifting Haul

I don't always share my thrift finds in a separate blog post, but I wanted to share this weekend's, because it's spring, a time when many of us may be looking to add some fresh items to our wardrobe for multiple reasons, including expanding our re-mixing options, or body changes. I fall in both categories right now, needing both some color and some smaller clothes.

I only have one shopping rule right now (other than not over-spending, or getting clothes I can't mix and match) and that is buying no black. Well, I broke it immediately for a $3.50 black jacket that is much closer fitting than any I own, and I can use to add professional polish to my beloved sun dresses for warmer weather.

Cream Jacket ($12.00); Phoebe striped jacket ($13.50); Navy print full skirt ($10 ); Old Navy striped full skirt ($11); Black fitted jacket ($3.50)
I am excited about the details on the Phoebe jacket, including the coral buttons and pink zipper pockets, and think it will be a great mixer for summer.

I don't have any light colored jackets at all. This one is not white, but cream, which will also upgrade my favorite full-skirted sun dresses for work.

There are also a pair of Loft size 2 dark denim trouser jeans hidden under the other clothes, scored for $11. I was willing to buy a new pair on sale at the local Loft store for much more (you know you need trouser jeans for the days you're too lazy for summer leg maintenance), but they didn't have any that fit me. The thrifted ones are incredibly soft, and of course, much less expensive, so I'm a happy thrifter!

Scored any great thrifted deals for the office lately?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Secret Paralegal Holiday Is Finally Out!

This is a re-print of the previous two years' St. Paddy's Day post, but I feel like I was born to spread the word about our secret day.

I feel like such a fool. Here I am, descended from a long line of red-headed Irish Catholics (lapsed), running around in my green dress all day (which really complements my Red-Straight-from-a-Bottle-Because-I-Got-Cheated-in-the-Genetic-Lottery hair) - and not afraid to use my big old black metal Bates stapler in case someone tries to pinch me.

But I didn't know it was our day. Sure, earlier this week, I saw a tantalizing tidbit in "The Tech of the Irish" about iPhone apps that said, "There is also a live Twitter feed integrated as well as a newsfeed so you can see how everyone else is celebrating the patron saint of paralegals and engineers." I laughed it off until I kept seeing tweets referencing "our" patron saint.

So I looked it up on Wikipedia and boy, did my mouth hang open when I read:

Paralegal Career Dressing: St. Patrick's Day & The Kermit Skirt

On Thursday, a co-worker announced, "You have to wear green on Friday!" I asked why, because it wasn't St. Patrick's Day. She replied, "It's a WORK RULE."


Then, I was, like, "Heck, I don't have any green clothes." Then I remembered my thrifted Banana Republic skirt, my first real foray into color. (I know some of y'all are pro'bly thinkin', "You didn't have to buy that color.")

I took reader Louise's suggestion to pair it with a blue shirt, wore my new snake skin pumps, and the closest thing I have to a bib necklace, another item I would never have bought before reading style blogs.

Anne Klein shirt (thrifted); Banana Republic skirt (thrifted); Liz Claiborne Flex pumps (Shoe Carnival); Bib necklace (Steinmart)
I'm double-safe from pinching with the green beads in the necklace.

Addendum: This is what I'm REALLY wearing on our our day off, including no make-up. I try to give my face a break on the weekend, due to having adult acne, which is so bad I have a prescription for it. I really admire one of my fave style blogger's, Elaine at Clothed Much, recent openness about her adult acne - but I wasn't brave enough to give y'all a close up of mine! I wanted to show my support and empathy for her by commenting at her post, but I thought I might just end up depressing her, because I'm almost 50 and still struggling with it.

Elle blouse (old Kohl's); Broom skirt (just old); Sandals (so old can't recall); Gem pendant (Target)
So, are ya wearin' th' green today?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Virgin Wedges

Ignore the title if it offends you. I'm messin' with Google again :)

But these are my first pair of wedge heels. I've tried on many pairs over the years, but always felt like I was wobbling in stilts. I only tried these on because I really wanted neutral beige heels for warm weather, saw these at Ross Dress for Less, and thought they were gorgeous.

What was really funny, is while I had my feet in 'em, The Teen announces from the other side of the shelf that she has some shoes on I have to see, walks around the corner, and we're wearing the same wedges! That's when you know you're cool enough for school.

Max and Cleo faux wrap dress (old, Marshalls I think); Nine West wedges ($25 Ross Dress for Less); Pendant (Charlotte Russe); Bracelet (Forever 21)
This dress is from my wouldn't-pay-more-than-$25-for-a-machine-washable-dress phase five or six years ago. I haven't worn it in a long time, and kept pushing it to the back of the closet and waffling over whether I should GoodWill it. Then I saw someone wearing the same dress a couple of weeks ago, and she looked so gorgeous, I thought I'd give it another spin. I think it's a comfortable keeper.

Feathers are in this year. I think these are feathers in the print...
These wedges are incredibly comfortable. Get ready to see a lot of them!

Look, big girl wedges!
Do you ever wear wedges to the office?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: A Lawyer Is Pretty in Pink

My co-workers have great style on very reasonable budgets, but they understandably aren't nuts about me chasing them around with my camera all the time for my blog. So I try to be cool, and not bug 'em.

But when I saw the outfit one of our talented associates, Lauren Weinstein, wore today, I practically shrieked, "OMG! PUH-LEEZE LEMME TAKE YOUR PICTURE!!!!"

Which she graciously did.

Dress (Old Navy clearance); Pumps (DSW clearance); Necklace (American Eagle); Watch (Michael Kors); Remaining jewelry (gifts)
Here's a close-up of the details and accessories:

And then of course, our super-model law firm dog, Rosie, got in on the gig. She's growing! That's her owner and one of my supervising attorneys, Griff Morgan, with her. We've been working together since 1994. Me and Griff, that is, not me and Rosie.

Lauren, Rosie, and Griff
Lauren loves clearance deals, and this dress is a great find, both comfortable and classic, perfect for seeing clients in the office.

You know I'd love to share pictures of my legal professional readers' career dressing on a budget style, too. So if you want to guest post some time, all you have to do is email me a few pictures of your outfit, write a few sentences about it, and identify what your wearing. Easy-peasy.