Monday, December 3, 2012

Blogger Giveaway: Win a Pair of Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats

There's a catch, tho'. Your shoe size has be 9-10. I totally swear by these as being perfect for the office when your vanity has caught up with you and you have got to get your achin' dawgs out of those freakin' heels, or you don't want to scratch up those precious heels in the car or in the sidewalk cracks - or totally would, if I hadn't bought them in the wrong size.

And lost the receipt.

So now I want one of you to have them, including the packaging and the wristlet that comes with, free of charge, of course I'll pay for plain ol' regular postage. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite brand of comfortable but cute career shoes. You don't have to share your contact info in the post, but you do need to check back seven (7) days from today, i.e. next Monday morning, to see if you won, and find out how to contact me to give me your mailing address. If you're weird about giving out your address and don't want to, please don't enter, because no, I can't fax or email them to you.

Simple. Now if only these babies gave foot rubs.

Heh. No sponsorship here, folks, clearly, although I'd welcome a pair in the right size....


  1. I would love to win them...I like the Dr. Scholls shoes. I just received a pair of brogues from and I think they are the most comfortable shoe I have put on my foot in a long time.
    Maybe we could invent a line that feels like a foot great would that be!! Have a great day!

  2. I'm a ten and the shoes look wonderful. I'm always looking for something to keep in the car.

  3. Mmmm, they sound wonderful - sorry they didn't fit you! If I win, I am happy to pay the postage, unless you could actually email them : > patti @ nhsys dot com.

  4. I have a pair of them--they are FABULOUS!!!

  5. I had to laugh, literally, at the image of you trying to stuff those babies into a fax machine! Throwing my hat into the ring for a shot at winning these. I guess I'd have to go with SAS brand shoes for comfortable career footwear (but then I wear a lot of slacks to work.) Thanks for this giveaway!

  6. Rocket Dog shoes are so comfortable - if you like wearing flats to work.

  7. Cool giveaway! Honestly, I don't wear comfortable shoes to the office. My secret is that I keep a pair of slippers under my desk :) Heather

    As far as the maxi skirt, I will keep it and try it again. I like it in the summer with a tank and sandals. I just have a hard time styling it for colder weather. I emailed you back about Kayla's holiday outfit too :)

  8. I'm not entering, but Naturalizer, born, sofft all have my vote for the lower-end of my budget shoes. You know how I am though.

  9. Hey girl...I gave you an award on the weekend : ) check my blog posts.

    I'd love the giveaway but I'm a size 7.


  10. My feet being more a 10-11 than 9-10, these are better for someone else, but I wanted to say how happy I am with my first pair of Fidji shoes - low-heeled, immediately awesomely comfortable, and absolutely cute!


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