Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Off We Go!

By the time this post is published, I hope my feet are in the surf at the beach. I had to work part of the day on Tuesday to leave some projects in a position for someone else to work on. We are seriously busy at work with immigration and other cases, so it feels a little hard to get away for a few days.

Too big for me now  black and white Violet & Claire peasant blouse cinched with Limited obi belt
Lapis convertible maxi skirt/dress ~ old Marshalls or TJ Maxx
Report wedges ~ Ross Dress for Less
Pendant ~ Jada's Jewels
Reading glasses obligatory

I tried to pack light, even wearing this convertible maxi skirt/dress to work, so I could wear it on the drive (comfy) to the beach, and wear it on another day. My outfit pics turned out blurry, so I decided to give them the old newspaper treatment. Because I'm old, and I still like to read the newspaper :)

Stylin' new Old Navy tops from the birthday shopping trip on Labor Day

So excited The Teen got to go to school, but she was dropped off the rolls in all her classes and designated as "home school" - even though the guidance counselor promised to have this taken care of last Friday. The Red-Headed Teen (Dear Hubby's daughter) drives now, so it's weird watching them leave together in a car I'm not driving.

Do you have room to store items that don't fit now but might fit later - or do you just make a clean break and purge them?


  1. Enjoy your vacation, Lynne! Glad your girls got off to school.

    I do not have room at all to hang onto stuff I can't wear. I do a purge at the end of a season of worn out or ill-fitting stuff. Sell, swap, and donate. I have a very little space for off-season clothes. Lately I just shop for stuff that fits if I gain some or lose some because I cannot keep up with weight changes.

  2. O my I am so nervous about my kids driving! Eek! But glad she got back to school. I think you chose a lovely skirt to take with you! You look lovely as always!

  3. Feet in the surf? Ooo, that sounds heavenly. May that wave action rejuvenate and refresh! Happy girls, those two - it's a great day. As for lingering clothes, I'm more sentimental than practical, although I'm getting more ruthless with my winnowing these days.

  4. Have a wonderful relaxing break, Lynne. xxx

  5. You are definitely news-worthy, Lynne! That is a nice photo effect. Teens on wheels too is holy cow, A LOT of off-we-go-ing!

    Hmm, wouldn't say I exactly have "room" to hang onto stuff, but I do, and I've been grateful to have (and wear again) all kinds of things which didn't fit for a time. While not easily letting go doesn't help capacity issues, it does slow the rate of acquisition and means I really, really have to love anything new / new-to-me I bring home because I must commit to finding or clearing space for it!

  6. Vision and good taste to know that it is fashionable and looks good.

  7. I stash things in my basement that I'm not sure on and if they're still there in a year, they get the boot.

    I love the black and white photo and the picture of the girls.

    And I hope by now you're totally relaxed and zoned out on the beach!


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