Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: I Can Has Ur GoodWill?

It's the holidaze. So sue me if I use a little lolcat speak.

This new-to-me striped blazer came from my sister's GoodWill bag. She's all, like, "You want dis?" And I'm all, "Ya Man!"

I'm saving the story of The Battle of the Shoes she almost didn't give me for the post when I'm actually wearing them.

Candies striped blazer ~ Sister's GoodWill bag
Kenneth Cole trouser jeans ~ thrifted
Loft tank ~ 50% off sale
Coccinelle flats ~ blogger swap with Megan
MMD obi belt ~ Megan Mae Daily

I intentionally went with a little more red, white, and blue today, because of the jacket, and my new MMD obi belt from Megan. I wanted a blue one, and when I found these two ties at the local MegaThrift, thought they'd suit the many blues in my wardrobe down to the ground.

Fox ring ~ thrifted

I'm wearing trouser jeans, which is unusual these days, but The Teen and I had to stop by the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic at the local hospital. Visiting the hospital offers plenty of hiking opportunities, as well as the chance to hurry up and wait.

Dress ~ $5 at local flea market
Converse ~ ?
White cardigan ~ ?

Then it was off to one of those days at the Law Office where you pretty much do 1,000 things, but can't remember any of them. I did tweet pearls of paralegal wisdom tho':

I'm off to treat myself to some chocolate mousse, because I'm a paralegal and I deserve it.

What's your fave stress treat to eat?


  1. Stress treat - Oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen. Love.

    Love your blazer! Love your obi belt! You look awesome!!

  2. Omg! If you ever, ever decide to get rid of that jacket - mail it to me before donating it! Seriously adorable. I think you look great in trouser jeans! The proportions of this look make you look long, lean, and tall!

    The fox ring is so so cute!

    Mmm chocolate mousse sounds so good. I like treating myself to toffee ice cream bars. The ones from aldi come 12 to a box and are super delicious.

  3. You look awesome, Lynne. Love love love that blazer.

    Happy 4th!

  4. Preach on girl! I ADORE your new striped blazer! I steal stuff from my sister all the time too. ;-)

  5. You can haz jacket! It looks great with the obi belt.

    I can has fox ring?? Where'd you get that? It's FABULOSO!

  6. Stress treat: it used to be processed salty snacks (Doritos) but, for health reasons, I switched to natural nuts (peanuts, pistachios).

  7. Great jacket on you!! And those pants look so hip with the fabric belt at the top. Happy 4th!

  8. Love the striped blazer! Looks really great!



  9. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are my stress treat--keep a bag hidden in my desk.

    Great outfit.

  10. I love the teens dress and converse combo. Very cute! And I love that blazer! I recently thrifted a similar one. =)

  11. great jacket, can't believe sister was getting rid of it
    love a good trouser jean


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