Friday, July 6, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Get Out of GoodWill Bag Free Card

This skirt was the first really colorful item I added to my "funeral chic" closet after my weight dropped, and I had to buy bottoms two sizes smaller (on a budget, so a-thrifting I went). In my mind, I call it "The Kermit Skirt." I've struggled to style it, but can't part with it, because it's so comfortable and it has pockets. (In my closet, having pockets is like having a Get Out of GoodWill Bag Free card.)

Glittery Kersh tee ~ The Rugged WearHouse years ago
Banana Republic stretch skirt ~ thrifted
XAppeal Zeena wedges ~ Rack Room
Multi-chain necklace ~ Burlington Coat Factory clearance rack, probs under $5
Assorted stretch bracelets

Fridays are usually my business nightgown or skinny jeans day, but I dunno, this skirt just screamed to be worn. (When you're this green, you scream everything.) And I had been mulling over parting with this sort of glittery green tee I bought for $4 at The Rugged WearHouse when the Teen was in the fifth grade. Like six years ago.

Like any thoughtful stylist who carefully waves her design magic wand over her super-edited and perfect closet...wait, that's not me. What happened was I thought, "Heck, why not wear those two weird green items of clothing together?"

Yep, that's what happened.

I'm so happy that Bucky did not take the week of the 4th as vacation.

I'm pretty sure green is supposed to be a good color for real and faux red heads, although I'm loving purple these days, too.

No tan here. Ain't gonna happen. Might as well embrace it.

Anyway, no one is up to take pictures when I leave the house at the crack of dawn, and when I get to work in full Kermit mode, I notice my tripod is not in my bag. Which led to another round of crazy self-shots obtained by sitting the Nikon on various objects and trying to jump into the frame.

I almost skipped this outfit post all together because no one reads blogs on Fridays, but not only am I in this thing for fashion transparency (sometimes literally) and proving you can buy $4 shirts for work, but I am in it to show: a) everyone makes fashion missteps, or b) this whole Kermit thing kinda looks good.

What I really need are green reading glasses to complete this look.

My week has been so rough, even with skipping Wednesday, I feel like I could eat a whole chocolate pie by myself.

How are you going to de-stress over the weekend?

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  1. I love that skirt! And love it when two items accidentally end up next to each other and make an outfit.

    I'll be visiting friends this weekend; lots of drinking and lots of dancing!

    Happy Friday, Lynne!


  2. Love the mixed greens! You look awesome in them.

  3. @Gracey ~ I love to go dancing! Went with my Sis for the first time in years last weekend (we were kinda having an Irish wake) and wow, did it feel good to howl at the moon. It's on my DO MORE OFTEN list!

    @Sheila ~ Thanks! It means a lot coming from you, one of my fave clothing colorists :) I think I'll keep both of them, and edit out something else. Something

  4. I love the 2 shades of green and how you've paired them together! It looks great! I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

    P.S. I'm having an INTERNATIONAL $75 Shopbop giveaway on my blog, so don't forget to enter! :)
    A's Fashion Files
    $75 Shopbop Giveaway!

  5. Eat the pie. I love that necklace! It ties together the greens and your red hair.

  6. I like the skirt and the pose with Bucky! And I think you should have the chocolate pie. Not entirely sure what is on our agenda this weekend.

  7. I've also noticed that no one reads blogs on Fridays . . . which is why I wear ify outfits on Fridays because then I can make up for it on the weekend or Monday ;-) But I am glad that I caught this outfit of yours because it is SUPER cute! I LOVE the green on green and if this skirt ever does happen to make it to the Goodwill pile, I hope it makes the trek to the Goodwill in Colorado because I lurves it so. In fact, this is probably my fave outfit of yours EVAH! Aaaaand thanks for sending us some rain! It has poured nearly every afternoon this week! Hoorah!!! Have a great weekend Lynne!

  8. This is a fabulous pairing, very "style blogger" - and a wonderful solution to difficult colors. I think the skirt has a ton of potential. Don't let it get away! I highly recommend phasing out something black before letting that gorgeous green skirt go.

    I also really like the necklace.

    Yum go for pie!

    I do all sorts of things to de-stress. I really love bad television though. My favorite show right now is Million Dollar Listing. It's soooo petty. Soooo pretentious. Sooo awful. But I love it. I've also been known to watch the Kardasians on occasion. I'm one of those who can't eat when they're too stressed. I've been drawing more lately. I've actually drawn up a special poster that I'm planning to send to mine and Jon's favorite gaming website. I started the sketch late one night while watching videos and ended up with the staff members drawn up. I scanned it in and plan on getting it printed, both to send in and maybe add to a portfolio.

  9. Such a great color for you and I love that skirt!

  10. I think it looks great! Kermit might say it's not easy being green, but you pull it off very well!!

  11. Pretty shades of green.

    Speaking of days when people don't blog, I find Saturdays are deserted in Blog World. Ironically, that is normally when I have time to dress up and create an outfit-post, so they usually don't get much attention. I just did one for the joy of doing it and will take in stride the limited viewership it gets.

  12. Great skirt. I am envisioning it with a navy polka dot blouse!
    Sorry your week was so rough. Hope you can unwind this weekend

  13. I think the skirt is fab, and i love the color. I'd snap that up in a second and I can think of half a dozen tops I'd pair it with immediately.
    blue or chambray button down
    bright floral
    leopard print
    bright yellow

    Chic on the Cheap

  14. Love the different shades of green. Looks great on you.

    Going to see Spiderman this weekend.

  15. You glow in green - not as in alien glow, as in good healthy green glowing. These two shades together really have a great pinch factor. Your hair colour is perfect for this.

  16. THIS look is going in my inspiration file this instant!!! it has all the elegance, pulled togetherness and chic of a sheath dress and pumps with none of the fussiness, low physical comfort level, or 'too much formality'! yowza!

    and the choice of nude strappy sandals, instead of another shade of green, makes the whole look very fresh and modern. Yum! i'm going to need some time to plot how to dupe this one...steph

  17. I laughed so hard when I read this. The self portrait thing with the point and shoot camera is one of the reasons it took my blog 4 months to launch after I paid for hosting, url etc. I love the monochromatic outfit. My green week is coming up at the end of July,. Unfortunately I don't think I can get back into any of my green skirts (including the one above) so I am having a little green skirt envy right now. )-:

  18. Green is my favorite color! My boyfriend has light red hair and I think he looks amazing in hunter green. Great outfit! You've inspired me to try and conquer my fear of thrift stores.


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