Monday, June 18, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Visible Monday Is Vintage

So I already 'fessed up to engaging in a little retail therapy this weekend.

Yeah, I tried the other kind, and it wasn't nearly as much fun.

But enough about my mental health, and more about the voices bloggers I hear in my head when I go retail therapy-ing. This weekend it was mostly Megan from Megan Mae Daily (my choices were more minimalist and modern); Sheila from Ephemera and Megan from The Fashionable Bureaucrat (just in case anything from Smoking Lily does actually show up in a thrift store in the Deep South); and Gracey from Fashion for Giants.

Gracey always scores the best vintage dresses. Since I'm old enough to remember actually wearing vintage dresses, and am sometimes painfully reminded of my big shoulder pads, wide lace doily collars, and dropped waists of the 80s (hey, it wasn't just me, peeps), I don't always do so well in the few stores around here that even offer vintage clothes.

But when I saw this vintage jcp dress for $9.99, it screamed, "GRACEY WOULD SO WEAR THAT!"

At least I'm pretty sure she would.

jcp dress ~ (thrifted)
Coral skinny belt ~ (Target)
Nine West wedges ~ (Ross Dress for Less)
Pearl necklace and ring ~ (my mom's)

How do I know it's a vintage dress? Well the tag looks really old, which I should know from all the years I played dress-up in my grandmother and her friend's clothes, and the tag said it was. Plus, it was in the section 'specially reserved for vintage clothes. Surely MegaThrift wouldn't lie.


My should-be-patented style blogger pose. Because I am always looking at my shoes, or your shoes.

Anyway, the dress is completely sheer, and required a black cami and slip. I highly recommend investing in several good slips. They make all the difference in the world with the hang of unlined dresses and skirts, not to mention avert that awkward see-through thingie (which I've done on this blog, so tell me how awkward that

Thanks, Gracey!

Also, I'm participating in Visible Monday, created by the gorgeous Patti at Not Yet Dead Style. I encourage you to head over to her blog, and check out all the lovely peeps celebrating style, individuality, and beauty of all ages. Plus, you have to super high-five any woman who goes to lunch with another woman, and then swap dresses right there and then.

P.S. More proof this dress is vintage: the full  label says JCPenney Fashions, the washing directions are "machine wash warm," and the original belt is black tassel, which made the whole thing look a wee tad too curtain-like for me.

Scored any vintage threads that you love wearing to work?


  1. I would so wear that dress! I like how you paired it with neutral shoes so most of the attention stays on the dress.
    I just bought a vintage 1980's dress this weekend.

  2. I like that print. I always look at my shoes too, since sometimes I am just too under-caffeinated for smiley morning pictures.

  3. What a cool dress! I have a few odds and ends of vintage things that I still incorporate into my wardrobe, but most of them are special occasion only.

    Thank you for the shout-out, but I'm curious: what do "I" say to you when you're shopping??

    I'll keep an eye out for Smoking Lily for you, Lynne. You look like about a size 6?

  4. I like your vintage find, Lynne - it's got a cool romantic vibe. Did I tell you yet how fabulous is the artwork Megan did for you? (with my boyfriend B. Cumberbatch?) So perfect! Thanks for your kind words, and for linking up with Visible Monday : >

  5. I love this dress on you! The print and the colors pair nicely with your wickedly delightful sense of humor!

  6. I never realized that playing dress-up was rehearsal for vintage shopping, but it's true!

  7. Beautiful dress, gorgeous you! I like that the dress is sheer. Slips always make me feel great. I have some shudders left over from the eighties, too, mostly about hair and shoulder pads. Yikes! I don't see evidence of curtains here. Carol Burnett did curtains best.

  8. What a great print! Glad to know I've wormed into somebody's head, I just hope I'm giving you good advice. I love the gathered shoulder detailing. It's actually something I'd probably see running into a store now! Vintage can definitely still look modern, if not perfectly current.

  9. Such a find my dear! you look absolutely beautiful!

  10. Fantastic dress!! I agree with Megan, it looks like it could be fairly current actually! Love the colors of the flowers.

  11. Oooh, it's absolutely beautiful! I don't think I've ever thrifted anything that's truly vintage. But I'd like to! =)

  12. Seriously, where are all you people thrifting? I am LUCKY (bold italicized) when I find anything that fab at my local joints. That dress is just fabulous.

  13. Thanks for the linkage. =)

    Another super skirt!


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