Thursday, June 14, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: This or That Colored Bottoms

I am almost certain that it's Thursday, and Megan and Keely's This or That Fashion Challenge Trends is to wear either colored bottoms or printed bottoms.

I thought at first if bottoms = pants, I was out of luck. I'm short, I have the pencil body type (thanks, Mongs), and colorful trousers usually make me look like a Hobbit.

But I can wear skinny jeans without looking like an especially squat Person of Walmart, and remembered that I have bright coral and turquoise ones.

When taking your own pics, no tells you to straighten your layering cami. Passion Concept tunic (thrifted); a.n.a. skinny jeans (jcp); Eject shoes (blogger gift); three stretch bracelets (Walmart) with large MMD button flower (Megan Mae Daily) safety-pinned to them; dangly pearl earrings you can see below from Jada's Jewels set

When I first tried on this tunic, I thought I had buttoned it wrong. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was just funky, with asymmetrical gathering, draping, and pleats (also cool pleats in the back). If you look too hard, you get a little blurry eyed, like you would with an Escher print. I had to have it.

I ended up in the turquoise skinny jeans because I HAD to wear the shoes Megan sent me yesterday. I told her she would have totally laughed her ass off last night, because once I decided I was wearing the Ejects, I tore the house apart looking for ribbon. I wouldn't have been averse to suitable shoelaces, I wanted to wear them that badly.

Then I decided that Megan's chain idea was great, and looked for an old necklace to dismantle, but only had a limited selection due to my recent purging and donating efforts. But I found a $4.99 statement necklace from Burlington Coat Factory with dangly turquoise colored beads I decided could be refashioned. Cheapy necklace should've been easy, right?

Not right.

I'ma sucka for a smiling door.
That damn necklace was made out of stainless steel, or maybe Kryptonite. But once I get an idea in my head, it's nearly impossible to let it go. At one point The Absent-Minded Professor saw what I was trying to do, gave me a suggestion for making better use of my tools, shook his head, and left, probably because I looked deranged.

I finally jury-rigged the smaller part of the chains on the Ejects, and then because I was feeling extra hostile toward that damn necklace, took off some of the beads and attached them too, to hide the less than lovely connections. I had an epiphany that the shoe chains did not have to match, so they don't. Style blogging has helped me give up my matchy-matchy ways.

Just when y'all thought I couldn't strike a dorkier pose...
I couldn't love those Ejects any more than I do, although I'm going to create some interchangeable looks with old clip on earrings (accepting your rejects, please :)

No, I did not attach the pearl earrings to the shoes. They were in my ears, sillies.

Bonus pics of my exceptionally stylish supervising attorney, Helen Parsonage. I've told her this before, but I always love seeing her in the morning, because she's like eye candy with her elegant, bright style. She's tiny like Twiggy, and everything looks good on her. When she received a box today from ShoeDazzle containing these orange pumps, I begged so much to photograph her that she let me, probs just to shut me up.

Total outfit less than $100: Dress (Spiegel on sale); Elle jacket (Kohls); Heels (ShoeDazzle); Belt (no idea!) 

Close up of the shoes for you high heel lovers:

Wicked, absolutely wicked. I'd fall off them, but Helen runs around in high heels like they're athletic shoes. So talented, that lady.

Have you bought this season's neon pumps, in yellow or orange?


  1. This is such a cute look! I love the turquoise pants, and how perfectly does the buttonflower and Eject shoes work with everything! Omg, seriously. I think it was fate we became friends so I have someone in my shoe-size range. The ejects look marvelous, I love the added bead details, and think that it's infinitely cooler than basic ribbons. I'm now contemplating adding chains to my dragon boots to replace the ribbons. Hmm!

    Also YOWZA! Those orange pumps are incredible. If I wouldn't fall flat on my face, I'd be stalking your boss right now. Unfortunately, I'd probably walk two feet in those pumps and earn myself a new chin scar. They are lovely though. Tell her the internet says so! And thank her for allowing her pictures to be shared. She's got amazing style.

  2. I love your turquoise jeans and love what you did with your shoes. The only clip-ons I have are 80s ones, so I'll spare you.

    Love your Helen's pencil-heeled pumps too. Those are gorgeous!

  3. I like the button flower as a bracelet, and the skinny jeans look great on you.

  4. You look awesome, Lynne! I love the Eject shoes - we have one store in town that carries them, but they are far too rich for my blood.

    I love the orange shoes! Eee! I have an orange/yellow pair of sandals that I'll be wearing next month.

    I am totally envious of your turquoise jeans. I just look awful in skinny pants. *sigh*

  5. I like the idea that you were trying with the shoes...and it makes the colored bottom look pull together well. I've tried similar DIYs, with similar frustrations, which is why I tend to turn to DH when anything involves jewelry and jump rings and such.

    And those orange heels--gah!

  6. I like your cardigan Lynne! And your boss's pumps are simply amazing! I totally wanted to wear my colored jeans today (yellow, mint, red, purple, who knows, the gang's all there), but it has been hotter than the hinges on the gates of Hell here and I just couldn't bare it. Bummer! Yours look great!

  7. You look so cute in your skinny jeans! Unfortunately my thighs would never forgive me if I wore turquoise skinny jeans.

    I am the same way when I get my mind set on something, even if it ends up causing bloodshed.

    I love your attorney's dress and jacket, but I will be the loan dissenter on the orange pumps. I like everything but the heel . . . but I am far from stylish.

  8. I covet those Eject shoes so much! Those heels are so fabulous. I also love the unique tunic.

  9. LOVE the idea of putting jewelry on those shoes - way to totally put your own touch on them! Very nice!

    I love your turquoise jeans, they're a really nice color and they look great on you.

    And HELLO orange pumps - holy cow! Those are amazing!

  10. I like your off-duty style. It's so bohemian and creative. I knew you had that hiding within you!

  11. Thank you for taking a close of up of the heels. They're gorgeous.

    Your turquoise jeans are delicious!

  12. I like the button flower as a bracelet, and your turquoise jeans look perfect on you.


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