Monday, June 11, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: This or That Bright/Flats

When I woke up this morning, I was so sore from running, gardening, and moving furniture (don't ask) yesterday, I thought I was going to be pajama-bound the rest of the day.

But a long hot shower, the lure of the Keurig, and some Advil perked me up, until I realized I hadn't picked out any clothes for Megan and Keely's "Fashion Challenge: This or That Trends".

What really handicaps me is my recent epiphany that I don't have a trendy wardrobe. But I do have a bright tee from the Loft Outlet, and killa flats from my blogger swap with Megan.

Tee (Loft Outlet); Skirt (Loft Outlet); Obi Belt (Megan Mae Daily); Coccinelle flats (blogger swap)

Even The Teen scored a bag of clothes from Megan (as did my boss who is smaller than Megan and me).

That's Megan's former shirt, and my former owl necklace :)
And here's the bonus kitteh pic o' th' day:

"I totally kicked this dog's butt. Totally."
What's the trendiest item you've bought this year?


  1. You look lovely and if I thought we wore even remotely the same size of shoe, I'd push you down and take those flats. Gently, of course.

    I bought some super-trendy, tribal print short shorts. I don't know why. I don't *think* I was drunk. Drunk or sober, I'm taking those bad boys back. So, yeah, I guess I'm not that trendy either.

  2. I was kind of stumped on this challenge too Lynne. I do like your bright blouse though!

  3. What an awesome outfit! You really rock that bright turquoise and that obi, Lynne!

    Aw...sweet kitteh!

  4. Aaaaaah! They look so great. Those shoes. Seriously glad they fit you because otherwise they would have probably gotten worn few and far between by me only to wind up donated. Love your multitude of prints and patterns. The obi was a perfect piece for this outfit.

    Also omg yay! The shirt looks great on your teen, and I hope your boss enjoyed the stuff I sent. I had such a wide range of stuff I needed to give up.

    Aww the kitty is sooooo cute. I'm thrilled that I'll get updates about her little life now. She looks so happy/satisfied. Very "I have conquered the stuffed dog"

    I don't know. Maybe my boot-style sandals? Some people don't love the ankle wrap style ones, but I prefer some kind of ankle decoration on my shoes. I'd wear boots all the time if it weren't so goshdarned hot.

  5. The shoes look great and I love your obi belt too! I have one on the way from Miss Megan and I can't wait to wear it!

    OHHH KITTY!!! She is too adorable in her pretty little collar!

    The teen is very pretty and well dressed!!

  6. Trendiest item I bought this year -- definitely wedge sneakers!

  7. Trendiest item? My neon jeans, fo sho! =)

    You and your daughter are both so cute!!

  8. Oh, I'm falling in love with your kitty. And your daughter is rockin' the new shirt.


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