Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Fave 10 Snapple Real Facts

This is what happens when your brain is fried, and low light is not your camera's friend. You get 10 of my fave "Snapple Real Facts" and Fun with Picasa.

#1 A Goldfish's attention span is three seconds. (How do they figure this stuff out?)

 I love these XAppeal Zeena wedges with green toe nails.

#29 On average a human will spend up to 2 weeks kissing in his/her lifetime. (Sad. Kiss more.)

#31 The average human will eat an average of 8 spiders while sleeping. (Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh. Don't sleep.)

Ann Taylor skirt (thrifted)
Loft blouse with covered buttons (thrifted)
Wide belt (salvaged from teens' GoodWill bag)

#48 Cats can hear ultrasound. (They cannot hear, "Get the hella off my head!")

Sasha Jane and green toenails if I'd had time to do the pic in pencil or pastels.

#85 The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. (Hey, cut a gal some slack. We've all gone a li'l tweezer-crazy.)

I have lipstick on my teeth, so I can relate to poor eyebrow-less Mona Lisa.

#129 Mosquitoes have 47 teeth. (Don't I know it. I have the scars on my legs to prove it.)

#163 The first penny had the motto "Mind your own business". (And fine advice that is.)

My stylist forgot to tell me the pendant was backwards, but it still works.

#205 For every human being in the world there is approximately one chicken. (Do we have soul-chickens?)

 Elephant pendant from Jada's Jewels. Not getting the daily jewelry deal email? Sign up here.

#265 Your breathing rate increases when you start to type. (Duh. This is called stress.)

The Teen rockin' a striped tee from Loft, and a striped vest from Ross Dress for Less.

#271 Dim lights reduce your appetite. (I don't believe this one. Dim the lights, and I want pie.)

Source:  Snapple Real Facts


  1. I love, love, LOVE the skirt. Fabulous!

  2. My favorite has always been "A duck's quack doesn't echo."

  3. Megan-the-know-it-all says: Debunked!

    Gold fish do indeed have alright memories and can recall info for up to five months, according to research. Not as fun to think about, but sad to say, this myth is busted. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1106884/Three-second-memory-myth-Fish-remember-months.html)

    Snopes debunks the spider myth - http://www.snopes.com/science/stats/spiders.asp

    Many misconceptions about the Mona Lisa unfortunately include her brows. From assumptions that genteel ladies plucked them off to not existing or even that the original model had an STI or other illness - it's much more likely that she lost her lashes and browns and other details due to age, cleaning, and poor restoration techniques of the past: http://articles.cnn.com/2007-10-17/us/monalisa.mystery_1_leonardo-da-vinci-painting-eyebrow?_s=PM:US

    You may not believe the dim-lights for appetite, but dimming your lights CAN help you sleep. By reducing your lights some time before going to bed, your body will react similar to the sun going down and will begin preparing for sleep. It's a technique I've been using for a year or so. Our brains take all the artificial light badly and keep us stimulated.

    Now that I'm done being a complete Pain-in-the-ass, you're daughter is so pretty! I love her double stripes and your fabulous wedges. Your hair is lookin' good!

  4. I really like your hair. And the skirt. And the shoes. I need to raid your closet.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. i really love the skirt - and i thought that some of the snapple facts were deliberately untrue. are these all factual?
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Fabulous wedges! And that skirt is just gorgeous. Sometimes Snapple should keep their tips to themselves: I don't want to know I eat spiders.:) Eeeww!

  7. I like the fun facts, and the teens mix of stripes is cute.

  8. What a cool post Lynne! These are lots of fun to read. And your comments are so cute! You and the teen look sensational!

  9. Those are great shoes! Your hair is fantastic with the purple blouse.

    Spiders? ewwwww!

  10. So very interesting, and so gorgeous YOU.
    I will have to dim the light, lol

  11. First - thank you Megan for debunking the spider theory - I thought I'd seen that snopes article but could not remember and otherwise ewww...

    Secondly I love your elephant necklace! It is super fun!

    Thirdly the Teen is super pretty!

  12. Yeah, I'm not sure anythign out there can decrease my appetite. Except maybe the thought of spiders crawling around in my mouth! Eeww!

    I love your cute shoes!

  13. #31 - say what?! How do I keep my mouth sealed when I sleep now ...


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