Monday, May 21, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: It's a Wrap (Again)

Someone asked me today if I was a stylist. I replied, "Nope, just a broke paralegal in a six-year old dress."

I still remember the first time I saw Kara Janx's famous kimono wrap dress on Project Runway (Season 2). I longed for that dress enough to price it online. It was more expensive then than it is now, but either way, far out of a working mom's wardrobe budget.

Still, it was hard to forget.

So when I stumbled upon this Jones New York kinda-kimono wrap dress on a Marshalls clearance rack for THIRTEEN DOLLARS, I yelled, "Bless Patsy!"

No, I didn't, but according to A Glossary of Quaint Southernisms, "Patsy is the patron saint of Southern euphemisms." Well, I never. As in never heard of Patsy before, and I've lived in the South all my life.

I'm participating in Patti's wonderful weekly Visible Monday feature at Not Yet Dead Style. She's rockin' boots and great thrift finds.

Jones New York wrap dress (Marshalls clearance, old); Nine West Flex Pumps (Shoe Carnival); Metal beads (I haven't a clue).

The law office where I work is located in a beautiful historic, haunted house. But we have to lock down the rockers on the front porch. Apparently, ghosts don't deter rocker thieves.

It feels good to rest my dogs sit a spell Dang it, Patsy!

If my grandpa had seen this faux snake skin up close, he'd of beat it to death with an axe.
Who is your fave Project Runway designer to date?


  1. I really like this dress and the shoes are beautiful... It is difficult to answer who my favorite Project Runway designer is to date...I have liked so many. Maybe Mondo...but then I think of others.

  2. I think that I have watched too much Project Runway to be able to pick just one favorite. I like that dress, and it looks really comfortable.

  3. Well i can certainly see why you were so excited..the dress is beautiful...and becomes stunning on you! Congratulations on a true find!

  4. Oooh fabulous dress. It was a great find, and definitely relevant even now. Color blocking ftw. Oh Southerisms, you make my otherwise awesome vocabulary go down the drain. I say bless your heart in real life. Oh and trivia - I have difficulty saying words ending in "-olk"

    My fav project runway people were Mondo and Chris March, and yes I loved the human hair collection. Screw everyone that was flawlessly beautiful. I mean people put human hair extensions in all the time. Why is it different to wear on a body?

  5. @Pam ~ Thanks! I think I get stuck on memorable PR personalities as much as memorable PR designers :P

    @Rebecca ~ It's a crazy comfortable dress, which is one of the reasons it got worn on a bleh Monday :)

    @Tamera ~ I probably yelled something a lot less appropriate than "Bless Patsy" when I saw it. Still, I wouldn't turn up my nose at a Janx kimono dress :)

    @Megan Mae ~ You crack me up. I can be a bit tactless, like our fave TV boyfriend, and had to *learn* how to say, "Bless your heart." And boy, has it come in handy! Someone should do a dog hair collection - that's what I'm usually wearing :P

  6. It's a pretty dress. How wonderful to work in this old house. You can take rocker breaks on lazy summer afternoons. Have you ever had an encounter with a ghost?

  7. So I just read your last three posts. So, I am going to multi-task (a paralegal's #1 quality and comment on all three simultaneously).

    First, Megan is one of my favorite bloggers. She is honest, creative, talented, genuine and very sweet. Way to show her some love by showing off her talents with those adorable little buttonflowers. Love those.

    Second, I am doing an eShakti giveaway too! I don't know if you've worked with or worn anything from eShakti before, but I have. They are a phenomenal company to work with and their clothes are stellar. Hope you win one!

    Third, this dress is sooooooo gorgeous on you! I love the colors and the style. You look just lovely. Buuuuuut, I could never and would never be able to work in a haunted house. I am deathly afraid of ghosts so kudos to you! Our clients are scary enough thankyouverymuch!

  8. Fabulous, gorgeous, pretty, stunning dress and you wear it sooo well.

  9. Love this dress, Lynne! (I never knew the Patsy thing either, and I've lived in the South for 25 yrs, so thanks!) I haven't watched PR for about three seasons, but I did like Chris March, and the handsome dude who did all the "Grecian" dresses : >


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