Friday, May 4, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Blazers & Skinny Jeans

In my humble opinion, a blazer can make almost anything work appropriate, even colored skinny jeans.

As long as your junk in the trunk isn't overly emphasized, except for sitting at your desk.

I didn't own any white blazers or cardigans until I thrifted this one earlier this year. White next to my face usually just emphasizes my clear kinship with Casper The Friendly Ghost. But I think this fully lined City Streets shrunken blazer is going to get a workout.

We're off to see The Avengers. I was, uh, forced to watch Thor with the family last night. Bit of a lengthy expository for a prequel, but that Thor sure was easy on th' ol' eyes...

City Streets cropped jacket (thrifted); Charlotte Russe baby doll tank (thrifted); ana skinny jeans (jcp); Breva pumps (John Fluevog); Pendant (old Charlotte Russe); Cuff bracelet (old F21)
My hurry up and get this over with, I have a latte in the car look.
This white jacket is definitely growing on me.
Barely made it up here before self timer went off. Whew.
Right. Won't be jumping down. Not in the Vogs.
Does everyone need a white jacket for re-mixing - or should I dye this one a pretty mint green?


  1. Great pants. And it's nice to hear women express attraction.

  2. Love this casual look Lynne! The colored jeans are a perfect touch! I have not seen either of those movies, but you are right, if it means staring at Thor for two hours, I might be game. ;-)

  3. Very nice outfit. I'd keep the white blazer as it seems to be a staple and it's got such a good style and fit. I'd keep an eye open for the mint color though. Can't have too many blazers, I say. Enjoy the movie.

  4. the pants are such a great fit and the color is gorgeous!

  5. Pretty shoes! Nice color scheme! =)

  6. Nice stylish looks and such a nice outfit love it.

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  7. THANK YOU MY GORGEOUS FOR YOUR COMMENT. I FOUND THE BELT IN Primark dor 2 pounds, so there must be plenty around.
    Do keep in touch

  8. no casper at all...I think white looks fabulous on you. Though I think mint green also sounds like a great idea too. Mint is currently my favorite color! I like the cute floral top as well. Nice smart casual outfit for the weekend. I haven't seen any nice white blazer like yours yet.


  9. Ooh, keep the white blazer!! I've been wanting one for a while now, but haven't been able to find such a perfect one.

    I adore Thor. =)

    Those colored skinnies look fantastic on you!!

  10. I like the white jacket. I'd probably keep it white, since it is so versatile for summer, but I really like neutrals.

  11. Lovely colour combination and espcially like you 'get this over I have a latte in the car' look. I bought a white blazer and have only worn it once! You've inspired me to find a way to wear it this week.

  12. This looks so great on you! The white blazer does NOT make you look ghost-like and I am loving the colored skinnies. Almost bought a teal pair at Target this week and didn't... maybe they still have my size.


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