Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Career Dressing: Today's Deal Is Commuter Flip Flops

Yes, that's my own term: "Commuter Flip Flops". (Should I copyright this?)

Seriously, it's hot outside. I love my kicky heels, but I'm can only wear them so long before my feet swell hurt. Sometimes I have to run into the grocery store before work to get food for school parties The Teen tells me about right after I start the car.

Sometimes after work, I find myself walking for what seems like acres through The Big Gaudy Mall, usually because The Teen announces she needs a particular item of clothing for an event she's known about for months - but only entered my consciousness fifteen minutes before she needs it. Sometimes, oh, the horror, I have to grocery shop for that night's dinner right after work.

I also like to save wear and tear on my good shoes (read, the Vogs), so I carry them in a bag to work and put them on when I get to my office. The walkways around the historic house where I work are lovely, but those cobblestones and bricks are hell on heels.

I stumbled across these flip flops in Target after The Costume Technician's graduation with her master's degree. We had hiked all over a large college campus, and still had more events to attend. My po' dogs hurt. Almost in tears, I begged The Absent Minded Professor to let me run limp into Target for a pair of flip flops.

Only I am too much of a style snob to wear rubber flip flops with my wedding dress. But not too much of a style snob to wear these flip flops with my wedding dress:

Merona Luz Thong Sandal in Silver ~ $12.99 (Target)

Since then, I've worn them every day for the commute to and from work, and trotted countless miles through grocery stores, drug stores, hospitals, hotels, and [actual] dog walks, still dressed for the office, but showing off my pedicure and giving my feet a rest in these silver flip flops that seem to go with everything.

Yep, I have commuter flip flops. And I contend they go with everything. Do any of you have shoes just for your commute?


  1. well let me just say that this is way better than wearing tennis shoes with your skirts on the way to and from work like back in the day
    i wouldn't even say these were actual flip flops, just sandals
    sounds fancier right!?

  2. Thong type things always tear up my toes! So frustrating.

  3. I drive to work, but when I rode the bus I would usually wear flats or winter boots depending on the season.

  4. Ah the flipflop. I'd rather see a shiny flip flop like that than the gross $1 flip flops that no one ever throws away/washes off. For commutes, I can understand them, but as a shoe?

    I'm not really a fan. I have a pair that I wear around the house, but they have literally never left the house since they came home from the store. They're a hideous shade of hot pink with black straps. Lol.

    I do agree with you about the commute thing though. The wear and tear on shoes is rough and expensive to repair. I ride everywhere in a car for the most part so I don't worry over much, especially since we got our driveway paved.

  5. I hate the feeling of flip-flops between my toes, but yes, I totally have a commuter pair of shoes (or two): my silver Coach runners, and my Airwalk hightops. They aren't as awful as the chunky runners we wore back in the day!

    I feel like a punk walking around in them (which I kind of like, hee hee). I would never subject most of my 'Vogs (not the aqua ones, those are amazing) or my other good shoes to walking around or running errands. Even if I have to go out of the office to run across the street, I'll change into my walking shoes.


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