Friday, April 13, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Backwards Sweater...Again

Once I discover I like something, it's hard for me to move on. For example, I could eat a tuna fish sandwich every night for dinner, but Dear Hubby won't let me (he's the cook in the family).

I think my boring old cardigans for the conservative office look way better backwards, and it's an extremely comfortable way to wear a sweater. Plus (let's say it all together), I'm still freezing.

Merona cardigan (Target, gift); Nine West Vintage America Jeans (Steinmart last summer); Mad Men pearls (BR sale); Softspots bow-tie flats (Ross Dress for Less last year); Ring (gift)
Fixed the too sex-ay back for work :)
I liked the way the ring picked up the colors in the bark.
Speaking of bark, tried to get neighbor's Pom to vogue for the camera, but he kept mentioning something about a modeling fee.
He's thinking why would he waste his good looks on such a goofball.
Hoping my hair really will be this color in the near future.
How many of you keep a good pair of faux (or real) pearls for the office among your essential work accessories?


  1. Ah, backwards cardi - it's like having two tops in one, great idea!

    (My repetitive activity? I could probably watch the same movie or show, if I like it, over and over again.)

  2. I think it's a great way of remixing that allows you double duty! I can hardly ever repeat things. I have to rotate foods. I feel weird if I wear a dress or pants two days in a row. I try to rotate skirt, pants, dress, etc.

    However like Lisa, I could watch my favorite movies everyday. <3

  3. I do have a strand or two of faux pearls, which I don't actually wear very often. The real ones have already been passed on to the middle daughter.

  4. Your humor is as amusing as your outfits. The ring is really cute.

  5. @Lisa ~ I can watch the same series over and over, too - and read my fave books again and again and again :P

    @Megan Mae ~ I can't wear items two days in a row either, unless I'm traveling, then I'll all about repeats!

    @Terri ~ I hadn't worn those old AT pearls in years, and can't count the times I almost consigned them. Maybe it's being almost 50, but I like them much better recently!

    @Shybiker ~ Being funny has its downside. I don't think Corporate America would ever hire me, and I have to be careful not to open mouth and insert foot too quickly :P


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