Thursday, March 22, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Stripes & Ribbons

Long crazy day, full of appointments, our firm's monthly tech tips luncheon (see my Twitter feed or Facebook page to see how that went :P), and both Teens appearing in the musical The King and I at their high school tonight. This will be short and painless. I promise.

I got a lot of compliments on this outfit today, but one Teen just told me I look like "Barbie's Grandma." Wut? Wut? Wut does that even mean?

This is outfit #4 for Super Stripes Week. Very tall Dear Hubby took the pics today. Every outfit I've worn this week has cost less than $25 if you don't count the shoes.

Old Navy skirt (thrifted); Victoria Secret's no-iron shirt (clearance); Bandolino flats (Hamricks last year); Earrings (little boutique in Chapel Hill, NC - forgot name)
Ribbons & jewels. I'm such a girly-girl sometimes.

What's the worst thing your child has ever said about your style? :)


  1. Awww teens can be so weird. I think our brains are at such a weird growth stage, hormones so wacky. Who knows where they come up with stuff. I may only be slightly out of my teens, but I cannot fathom how I came up with some of the stuff I wrote, did, and drew. I wish I had that insane creativity back.

    However I think you're a very great dresser, especially for someone in the conservative law field. I love the shape of your skirt.

    (Also looking forward to your fluevogs!)

  2. It's a beautiful look. You should retort that Barbie has neither a mother or a grandmother!

  3. @Megan Mae ~ The Teen meant it as a compliment, which is partly why it was so funny...and out there :P

    Shhhh, I still haven't opened the box. I am INSANE :o It's sort of like having a genie in a

  4. @Terri ~ It's an interesting concept don't you think? Barbie having a grandma? If ever a girl needed a grandma, it's Barbie!


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