Saturday, March 17, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: St. Patrick's Day & The Kermit Skirt

On Thursday, a co-worker announced, "You have to wear green on Friday!" I asked why, because it wasn't St. Patrick's Day. She replied, "It's a WORK RULE."


Then, I was, like, "Heck, I don't have any green clothes." Then I remembered my thrifted Banana Republic skirt, my first real foray into color. (I know some of y'all are pro'bly thinkin', "You didn't have to buy that color.")

I took reader Louise's suggestion to pair it with a blue shirt, wore my new snake skin pumps, and the closest thing I have to a bib necklace, another item I would never have bought before reading style blogs.

Anne Klein shirt (thrifted); Banana Republic skirt (thrifted); Liz Claiborne Flex pumps (Shoe Carnival); Bib necklace (Steinmart)
I'm double-safe from pinching with the green beads in the necklace.

Addendum: This is what I'm REALLY wearing on our our day off, including no make-up. I try to give my face a break on the weekend, due to having adult acne, which is so bad I have a prescription for it. I really admire one of my fave style blogger's, Elaine at Clothed Much, recent openness about her adult acne - but I wasn't brave enough to give y'all a close up of mine! I wanted to show my support and empathy for her by commenting at her post, but I thought I might just end up depressing her, because I'm almost 50 and still struggling with it.

Elle blouse (old Kohl's); Broom skirt (just old); Sandals (so old can't recall); Gem pendant (Target)
So, are ya wearin' th' green today?


  1. Pretty outfits. I like your taste.

    I had beautiful skin up to my teenage years; then I went to college and all hell broke loose. The anxiety of higher education caused massive acne which got worse and worse. I have major, deep scarring from those years. I haven't had any problems since then but I understand your pain. Very much. I used to be embarrassed by my scars but I got over it; now I consider them battle-wounds.

  2. @Ally ~ Thanks for sharing your own experience. I'd never know you had acne scars from your style pics.

    I liked Elaine's post because she really expressed what a struggle acne is, and how accepting that we are so much more than the sum of our outward appearance is even more important than finding a successful skin care regimen.

  3. I liked what you came up with for the office. I know that last year I forced myself beyond my safe grey and now use lots of color in my work wardrobe. And, yes, I'm 57 and still suffer from the occasional pimple.

  4. @Terri ~ It's been hard to break away from my safe black!

    Isn't there an unwritten rule somewhere, "No pimples after age 40?"


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