Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today's Quote: You Go, Girl!

Today's quote isn't actually from a real news story, but from an email my boss and I received last week from an opposing party. I had emailed her an initial request for subrogation information, and she responded that she would provide it - but she was "unrepentantly" out of the office the previous week.

My boss, being ever more charitable than I am, thought her grammar check had snookered her, and that she meant to say "unexpectedly".

Me, I thought she was just plain unrepentant. It wasn't like I had even asked where she was the week before, but I was all, "You GO, girl!"


  1. Funny! I read this out loud to my husband and we both cracked up :-)

  2. HA!

    You're doing better than my managing attorney...he had an unrepentant defense attorney show up today with surveillance footage and an investigation report regarding our client who advised us that she was disabled. Unfortunately she has been working for her family business...epic fail!!


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