Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paralegal Career Dressing: Jackets from Charlotte Russe

After seeing my supervising attorney's new jacket from Charlotte Russe, I thought I should give the store another look from a career dressing perspective. Yes, I've been in the local store a few times with The Teen, but didn't look at clothes for work, well, because it's very geared to young skinny women who can get away with super-short skirts and miniscule strips of stretchy fabric, not women approaching 50 who work in law firms.

But I found a few jackets in Charlotte Russe's online store that would be great for office wear or business casual.

Contrast Piping Belted Trench ~ $39.99 (Definitely don't wear a skirt to work as short as the model's)
Radiant in Red Blazer ~ $39.99 (Great pop of color. Style with a modest tank & pencil skirt or slacks, or over a sheath or print dress)
Ruffled knit moto jacket ~ $34.99 (I tried to crop the stretch skirt off. This would be beautiful with a pencil skirt or slacks.)


  1. That first one with the contrasting piping is really sharp! It would be a great new jacket for the spring wardobe (dare I dream of Spring?)

  2. Vanessa, you're right, it would be an adorable spring jacket. But my wardrobe is so funereal that I can see it with a long black wool pencil skirt and high heeled boots right now. But I was born freezing :P

  3. Thanks for the ideas! Dressing for work is SO SO SO BORING! I work with all older men too, so there really isn't even any incentive to get all pretty. But maybe with some cute clothes like these, I'd at least want to put my best foot forward!

  4. Melanie, my philosophy is if work is boring, then entertain yourself with style :P Or something like that.

    You're welcome!


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