Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why There Is a Dearth of Middle-Aged Fashion Bloggers

Or, My What Big Blue Eyes I Have

A couple of you have asked me if I follow any fashion blogs for real working women of a certain age, wearing normal stuff for the office straight from the Target runways, and looking rather like a model's very hip grandmum, and not like a model's 32-year old baby mum. Because the last time we saw 30-anything, it was the 90s, and a power suit still had shoulder pads and honkin' gold buttons.

Having never loved to get my picture taken, I thought maybe I could give the ol' daily career wear photo a whirl. But after taking a few full-length pics today, it hit me why not so many middle-aged women embrace fashion-blogging. I realized I've turned into my short, round grandmother. (I worshipped her by the way, and she gave the best sort of fluffy all-encompassing hugs ever). I don't know when I got so fluffy, too, but I think it happened last night.

Now I realize how much courage it takes to really put yourself out there on a career wear blog every day in pictures, good, bad and wrinkled (clothes). You need a good camera, kind lighting, a moderately talented photographer, decent photo editing software - and a lot of patience. It also helps to be photogenic. All I could come up with from today is this head shot (purposely brightened - I'm not that lousy a photographer), modeling the lovely navy blue flower brooch that Joanna from JKW Jewellry sent me:

The brooch turned my $10 dress from Ross into a blue ribbon prize winner!

The thing is, I see beautiful, fashionable real women whose kids are teens or college-aged - or older - every day, that I'd love to photograph for a working world fashion blog. My favorite ads are from the Dove "real women" campaign. I'm more than a little ticked off that most retailers only photograph professional clothes on models under 30.

I bet some of you remember the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and now exude the confidence that comes with age, and the great style that comes from surviving some of the worst eras for fashion ever. Is there a niche for us in the working professional fashion-blogging world? (Are there bloggers out there I've missed, showing us how it's done?)

Maybe I'll try that photo-op again tomorrow - after all, I bought the retro-inspired dress because it reminds me of my grandmother.


  1. I'm with ya Lynne - Middle-Aged but Still Stylin' Women unite! If you do find some good working world fashion blogs geared toward . . you know . . US, then I'll be all ears. Or eyes. Or whatever :)

    P.S. Love that flower brooch btw!

  2. Love your hair! How did you get the front like that? I've been pulling my hair back in a pony tail for the last month, would love tips on how to duplicate your hair.

    Love the brooch too!

  3. Daphne - I have a *short* list - will post soon since others have asked, too :)

  4. Rachelle, I almost blogged about how the hairstyle occurred, but didn't because I thought it might be, well, humiliating...lol.

    But since you asked, I was so tired that morning that I put my front hot roller in backwards. Yup. So when I took it out, the front curl was curling as you see it - backwards. Short on time, I pinned it back "as is," and then took the other curls and sort of rolled, twisted and pinned until it was all in the romantic, loose, a little messy bun that is supposed to be the rage now. As an added benefit, my hair looked completely awesome when I took it down!

    Realized I had also totally re-created my grandmother's hair from the 40s...

  5. THANKS Lynne! I'm going to have to get some hot rollers. I'm pressed on time every single morning - and can't stand my hair in my face in the office - hence the month long ponytail.

  6. Rachelle - You don't actually even need rollers - just start twisting and bobby-pinning (lots).

  7. You gals who can swoop your hair up like that and look great amaze me! When I try to pull my hair back I look like a pin-head.

    I'm on the look out for middle-aged fashion bloggers too.



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