Monday, October 18, 2010

Today's Quote: Shy Legal Secretary Comes Out of Her Shell on The X Factor

Shy Rebecca Ferguson had so little confidence in her voice that she refused to sing for her boyfriend until TWO YEARS after they met.

And even then the star, who has dazzled the judges with her soulful performances, insisted Karl Dures stood with his face to the wall to spare her embarrassment.

~ Excerpt from "Rebecca's so shy, she'd only sing to me if I faced the wall" ( News)

I'll admit to being absolutely fascinated by the incredibly shy but effortlessly elegant Liverpool single mom. Although she finished a legal secretarial course to support her children and to have something to fall back on if a singing career didn't work out, I don't think Rebecca Ferguson is going to need her degree.

Here she is, singing "Feeling Good," looking impeccably stylish as usual, and blowing Simon away again - which in itself is worth watching the video.

I totally have a "style-crush" on her, too.


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