Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today's Quote: I'm a Paralegal and I'm Not Afraid to Admit I Love Vampires

Why should my son have all the fun this Halloween? Since I shouldn’t eat all the Snickers bars, I think I’ll grab one of [Laurell K.] Hamilton’s [kick-butt vampire] books instead! ~ Massachusetts paralegal Elizabeth Wegner discusses vampire fiction with Nancy Harris in "Weymouth mom falls under the spell of vampire tales" (

I've spoken at a number of paralegal CLEs this year, and inevitably the talk at lunch turns to the latest vampire novels. No joke. I should do a national paralegal survey, "Who are your favorite vampires?" Not one single adult woman was ashamed to admit that she's read all of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. Well, I was sort of ashamed to admit I've read them, but speed-reading is one of my few super-powers, and I wanted to see what the heck my teenage daughters are talking about, and why they want to date Edward Cullen, like he's real and might actually be available for prom.

At the last CLE luncheon, I tried to turn my table mates onto the greatest vampire fiction writer of all time, Anne Rice. I got blank looks, and a few people who remember the miscast Tom Cruise as the Vampire Lestat (unlike gorgeous Stuart Townsend who played Lestat in the rather awful Queen of the Damned) in the 1994 movie Interview with the Vampire. So I was thrilled to see Harris remind us that Rice was writing great fiction about extraordinarily complex, enthralling vampire characters long before the rather insipid, albeit very polite, Edward, and that whiny (I'm not sorry to admit that I mostly wanted to slap her in books two and three) Bella considerably fattened Meyers' bank accounts.

I'm the vampire Lestat. Remember me? The vampire who became a super rock star, the one who wrote the autobiography? The one with the blond hair and the grey, and the insatiable desire for visibility and fame? You remember... ~ Lestat
I remember you, Lestat, and Edward will never replace you in my heart (although I am two-timing you via emotional affairs with TrueBlood's Bill and Eric.)



  1. OH I love Lestat! The Queen of the Damned was AWESOME - and Lestat was what made it awesome. Have to agree, Edward doesn't hold a candle to Lestat!

  2. Anne Rice rocks! I have all of her vampire books and even had a cat named Lestat (God rest his little furry soul). And I admit to enjoying the Twilight series but the one true vamp is Lestat.

    On a different note, I really enjoy your blog. It is interesting and refreshing. Being a paralegal is about my 5th career but I have been at it for nearly 16 years now and I wonder what took me so long to find this career.

    Keep up the great blogging!!


  3. A ~ It's wonderful to meet another Lestat fan. I think Eric Northman on Trueblood might be his fabo younger cousin :P

  4. Stacy - I used to have all her books, but am a paperless, digital gal now :P Another series of hers that I loved, loved, loved is The Witching Hour - amazing!

    Thanks for the encouragement (it's a big help in lieu of an actual paycheck ;) I'd love to profile you here at Practical Paralegalism - just drop me a line at lynne.devenny@gmail and I can send you the short questionnaire. I'm trying to put faces on all the wonderful and diverse legal staffers working today!


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