Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today's Quote: Fisher-Price Recall Increases Legal Hiring 189%

In Regina, a major law partnership recalled 10 paralegals, four ad writers and 20 telephone operators so that the firm could drop acne cream, coffee-cup lids and whatever else it had on the go to commence a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the estimated seven million North American families at past and future risk of PPIKPS, or "Protruding Plastic Ignition Key Poke Syndrome." ~ Excerpt from "Total recall: a look at toy history" (Regina Leader-Post)
I'm pretty sure that humor columnist Ron Petrie is jesting, but one can never be sure these days, after the whole Dry-Erase Jenny episode.

Tough break for Fisher-Price. I'm still a fan since our family pets survived ingesting Little People on more than one occasion.

I like Neil Snerbleflute's (Pretty. Sure. Jesting.) quote for this piece best:

Fisher-Price stuff? Indestructible. How many Fords, Dodges or Hondas do you still see around for a recall after 14 years? I swear, Jill, if this planet ever vaporized in one colossal nuclear explosion, the only remaining archaeological evidence of past civilization would be those little Fisher-Price play people. Visiting extra-terrestrials would assume we were all perpetually happy legless pegs.

Perpetually happy legless pegs who raised pet cockroaches.

Source: Regina Leader-Post

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