Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today's Quote: Another Example of Why I Hate Paper

It is a good thing that attorneys’ work product is confidential.

I had this Gestalt while cleaning my office, under the watchful eyes of Bert, my secretary. Bert is usually friendly and helpful, offering potato chips, salad croutons and French fries as motivational tools. This was a more desperate situation than usual. My office had deteriorated into a state of unprecedented chaos while preparing for a trial.

In the interests of not finding my decomposing body under a pile of manila folders, or having to extricate a forgotten sandwich from between the covers of a three-ring binder, Bert loaded her semiautomatic rifle. She stood in the doorway of my office, smiling, and refused to let me go to the ladies’ room until I did something about the mess.

~ Excerpt from “Work Product Makes For Messy Workplace” (Connecticut Law Tribune)

I can tell I’d really like Bert. This story has a happy ending as attorney and former paralegal Amy F. Goodusky ponders what would happen if her extremely detailed deposition notes fell into the wrong hands, and Bert helps her discover the joys of a shredder.

Source: Connecticut Law Tribune

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