Thursday, October 14, 2010

TGIF: Who Said Notaries Can't Rap?

One of our terrific associates, who was a super smart paralegal for eight years before she became a brilliant attorney, sent me the link to this video. I found myself noddin' my head, even though that uptight-looking white guy could have been talking about the gastronomic delights of gourmet escargots (raw snails) for all I knew, since I don't speak a lick of French.

But wait! I turned on the bangin' Google translate feature, and learned this video is part of a major campaign by the Council of Notaries of France (Conseil superieur du notariat, hence the character's name Justin Conseil) to promote the profession and "dust off the image of lawyers" for youth who might not otherwise consider the profession (I'm not sure how elegant or accurate the Google translate feature is). Ya'll may already know this (I'm a paralegal who's only traveled outside of North Carolina maybe four times in her life), but you can't buy a home in France without using a notary.

Enjoy. Nod your head with the beat, and repeat, "I am a notary." I know, it sounds so much better in French, "Je suis notaire."

I actually am a notary. Wow, we have our own rap song. Everybody's gonna want to be a notary now. Cool beans.

Hope your weekend rocks.

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