Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some Alternate Activities for Halloween Miscreants

You probably can't tell, but Halloween is my fave holiday, even though this year I didn't get to wear my mouse ears to work (home all week on doctor's orders), and we never get a single trick-or-treater because most of my neighbors are retirees who turn off their lights and go hide out at K&W during the prime hours for elementary school kids and high school drop-outs to be gadding about, knocking over planters of winter pansies and expressing their lack of enthusiasm for pencils and boxes of raisins. So I'm vicariously experiencing neighborhoods that are bursting with Halloween excitement, like this one that has real live thugs:

Yeah, it is way uncool to be trick-or-treating when you have a driver's license, trying to pass yourself off as a cute 12-year old hobo, when that's how you dress all the time, you need a shave (and also a belt for your saggin' pants) - so after you learn to read, go volunteer for a Habitat build, and gimme back my kid's bike.


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