Sunday, October 3, 2010

Practical Paralegalism's Recommended Reading This Week

I blog for paralegals, legal assistants, legal secretaries, paralegal students, paralegal educators, and all the other legal professionals essential to the practice of law - as well as the attorneys who want to get to know us better. Once a week (or every other week when I get behind), I share links to a half dozen or so articles focusing on legal news and humor, practice tips and technology.

This week's list is a little longer since I missed last week:

The Dixie Classic Fair is in Winston-Salem this week, and I'm makin' a list of what I'm gonna eat and checkin' it twice. But I didn't write down fried beer, because I'd never heard of it before. What d'ya know, beer you can eat at your desk. If anyone asks, it's a really messy apple turnover. Thanks, Endless Summer.

Is Cloud Storage Secure Enough for Lawyers? (The MacLawyer) ~ We're exploring this issue at our firm. I'd love to hear from any readers whose firms have moved file storage into the cloud.

Law Prof's Tweet Cited in Brief by Second Amendment Lawyer (ABA Journal) ~ Will cites to Twitter posts be addressed in a future Bluebook? For you Twitter naysayers, tweets are already being archived by the Library of Congress.

New ABA Ethics Opinion on Websites (Virtual Law Practice) ~ Changing technology in the practice of law raises new ethical issues, including the confidentiality of prospective clients when they provide information via a firm's website.

LOL -- 'Webspeak' invades Oxford dictionary (CNN Tech) ~ I agree. Interweb is a funny term for the internet. I've never heard anyone use it before.

If Facebook existed years ago (Get secure with Steve Riley) ~ There's some language in this funny post and even God has a Facebook profile, so stop here if you're easily offended. Otherwise, quietly giggle at your desk.

Wrong bra gets lawyer barred from visiting her client (Feministe) ~ Oh. My. Gosh. Mom was right. Always dress like someone might see your underwear.

Update: Caffeine/Sleep-Deprivation Defense Fails (Lowering the Bar) ~ In case you fantasize daily about sending your supervising attorney/passive aggressive co-worker/co-dependent client/obnoxious legal vender/cantankerous copy machine/cheatin' spouse/hit or miss mailman to swim with the fishes, and got excited when you saw the "Caffeine Defense" discussed in the media when this murder trial started, just put that sixteenth cup of coffee down and slowly back away from your desk.

Favorite Practical Paralegalism post from this time last year: Stuff They Never Told Us We'd Have to Do in Paralegal School

That's all for this week, folks. Don't forget that Practical Paralegalism is hosting a contest to win the first five books in the Odelia Grey Mystery Series by Sue Ann Jaffarian. All you have to do to enter is complete a paralegal profile, or write a short guest post. For more details, click here.

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