Saturday, October 9, 2010

Paralegal Is a City Sister Blogger and Foodie

Anyone who throws a dinner party which includes chocolate in every dish is a domestic goddess in my book. The menu included White Chocolate Mashed Potatoes. (I've made a note not to tell my kids about this.)

Texas paralegal and law student Natalie (left in the photo) did exactly that, and also shares the duties at a sophisticated and popular food and entertainment blog, The City Sisters, with her sister, Emily.

They both live in Dallas and meet once a month to plan upcoming posts. The meetings sound like they're a blast. Emily told Pegasus News, "We usually drink wine and gossip."

Like Julie Powells of The Julie/Julia Project, blogging regularly about food leads to some big cooking projects at the end of a work day:

[The sisters] tend to crave the same flavors so they try to plan their topics so that they don't end up posting the same kinds of recipes at the same time. "Collaborating on the blog has been such a great way to inspire creativity -- even if that creativity has led to making six dozen cookies on a work night just for fun," Natalie says.
I checked out some of the recipes at The City Sisters, and was especially taken with Natalie's recent recipes for healthy eating, including Flaxseed, Fig & Walnut Crackers, Egg Noodle Stir Fry, and Hearty Blueberry Scones. I'm under doctor's orders to eat better, and will be trying these recipes, as well as adding The City Sisters to my RSS feed reader - hoping that a little domestic diva inspiration will rub off on me. You can also follow @thecitysisters on Twitter.

Another Texas paralegal who blogs about food is Jennifer Taylor. She did a paralegal profile for Practical Paralegalism in March 2010, and as the title of her blog indicates, Will Cook for Shoes.

If you know of any other legal professionals blogging about food, please send me their blog links, and I'll compile a list of "legal foodies."

Source: Pegasus News


  1. Thanks for the wonderful article! I appreciate you checking out the blog and will try to keep those healthy recipes coming...although that is going to be tough with the holidays creeping up!

  2. You made my day with your comment at this post, and I love your beautifully done blog.

    It's okay about the healthy-eating - I can certainly wait until January 2011 to start eating better :)


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