Sunday, October 17, 2010

Paralegal Angles for Fifth Visit to Oprah Show

Missouri paralegal Melodie Chrisman has an Oprah coffee cup given to her by “the queen herself.” Chrisman has been unusually lucky in her applications to attend The Oprah Winfrey show – she’s been four times.

In 2002 she was a guest on an Oprah show about bullying. In 2007 Chrisman scored an invite to an Oprah show about paying it forward. Each audience member was given $1,000 to “pay forward,” along with a return visit to share how the money was spent. Snafus during the taping of that show earned audience members an invitation to yet another show.

Now that Oprah’s taping her last season, Chrisman has already submitted an e-mail to attend another show.

Kudos to Chrisman for her persistence, which has clearly paid off. Now, I’d love to hear how she spent that $1,000.

Source: Kansas City Star


  1. Well, this is Melodie Chrisman. Thanks so much for doing the blog, that made me feel pretty darn special. My best friend and I decided to put our money together and work with an organization called ICAN. It helps mentally and physically handicapped adults learn skills that they take out into the public and they volunteer their time. It is a place that "pays it forward" everyday and we just fell in love with the participants. We have gone back on our own with supplies and gifts for them because they were so touched by the gift that Oprah allowed us to give to them. Being a guest, audience member and active participant of the Oprah show was wonderful because it was my dream. It may not be your dream but whatever your dream is, make it happen, keep plugging away and IT WILL happen.

  2. Melodie ~ You totally made my day - thank you for commenting! I love what you did with the Pay It Forward funds, and will definitely do an update post. I'd love it if you'd be willing to do a blog profile :) Please let us know if you get that fifth invite to Oprah - that will be so cool!

  3. I would be happy to do whatever I can and just love your site. I put it on my favorites so I can check in. I have been a paralegal for 25 years here in Kansas City and love my work. I too do personal injury and workers compensation and love my clients. Thanks again for including me.


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