Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Follow the NALS Conference on Twitter!

NALS...the association for legal professionals has set up a cool Twitter widget on the NALS website to display updates with the hashtag #NALS10 by people tweeting from the NALS 59th Annual Education Conference & National Forum. If you are attending the conference in Branson, Missouri, NALS invites you to tweet your thoughts during the conference, using the hashtag.

If you are not able to join the conference, you can simply go to http://www.nals.org/?p=1950 to see what people are saying, and what you are missing! You can also leave your comments at the bottom of the page.

I love the Twitter widget, and as always am impressed by NALS' creative use of technology to benefit legal professionals across the country.
This information was originally posted at the NALS LinkedIn Group. This LinkedIn Group has over 1,100 members and is a terrific - and free - online resource for legal professionals. For more information about NALS, please visit its website, http://www.nals.org/.

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