Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Working Girl Wednesday: Don’t Eat Crunchy Tacos at Your Desk

And Hide Your Primo Snacks, Like Chocolate

So last week Corporette, the lifestyle blog for women lawyers and peeps who don’t have “assistant” in their job titles, did a post on eating lunch at your lunch, and I was so shocked that it’s taken me a week to be able to talk about it.

A reader emailed the etiquette issue:

I have a question for you guys: what’s the opinion on eating lunch at one’s desk? There are some projects I need (and want) to stay in the office for but I have to eat! It’s incredibly hard to look professional mid-bite of a taco and even salads can get interesting…

Corporette and I are in total agreement on this one. Don’t eat tacos at your desk.

Seriously, Corporette is all for eating lunch at your desk, but recommends staying away from “smelly” foods. I was intrigued to read that at least one reader thinks Subway “has a somewhat sweaty smell."

The post thread even gets a little testy when one reader kvetches, “I know it can look unprofessional to be eating lunch with paralegals or law clerks, but we aren’t supposed to be chained to our desks all day! Are we?” Feisty Kate, my favorite commentator for this thread, jumps in and demands, “How does it look unprofessional to be eating lunch with others in your own office? Are we only supposed to acknowledge staff when we need something from them?”

Thank you, Kate.

Nowhere in this post was the ideal food-at-your-desk mentioned: Pop Tarts. Non-sticky, heating optional, easy to chew quietly and the uneaten corners don’t even stink up your trash can. Plus, when my supervising attorney is rifling through my desk after hours looking for snacks, he wouldn’t ever consider a Pop Tart to be edible - whereas that precious bag of Hershey’s Kisses I was saving for litigation-related panic attacks is.


  1. I'm all for lunch at my desk but try to avoid anything too smelly. The absolute WORST I've ever had to deal with was the receptionist who chose to eat tuna fish made with a heavy dose of onions at her desk...for BREAKFAST!

  2. I adore tuna fish but even *I* can't face it for breakfast...:P


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