Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Working Girl Wednesday: Designer Shopping Spree at Shmotter

And I Am Introduced to the Concept of "Toe Cleavage"

I hope those folks over at Corporette, the fashion and lifestyle blog for female lawyers and peeps who don't have "assistant" in their job titles, don't think I'm trying to steal their thunder, but I just shopped for and assembled a designer ensemble fit for any Corporette wannabe, at the insane price of way over $2,000.00.

That Prada-wearing Devil made me do it.

Seriously, it was a dream (uh, literally) designer label shopping excursion at Shmotter, inspired by Mashable's post, "Fashionistas: Be the next Anna Wintour with Shmotter."

I gave my personal shopper the night off and virtually clicked and dragged any item I liked (without regard to trivial details like the price) into a convenient viewer.

I saved my outfit as "Working Girl Works It" and describe it as, "Classy with a touch of faux lizard just to show I mean business."

Then I got the outrageous grand total, after converting Euros to dollars, around $2,400.00 pre-tax, even with the freakin' "killa" shoes on sale. In an effort to economize, I will sacrifice the "rock crystal" pendant. (Shouldn't I at least get a diamonelle for $600?)

Uh, Huma Rashid, Oh Ye of the Business Casual Superstar, can ya do it for $100 - or less?

Beloved Corporette, about that "toe cleavage" you introduced me to earlier this week, sometimes showing off my French pedicure in a pair of modest peep toe pumps from Payless is my sole motivation to get dressed for work in the morning.

And not once (to my knowledge) has anyone ever looked under a conference room table to see if I was giving my li'l piggies a bit o' a breather.

UPDATE: I threw down the gauntlet, and Huma magnificently rose to the challenge with "Business Casual Superstar #58: A Challenge! Pistols at Dawn!" She put together a version of this insanely priced outfit, with a way cuter necklace, for under $100. Huma single-handedly saved my marriage!


  1. At least the shoes were on sale!

  2. I guess toe cleavage is better than no cleavage. A girl's gotta get cleavage any way she can!

  3. Amen, Vicki! As someone who didn't get her first "big girl" bra until she was 40, all I've had to "work" is my toe cleavage...:P


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