Sunday, October 18, 2009

Paralegal Student Appointed to College Board of Trustees

I tell paralegal students all the time that getting ready for that first job starts the first day they set foot on campus. Not only must they have a stellar academic performance, but they need to get some work experience, get involved in the legal community and start networking.

But even I never thought of suggesting that a paralegal student try to become a member of the college trustee board.

The Daily Herald reports that Anastasia "Asia" Toufexis, a paralegal student at Elgin Community College in Chicago has taken getting involved to the next level with her appointment as the new student trustee on the board.

Toufexis, who is studying to become a paralegal, is also president of the college's mock trial team.

ECC paralegal professor Ronald Kowalczyk encouraged her to apply for the position.

According to a college news release, increasing student involvement will be one of Toufexis' priorities. "I feel that some people who come to ECC and don't feel like they're a part of anything have an opportunity to be a part of something great," she said. One idea included bringing a homecoming celebration like those found at 4-year universities to campus.

Way to go, Asia – show us all how it’s done!

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