Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paralegal in “Messy” Romantic Triangle

No paralegal wants to make the news for her involvement in an office romantic entanglement, but that’s exactly what has happened to Virginia paralegal Jennifer Kelley.

One of Kelley’s former supervising attorneys, Ann Marie Miller, is not only undergoing a state bar investigation due to alleged misused of client trust accounts – amidst the ruins of her former bankruptcy practice, but is also facing criminal charges arising out of alleged physical altercations with Kelley, who is now married to her other former supervising attorney, Jeffrey Kessler.

The Roanoke Times attempted to sort out the logistics of the relationship, although the women publicly disagree on the extent of Miller’s involvement with Kessler, whom she met as a law student at Appalachian School of Law:

Last year Miller moved to Roanoke, opened an office in the city and began working with Kessler on bankruptcy cases. In April, Miller said, she became pregnant by Kessler, but he became increasingly distant. Her relationship with Kelley, who worked with both attorneys as a paralegal, became strained as well.
Above the Law skewered the “Legal Love Triangle We Wish We Hadn’t Heard About” as “stalking, cat fights, cheating, assault, and a secret marriage” and declared the “paralegal won the man.”

Kelley may have won the man, but none of these three legal professionals will be winning any awards for practice management, accounting methods or representing the best interests of their clients, working people who needed bankruptcy protection - and not to take the backseat in a romantic brouhaha.

UPDATE: "Attorney Convicted of Disorderly Conduct"

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